The Fear and Ignorance

August 17, 2017

People say, God is the author and owner of beauty; other claim that God is not the author of confusion. In another aspect, few say, God is the author of confusion and contradiction since they claim that if the is no such thing like God, people would not have been in conflict as of today thus, they say, God is the product of illusion and delusions of peoples own mind and thinking.

With such confusion and contradiction, this world is going in way no one had exactly and precisely predicted, except simple and obvious speculations and belief which people have developed in due course of time that make this world and its people to be in state of anxiety and fear which systems of life have induced as matter of fact that they have failed and they want to escape fear from failure by fake gesture of faith and hope they try to invent within their system, by doing all kinds of plastic surgeries to the machinery of their given system so that they elongate their existence and survival to the end that has no end.

This is just fouling oneself than any other thing since the truth should be the balance that should justify the correctness and reality of any given system than the political manipulation and justification people deliver so as to exist and continue the claims they do even if they know that they have failed and they have no further justifications except similar songs and poems they sing and prose in every time and generation which make this world to be in boredom and confusion.

Who deliver authority and ownership about God to religion? Most people connect and relate the idea and sense of God with religion. Who makes religion the author and owner of God? Is religion the only agent of knowledge and authority in matters pertaining to God? Why do we need any given cause to relate and correlate matters that are linked to God? Is past way of perceiving God is valid and complete in these very days? Does this mean that human mind is not progressive and dynamic as people attach everything to past?

Believing in the progressive aspect of the human mind, which is of course change, does not necessarily mean denying the fundamental verities and principles of any given system of life is established in which twisting from one form to another form makes such given kinds of system of life ugly and foolish than being look nice and smart. Such deviation of thinking and practice from one style to another style within any given system is not necessarily good changes, but bad practices that can eventual destroy that given system itself the the process of time.

For instance, in the U.S. state of Nebraska, State Senator Ernie Chambers filed a suit in 2008 against God, seeking a permanent injunction against God’s harmful activities, as an effort to publicize the issue of public access to the court system. The suit was dismissed because God could not be properly notified, not having a fixed address. The Judge stated, “Given that this court finds that there can never be service effectuated on the named defendant this action will be dismissed with prejudice”. The senator, assuming God to be singular and all-knowing, responded “The court itself acknowledges the existence of God.

A consequence of that acknowledgement is a recognition of God’s omniscience … Since God knows everything, God has notice of this lawsuit. Chambers filed the lawsuit in response to another lawsuit that he considered to be frivolous and inappropriate. In response to Chambers’ case, two responses were filed. The first was from a Corpus Christi lawyer, Eric Perkins, who wanted to answer the question “what would God say”. The second was filed in Douglas County, Nebraska District Court. The source of the second response, claiming to be from God, is unclear as no contact information was given.

Accordingly, there are plenty of questions and quests one can entertain in this regard since such way of life has affected most of us in one or other way in past, but in today one ask, why and how, due to the fact that one has practical personal experience and exposures in such given way of life which made one to ask many questions further and one can find answers in one’s own way.

Basically, one do find out that there are two bad thoughts which such kinds of religions have induced into the minds of many people, namely, fear and ignorance, since people do not ask further questions, out of fear of something and they also cannot know things in complete manner due to the nature of religion which claims that it, according its own claim and books, knows something of the unknown matter and reality, which creates confusion and contradiction in the way of life it introduces in every land and society.

The foundation stone of religion in matters to pertaining God is confused and contradictory since it in one aspects claim that God is unknowable reality, and it, in another page and aspects claim that it knows something about God, which is the basis of confusion and contradiction. If God is unknowable reality, what is the point of knowing about it, spending time and energy about it, talking and thinking about it since the answer is already done before the question, unless and other wise, people claim that it can be knowable by different means and methods which do make people to stay in the valley of search for something.

When few people ask, they are considered as sociopath or psychopath, which is common thinking and practice especially in the political world since such way of perceiving such given people is one way of removing them from the claim they make and it helped them in making their given claim to be discredited and unaccepted by the society since society is already shaped by fear and ignorance. How long such practice could go on, since such way of perception is one of way killing the truth of what such people claim.

The genius of such few people is treated as madness and abnormality that eventually make the society and its leaders cost very expensive in life. Living with ignorance is considered as knowledge which is again dangerous thinking and practice. Waking from slumber is treated as sociopath and psychopath which makes this world to be in pretty bad shape. In such realm of life, to question is to sin and to commit crime for the vast majority, but a torching light and guidance to the few.

In such paradoxical world where touchstones are incomplete and confused, people have every right to think differently since the existing ones are not perfect and adequate. In such imperfect world, more ideas and thinking are required to make this world to be full and complete. In such unjust and unfair world, more ideas and practice that can make the world look better, just and fair are needed.

Existing ideas are good, but they are not complete and perfect. They are designed based on human way of imagination and perception in which other human way of imaginations and understandings are also required due to the fact that God is unknowable reality to date and people discover something in due course of time that should be an addition to existing ones.


The Realm of Writing

August 11, 2017

In the world of writing, there are different adherents that reside in such given kingdom. The first one is the issue, idea or thought which people do like to entertain and write; the second one is the media they use so as to share their write up such as print magazine, web magazine or other internet services, books and others. The third one is the recipient or the audience which they target in order to address their subject matter. The fourth one is skill and capacity of the writer in which people vary as per their given articulation skill which affects the type of audience they create. These are very important and essential aspects of writing.

While such realm is going on, one wonders on the magnitude and potency of any write up in which language is of significant importance and aspect one considers since the type of language which people do use to address their write up affects the quality, area and coverage of their given recipient as well. As they use international language, the degree of attracting and obtaining diverse people of diverse background is maintained in greater scale.

Besides the language factor, the type of things and issues they entertain is equally important since as they touch universal issue and matter with quality subject matter, they attract diverse people with universal issues and matters which do have an impact on the type of community they establish. This does not mean that one in here claims any given station, but as matter of sharing common issues and matters, one creates friends and families in every land who share similar views and understanding.

In such case, it is important to clearly demonstrate and state the purpose behind such write up which is to communicate with other people, to share personal experiences and exposures of life which can be helpful and useful to others who are interested, to find like-minded people so that one can also learn from other people, and to contribute something to the ever continuing and advancing world. Beyond all, one writes since it is part of one’s daily activities of life.

People use pen to write something. It is not that pen that has power, but what people think in their faculty. Pen cannot have power except being instrumental to what people think since the purpose of any given pen is to write as per the dictation of the mental faculty of the writer. A person who writes something and anything is called writer.

A person who writes about animals and a person who writes about people have something to share since they share their own personal experiences, interactions and communications which they make with the outer world. In such case, such people express their feelings and emotions and thinking and imaginations as per the dictionary of their given life.

Writing works vary as per the range of the power of what people think and imagine since no two men can be equal due to the nature and character of personality and individuality and people’s personal experience and exposures in life as well. Hence people vary as per the nature and subject of interest to write on due to reasons of inclination and passions too.

People write poems, essays, articles, books and other pieces since they want to share and express something to the world and surrounding people at large. And people deliver certain thoughts and feelings in the form of writing so that they do contribute something to the ever advancing and continuing world. They use writing as bridge that connects them to the mystery of the world and other people.

Writing is a powerful tool that helps humanity to enjoy life in this world since it delivers not only peoples own emotions and feelings, but also it delivers certain perspective and angles to the world and society at large as well. It keeps the momentum and balance of life in this world due to the fact that writing is not only about playing games with words, but also it is matter of crystallizing thoughts in this world.

Accordingly, people write for a variety of reasons. Some write because it helps them to sort out their feelings and emotions. Some have a story to tell and share something to others. And some write because nothing in the world makes them happier. They write to educate others; they write to entertain others; they write to express their feelings of emotions of joy or sadness; they write to share views and understanding of life and about this world too. Others write to communicate with others, to arouse interest or action from the reader. People also use writing to help them to reflect on their personal interests and experiences and learn from them. When people write, people are either writing for themselves or they are writing for others.

Why do people write?

  • To share something to others
  • To pass information to others
  • To communicate with others
  • To obtain fame and rank within society
  • To gain personal advantages and benefits such as money
  • To entertain others
  • To attack or harm others
  • To promote certain cause or intentions-tool for propaganda

People write for many reasons. By doing so, people create and recreate people and this world into many layers in which within such layers, there are diverse people with varied background and understanding exist, which do help this world to advance into further cyclization and betterment. May the power of writing prevail!!



Mistakes as Failures

August 10, 2017

Will the world end or it is people who end them? Do things end up or it is people who end them? This is one of an interesting aspect of life in which people could be found in the middle of nowhere as they could not find a way out since the kind of things they are in could be beyond their control, or beyond their thinking and imagination, and they may be perplexed at the end of the day.

When people end up in the process of something in which such something is going on without end, such process has two aspects; the first one it is the nature of the thing that make it continue as the way religions and political process are doing; the second one is there must be an intent that make such process of life go on without end. Such intent could have hidden purpose and agenda.

As such way of life is going, people do both correct and incorrect things in life and such given aspect is measured base on touchstones which they have developed within any given system of life they already belong. The correct things in today could be found as incorrect in due course of time as the vice versa is also true. In this case, time is the factor than the things. As people do something in past, which could be assumed as proper, but such kinds of things could be checked out in due course of time, and they could be found controversial and incorrect in due course of time and people get stuck in the middle of nowhere since they cannot do anything as they are very late to correct them.

In this case, one thousand false things cannot be one true thing since false is false and incorrect things are not even correct. Even all forces of the earth are summed up and combined; they cannot make million false things into one true thing since it is not possible. It is only how and what people perceive and interpret things changes, but not the reality of true or false, correct or incorrect things. What should be done is not to regret on past failures and mistakes, but to correct them, if possible, or let them go, since it is not important and essential to dwell on past botches.

Sometimes, it is not possible to undo things in life as people feel sorry on what they have committed in past due to the fact they have already made mistakes that do have further consequences on their given life due to the nature and character of mistakes they have committed in their given life.

Mistakes are of two types, the first ones are those mistakes which people commit out of ignorance; the other ones are those mistakes which people commit due to deliberate and hidden intentions and motives. But, both are mistakes and none can deny this.

When people commit mistakes out of ignorance, such mistakes have their own further consequences depending on the nature of mistakes which they commit since few mistakes can be corrected, but others cannot be since the kind of mistakes which people commit are the determinant factor.

What could be interesting in here is that time and energy people employ in order to convince themselves in way that they are right due to the fact that people are found going all over around as they commit grievous mistakes, and they try to justify with all kinds of reasons to make them right. But, a mistake is mistake and it cannot be correct.

They claim that everything has purpose and reasons, even mistakes. This is just fouling oneself than any other matter since they are not correct. When people are not correct, what they should do at first is they should accept that they are wrong; secondly, they should correct if it is possible and then go on to the future leaving the past behind; thirdly, they should learn something from their failures and they make sure that they should not make such kind of mistakes again.

What could be worse is when people commit mistakes or wrongs intentionally with the intention of doing something bad on other people which they want as they know it is already wrong, but later on, they come on to ask for an apology which is disgraceful, shameful, useless and senseless. The stupid and foolish people say, it is better to ask forgiveness than permission since they do something bad on you, and they later on come to ask for forgiveness. They distort everything since they are already distorted and corrupt people.

Why do people commit mistakes or wrongs?

  • Due to ignorance –Lack of knowledge or capacity
  • Due to lack of adequate information on subject matter
  • To obtain personal interest and advantages
  • To put harm on others
  • To cover up something hidden
  • To protect their own ego

Whatever reasons and purpose people commit, people keep on committing mistakes since it is obvious, as people make mistakes, they should learn from it if it is not intentional which lead to torching lights for the next day to come as people learn. But, to those people who do bad or wrongs to other people intentionally, the consequences of such failure or wrongs is crystal clear since they pay in the process of life as retribution due to the nature and character of such wrongs.

Paradox of Religion and Politics

July 26, 2017

They say, religion and politics are inseparable. Yes, they are. Being inseparable does not mean that they do not have fundamental differences, which should be carefully studied and analyzed, as they also have varied natures and characters as per the context of their interactions and communications in the processes of life; one observes in their dealings with the human way of life in which both have similar things in common, they also have basic differences as well.

This differences make this world to have contradictory aspects and way of life in which what one preaches in one’s way is found to be contradictory and in conflict with the other. Society could get confused and perplexed at the end of the day as one tries to understand on what these two aspects and ways of life claim.

Everyone in this world is shaped by paradoxical aspects of life in which peoples’ mentality and thinking is designed in way contradictory realties dictate since everyone is molded by conflicting aspects and realities of life that govern and administer this world and life in general as well. People behave and think according to the way they are designed and programed in which such programing do mainly affect people’s reality.

This world is maintained and governed by two powerful forces. The first one is politics and the second one is religion. Both shape this world to date. Both have similarity as the have opposites too. Both are responsible and accountable to the successes and failures this world has undergone to date.

Every society has its own ideology which molds society in its own fashion and style that is governed by political leadership. Such leadership is accountable and responsible in shaping is respective citizens within its own domain. As such way of life is going on, generation come s and goes by the way such political machinery designs society on what it should think and how it should behave. And one of the processes such political machinery designs education and its system.

In such process of life, everyone is trained in schooling to be best and number one so that everyone shall be great citizen of society. In this process of life, everyone is trained to be ego centered, self-centered, ambitious that creates all kinds of attachments to the things of this world so that one should possess everything so that one can have good life. In this case, attachments to the things of the world that do give birth to fear and anxiety as people lose them are on stage.

To the contrary, as most people belong to any religious doctrine and as they go to any religious places they are advised and preached to stay and be humble, they should do not exalt oneself from the other, they should detach themselves from the things of the world and the like. In this process of life, most people are shaped with contradictory mentality and thinking in every day of their life since both forces shape peoples life.

Contradiction becomes the nature and characteristics of life in this world since what people do for living and what people do to make life go in way they want it to go have different features and aspects and such people are forced to show different thinking and personality in their given life and reality as well.

When one ponders this aspect, both forces have their own respective institutions in which they work together in order to shape the respective citizens that belong in their given domain. As such drama of life is going on, both have their own differences in terms of ideology and motive and objective as matter of fact that they have diverse nature and character as well.

Religion clams connection with the divine whereas politics is an ideology formulated by the human mind and this very nature of their given character put them in fundamental and irreconcilable differences since religion has no definite owner and author as it is claimed by something by the divine whereas politics is human made one. Both in general have significant differences as per their given nature and characters as they have similarity too. Followings are few:-

  • Religion claims power from the divine whereas politics claims power by the rule of law
  • Religion claims of perfection whereas politics admits it makes mistakes and is imperfect
  • Religion emphasizes on the power of faith, but politics believes in proofs and reason
  • Religion emphasizes on forgiveness whereas politics try to work on justice
  • Religion depends more on individual and institutional infallibility, but politics do not
  • Religion gives value to humbleness, but politics give importance to ego and ambition

In such and other related differences they have, both shape human society in many ways as they are found working together, and they do have great impact in shaping on how society should look like that make this world to live with such contradictory mentality and thinking as they have similarity and something that can be integrated and harmonized as well.

This makes the world to live in politically religious mentality as it is also lives with religiously political mindset in which most people do later on find out that this world lives with confused and mixed mentality in which similarity and agreement is considered as means of testifying validity of something which do lead to misleading and deceptive idea that whatever ideology that meets their given individual and societal agenda is correct and true.

The Deviance—Thinking or Behavior

July 22, 2017

Understanding what people think on what they feel and behave is important and essential since everything originates from thinking and people are affected and influenced by on how and what they think. Behavior is reflection and result of what people think since people behave in way they think and thinking shape people’s emotions, feelings and behavior as well.

Behavior is mostly affected by thinking and feeling in which people behave based on what they think. People reality is shaped upon won what they think than any other thing since feelings and behaviors are mostly dictated by thinking.  If one does not think, one does not exist, but what could vary is the magnitude of thinking and the type of things people think which is dependent upon people’s personal exposures and experiences in life.

Someone thinks that everyone is better at school than me. Hence, someone feels frustrated and hopeless, since it is the original thinking that affects one’s behavior than any other matter due to the fact thinking shapes one’s behavior and the way one feels in here as well. If one thinks that one is brave, same is reflected in one’s feeling and behavior as well.

Accordingly, norm is created as more people are into common thinking and behavior in which such norm dictates most people in that given social dynamics. Norm becomes governing factor in terms of what people think and behave since most people do practice. Norms are thinking and behaviors that are adopted thru process of time and most people do practice due to their conformity to common practice. Conformity does not mean that such practice is absolute and perfect since conformity does not guarantee the truth.

Hence, people deviate from the norm for many reasons. The first one is does to the fact that they have psychological or mental problem; the second one is they want to express their own thinking and feeling in their own fashion; the third one is they want to reflect certain human stations in life such as the monasticism in which people deviate from the norm in order to achieve something and be someone in life.

People deviate for both good and bad reason and motives since they have something in common in which such common thing, be it good or bad, that make such people to dwell and reside in similar realm, deviation. In both cases, people show different thinking and behavior than what the norm states due to the fact that such behavior is originated due to internal and external factors which individuals face.

The internal factor is due to individuals’ health condition and status; the external factor is due to ideological factor in which such individuals are shaped and dictated. In the first factor, people change in thinking and behavior as result of their given health  failure in which such people need more care and protection than any other thing; in the second factor, such individuals are dictated by the ideology which they practice and promote.

There is a different and third factor, which is far from both factors, in which there are individuals who arise to change their respective society in their own way and they have their own personal own convictions and determinations to change the society which they belong into new and different settings. In this case, people deviate not to follow others ideology and thinking, but promote their own ideology and thinking as matter of their own faith and conviction they have toward something.

Deviance is an absence of conformity to these norms. Social norms differ from culture to culture. For example, a deviant act can be committed in one society that breaks a social norm there, but may be normal for another society. Deviance, in cases, is a reality that exists between the truth and norm in which people also deviate since they have something new and different to deliver.

For instance, keep your shirt on! may be a frequently heard idiom in the U.S. But if one is traveling in South Korea, it is a smart piece of advice for men. Yes, even at the beach. In Japan and South Korea, tipping workers is an insult whereas in many other countries such similar act is considered as incentive.

In countries like Ethiopia, Rwanda, Japan, and many others, eating outside household, hotel, and restaurant is considered as rude where as in many other western countries, it is just normal. Asking questions like what you do in the Netherlands is considered as insulting where as such question in many other countries is not a big deal and many people see it as normal way of communication and they do not get bothered as well.

The point is why do people deviate in normal way, not in abnormal way. Few other reasons could be as follows:-

  • To question the integrity of social dynamics which they belong
  • To express their dissatisfaction and disagreement
  • To show disrespect to the dynamics of society where they belong
  • To tell something to the society since they think that society is wrong
  • To deliver certain perspective to the future
  • To express their own personal thinking and feelings in their own way
  • To express their fear and frustrations on the existing systems of life

For whatever and whichever reason people deviate, it is with such kinds of deviations from the norm that shape this world into greater and better world than ever.

The Ignored Deviance

July 20, 2017

Deviance is defined on Wikipedia as any behavior that violates cultural norms. Norms are social expectations that guide human behavior. Deviance is often divided into two types of deviant activities. The first, crime is the violation of formally enacted laws and is referred to as formal deviance. The second type of deviant behavior refers to violations of informal social norms, norms that have not been codified into law, and is referred to as informal deviance. Examples of informal deviance might include: picking one’s nose, belching loudly, in some cultures, or standing too close to another unnecessarily, again, in some cultures.

There is the third one which is forgotten to mention in here is a thinking or behavior which is assumed as deviance in one given community or society or century, but it is something that is considered as governing thinking or behavior at later time or age due to the passage of time in which few thinking are borne before their time and the become governing due to the passage of time as they become the need of the age or time too.

The origin of deviation traces to the tensions that are caused by the gap between cultural goals and the means people have available to achieve those goals. When culture and social dynamics is in conflict with what individuals think and practice, deviation is born, but the magnitude and potency of such deviation is what determines since as such deviation becomes wider and its circle becomes bigger, it becomes to be common and more people become into it so that they can achieve something in common and it will not be considered as deviation since another norm is created.

For example, the life and thinking of Jesus Christ at the Jewish setting is purely deviance from the Jewish society in which Jesus abrogates the law of the Sabbath of Judaism and he also preached about the theory and practice of forgiveness than a law that ruled for an eye for an eye. Such teachings of Christ are deviations from the norm, teachings and practice of the Jewish society and that is why he was crucified since his teachings were not acceptable in ha given social dynamics and time as well. But, things have changed a lot in today, such teachings become governing ones in these very days in societies and communities where his teachings are accepted.

Most great teachers and activist of societies are good examples of such kinds of deviance since they have something new and different concepts and teachings, but, they are considered as deviance; they in later time become governing and leading ones due to the fact that they deliver something that time shall tell and reveal. Time shall tell for everything since whatever deviance people do is not deviance as there are also true deviances that are good for nothing but they are other deviances—necessary and useful—that are worthwhile too.

Those promoters and implementers or members of any given societies do negate and want destroy such few people who arise to change that given something to different direction due to the corruptions or other failures such social systems do face go on trying to destroy them, but such few and determined people keep going without stopping on what they want to deliver due to the fact that they have inside conviction which cannot be promoted or advertised by any other promotional or advertising agencies since they have something natural, and things that surround them go on in natural way.

What such few people undertake is not movie or theater or concert which should be promoted, but they have something natural task which they deliver to themselves and whatever circumstances they face, they endure with faith, tolerance and determination so that what they carry out will be accomplished in its natural way, not by the support of promoters or other agencies too. They become corrupt as other forces and agencies try to propagate and promote them since the original intention and motive of such people determination becomes dirt and corrupt as money and other people’s motive and drama is entered.

It is such deviations that make such few people to achieve something in their given life and undertaking in which their rejection of what norm delivers to them is not acceptable to them and as matter of fact, they could be considered as mad or abnormal since they do not accept on methods, approaches and practices of life on what the norm dictate.

The point in here is that deviation affirms norm as true and correct standard even if the norm deviates from the reality. The underlined fact in here is that deviance assumes that society is correct since it has already established standard even if it is wrong, without checking the integrity and accuracy of the standard itself. And it is not possible to state in here that the touchstone society formulates bases upon truthful and correct ingredients that enable such norm to have perfect and complete components in establishing its own standards to testify and check the integrity of new and different thinking and behaviors as deviance or not since the standard itself needs to be checked out before it measures other things or matters.

People deviate from the norm not only, due to peoples’ own failure in meeting standards and obligations that are set within that given domain, due to ignorance and knowledge, in which there are certain deliberate lies and deceptions that could go around the bush within a system, due to change and shift of mind and thinking of that given person’s capacity and understanding in which a certain person could deviate in thinking and perception due to certain reasons that augment one’s capacity and capability in perceiving realities and understanding of different aspects of a given matter, but also, due to firm conviction and determination people have established within their own life, but the system does not meet individuals or peoples’ requirement due to its failure and incapacitation.

Who is Infallible

July 13, 2017

Few concepts that exist in this world are like rainbow thing that is on the sky in which such rainbow exist as combinations of color as people see it from one direction, but as people change their standing direction, such rainbow does not exist. This is to mean that there are concepts that are governing since people live in any given setting or domain, be it society or community, such given concepts are no more governing and leading as people stay out of them and they are no more concepts, but they could exist as part of the game or jokes which people have ever heard and they take lesson from such experiences of life until they find another and different ones that could convince them more and better.

And hence, people have been intriguing with certain concepts that are already installed in the human way of life and the human frame as well. It becomes impossible to think further, question or doubt such give claims or concepts since such claims do not exist as concepts but also they have military, police and other forces that protect them as they become happen to become life and death thing as matter of faith and principles of life.

Such concepts do help humanity in certain way bit they also make many people to live under stress and fear as many people are not allowed to ask as to the accuracy and truthfulness of such concepts due to the fact that questioning the integrity of such concepts could lead to the destruction and extinction of certain ways and systems of life. Hence, people are forced to listen and watch than talk something different in matters related to such concepts as eyes and ears are allowed but tongue is forbidden to speak about it in certain way.

This makes the human way of life depressing and tricky too since people find their own way out in order to remove stresses which life have delivered by their own good time and way. And none can prevent anyone from such way out since people start questioning the integrity and accuracy of any given concept with its compatibility with passage of time and its dire need as well. As any concept becomes incompatible with the need of the day, due to its failure and its impracticability, people change their mind and should find their own way out in their own.

One of the interesting human dram and politics this world has undergone to date is the idea and question of infallibility in which many people have been perplexed with such given claim and they live with confused mindset on the claims individuals and institution make such as the idea of being infallible.

What is the point of being infallible in world imperfection and contradiction is the nature and characteristics of life in this world? What is the motive and drama behind such given claims? Who cares at this point of life that one claims that one is infallible or not?  Is such infallibility deliver piece of bread, paying one’s bill? What is the point behind such given claim?

Most people who live in such camp of infallibility have dual faces; the first one is the face and feature of accepting such given claim which authorities such as institutions or individuals does since they get used to belong to certain community or society, and they prefer to seek group identity and personality; the second one is the idea and thinking that germinate in the private room which everyone gossips to oneself, since they observe failures and mistakes in such claim, in which such thinking is considered as doubt and put such people to be under the  faithless camp and category.

Frankly speaking, is there any one, be it person or institution, infallible? I do not think so. Such way of thinking is originally defined with the intention of asking the mass to submit its freedom of choices and freewill under jeopardy since the mass surrenders its rights and freedoms to the few, such as institution or individual.

This is also one of the best ways of hypnotizing individuals and the public at large since such given thinking make the mass to be powerless and choice less, and they give everything they have to such authorities without compromise. It is way of paralyzing what society thinks and feels about itself since, by doing so, society makes itself destitute unless and otherwise it receives some kind of support from such authorities or people too.

The idea of infallibility is derived from the fear of being questioned or investigated for any given failure and mistakes an individual or institution commit since such fear from being questioned is an idea and sense of being dictator one can feel and think. If one thinks that one is infallible, even if one commit grievous errors, one still think that one if perfect and right, which is one o the psycho disorders people or institutions face due to the fact denial becomes an identity of such kinds of individual or institutions too.

And it is possible to tell the look of such communities or societies as they think and believe in such way, in which such way of thinking do make such people to think and behave in abnormal way and abnormality becomes the becoming nature of such kinds of systems of life and those people who belong to such given way of life and systems since they fight against the reality and the truth than any other people or thing. They deny everything and they justify that every mistakes and failures they commit as if they are correct and true. They live tricking and deceiving themselves and they do have foolish and imprudent personality and features.

While such human drama is going on, one wonders as to why such given claim is necessary and essential since there is agenda and purpose behind such given claim. Why do such authorities think and feel that they are infallible? The followings could be few good reasons:-

  • To make that given claim work and go right
  • To create sense of obedience to the public at large to authorities
  • To paralyze the idea of freedom and rights, by submitting to such authorities
  • To kill the idea and practice of freewill and choices of individuals
  • To avoid confrontation and deviations within the domain—misinterpretations
  • To make the mass think that there are only few chosen people from time to time
  • To continue the process of that given claim until the end that has no end
  • To orient and direct the public at certain direction
  • To make the mass think that it is ignorant on certain subjects and matters
  • To induce fear, anxiety and ignorance within the mass
  • To create some sort of norm in the community or society such concepts reside
  • To make the mass helpless by its own and make dependent upon such authorities
  • To program the minds of the public at large with similar mindset
  • To make the public at large powerless
  • To make others think that only such people are gifted of the divine
  • To make others think that only few people have perfect communion with the divine

As such claim is going on, many people in today ask the authenticity of such claim and people start murmuring against such claim while others do it in loud way. This depends on the degree of integrity, honesty, courage and detachment which people exercise on the matter of faith and principles of life which people dedicate in order to obtain certain understanding and perception of life. This is happening in every land.

In world where mistakes and failure are hobbies in peoples’ daily routine life, be it institutional or individual activities and undertaking, to think of infallibility is something that deserve further contemplation and mediation since the very nature of such given claim make people to fall under mistake and failure ad mistake since there is none, even God, that is infallible to date. If God is infallible, all such catastrophes and corruptions and other unseemly things could not occur since as everything and everyone is the creation of perfect creator, similar or something similar should be reflected on the side of every creations too.

It is indeed time to reflect and ponder on different aspects of this world, to verify existing concepts towards their accuracy, usefulness and necessity, at least, for the sake of thinking, to check and verify their compatibility with today’s world and to the need of the age, than go without even asking on what has been inherited from past beliefs, thinking and way of life; it is indeed time to go against the wind, not by force or violence, but by quite deep contemplation and meditation, to change different aspects of this world to better and nicer one as well.

Rebelliousness with peaceful means and methods is worthier and necessary condition and requirement of life to change this world than futile obedience that let the world go with thinking and beliefs that are exclusive and prejudiced that make this world go with divisive identity and let hostility to spread over in every land. It is time to inquire and investigate every belief and thinking system with intention of changing this world into better and greater one than let everything go in same way as past did since past world do not guarantee except making the mass to live under fear and anxiety, but letting few people to enjoy, in which the future should reverse such human drama as everyone starts to ask, think and meditate on such aspect of life, open their eyes to the truth of reality than with an attitude of bias and prejudice within their domain.