September 18, 2017

Is machine like a human reality or human reality is like machine? There is no need to be rocket scientist to figure out such given aspect of life since machine came and exist after human beings and it is human beings that made the machine, which cannot be correlated to the theory of chicken and egg thing. Based on such condition of life, it is possible to say that there is one great function and activity that resemble both entities of life, the machine and the human reality.

This is the input–process–output (IPO) model, or input-process-output pattern, that is a widely used approach in systems analysis and software engineering for describing the structure of an information processing program or other process. This same process or approach is common in every human reality since the body metabolism of human beings do similar process and activity in its daily undertaking, what vary is the types of input and put every human beings process that mainly depend on the cultural and psychological makeup of beings as well.

For example, everyone eats food since food is the basic human needs of every being. This food is processed in the digestive system of the body until, the final outcome is delivered due to the fact that those good ones are converted in to energy that make the bodily function work in better manner, and those bad ones are get rid of the system of beings by its systems and organs as well. This input, process and output are the daily function of human metabolisms as well. The difference that exists between people is on what type of food they eat which is mainly dependent upon living condition, culture and other human factors too.

The point in here is that such processes do exist not only in the material or physical aspect of human reality, but also in the intellectual and emotional aspect of the human reality as well. This is to mean that whatever good things are entered the human reality is processed and its final end result is translated into practical action as the same is true to emotions and other aspect of any given human reality, bearing in mind that good and bad things are subjective and contextual too.

People vary in life depending on the types of things they put into their given reality, and the system processes since it is already designed to process, in which in this case of process thing, people also vary, on how they interpret and understand on what they have received as input, which is automatic to think and expect that the end result, which vary as per the nature and character of input and the methods or approaches of the process as well. They vary on the process thing based on their given educational status, and other personal experiences and exposures they face in life as well.

To elucidate this matter further, people could take food they like, healthy ones, and food it is poisoned, in which the outcome of such inputs vary since the former one is healthy one, it is processed nicely and those that can be used for good purpose stay within the system and those that cannot serve the purpose are naturally removed from the body by the process already designed; however the poisoned food does not go in way the good ones are doing since it is poison, but also it could go up to destroying the system itself due to the fact that it is not healthy input.

This same approach and process is true for those thinking and emotions which people put into their system as input and the same process and output is derived as the way food is designed to pass in the process and output as well.  Such input—process—output stages of the human body metabolism is true in every human being reality since this is universal and true to everyone due to the fact it is an imposed system and function in every human frame by life and nature and none has control over this process of life.

This same process is true at societal level in which every society functions and operates in this way, and few societies are fast in doing certain things and they do things in appropriate manner since they have fast and correct processing methods and approaches; others could be late in functioning and activating certain things, they lag behind them as matter of the time they take in the process thing since in such process thing understanding and interpretation of such realities of life are the main factors to derive the right and correct output society should deliver as well.

For instance, there are societies who consider their historical heritage as the end of everything as there are societies’ who consider such history as normal and process of life and they do not consider as the former ones take. And when people consider history as the end of everything at the beginning of their given life, such people live in confusion and contradiction since history in today should serve as input, which should be further processed until the final output is delivered due to the nature of the matter, and people consider such matter as truthful in a time they never lived and they do not even know, but they take for granted using only secondary and territory evidences and records too.

The other given factor to societal process aspect and approach is how society process any given input it receives from any given source and the means it uses to verify any given input in which the methods and approaches it employs is another aspect that should be carefully analyzed and investigated. Any given society understands and interprets any given input based on its own touchstone in which such processing methods are culture, religion, its own given experiences and exposures of life due to the fact that such processing methods are not even checked thru time and their compatibility and adequacy is not even verified as well. This input, process and output are evident process of life, but how people and society vary is on the nature and character of the input that truly affects the process thing which do have an impact the final output such process of life delivers.

Though, the drama behind programing and designing human reality to function in way any given machine function—religion and culture—have played significant role in shaping any human reality to go and function in way any given machine operates due to the fact they have their own principles and rituals that mold every human reality that belongs within their given domain, they ask people to go and behave in way they are expected to function by the dogmatic principles and laws the formulate so as to make every human being be like machine.  This drama of making human beings think and function like a machine should need further contemplation since human realty cannot be like machine due to the fact there is natural desire and thirst that human beings always seek for their own freedom and freewill.

The one thing that makes human reality and machine differ is that machine has no freedom and freewill since it serves and functions in way it is already designed and programmed to function, but the human reality has one’s own freewill and freedom and it can change its thinking and decisions thru time due to the fact things change comes thru the process of life and time. And this is very obvious and natural. In this given case, it is not possible to expect human reality to function and behave in way the machine function and behave since both have different natures and reality as the machine is artificial, but human reality is driven by the circumstances and process of life.


Culture—Placid or Explosive

September 13, 2017

What is culture? Why do we need culture? How is culture formulated? Who is the author of any given culture, society or few elites or life?  Is culture something related to food, language, clothing style, musical matters, or it has something mysterious beyond such interaction that are humanly translated into objective world, such as God or other mysterious phenomenon? Is culture something related to God and related aspect, which culture is correct and mysteriously linked to God? How is such connection expressed and reflected?

Every nation and society has its own culture. And there is no society formulated and made up out of any given culture. And every accountable culture creates accountable citizens and society. Every responsible culture molds responsible society and citizens too. In every culture, there exists a good and bad practice, which is still relative and contextual. What is good and useful in one culture could be found bad and harmful to the other.

Accordingly, every society establishes its own culture based on existing interaction and communications of its human elements besides it copies and pastes from other people and society which are outside within its own domain since there is a tendency in this world that there are certain similarities in this given aspect in which one given society shares same thing with the other too though there are also practices that could be found way contrary and opposite from one to the other too.

Culture is basically socially transmitted language in terms of thinking and behavior in which it has its own influence on any given social dynamics in terms of keeping the balance of emotions as per any given individual and communal terms as well. It delivers certain deliberation in creating the balance of society since it creates common field of interaction and communication to the people who belong in particular society.

Culture is important and useful for the following reasons:

  • It creates some kind of norm among the members of society
  • It keeps the balance of life within that given domain
  • It maintains order and stability within any given social dynamics
  • It creates some kind of social identity to the members
  • It delivers sense of security in life
  • It creates sense of belongingness to citizens
  • It gives certain perspective and guidance for life
  • It unites people who share similar emotions, feelings, thinking and belief too

Culture could be harmful and dangerous for the following reasons:

  • It could be manipulated by few people for personal advantages
  • It could be used for tricky purposes and intentions
  • It is cause of confusion and frustration as things change thru time
  • It does not allow people to think ahead or outside the box even if it is true
  • It does not allow individuals to exercise their free will in their own way
  • It is not checked thru time and is not even ready to be checked and corrected
  • It is highly exclusive, and change resistant
  • It divides people who do not share similar thinking and feelings
  • It causes feeling and thinking of estrangement between people who do not belong to same culture

Culture has both positive and negative aspects since it unites people in one given domain who are related to that given domain, it also puts boundary and margin that separates people who belong to different culture since they do not even share similar culture too. In such case, any given culture serves two purposes; the first one is that it unites people who share similarity in this regard, but it in another aspects creates boundary and separation with people who do not share similarities in such given aspect of the human way of life.

Few societies live with backward mentality and cultural mindset and most part of its society is not in position to realize that its culture is destroying and killing it in every day, due to the fact that it gets used to it like that given person who takes a shower with cold water, in which it is the first touch of the cold water to the body that makes the body to shrink, but as more cold water is poured into it, the body could think that it is warm water due to the fact that it gets used to it and could start dancing and singing while taking such shower as more cold water goes into it. This is to relate that few practices are wrong and harmful, but, as people get used to them in every day life, they think that they are correct and right even if they are wrong.

Such kinds of societies could lead a life that can be resembled with point of awareness or not, and life in such kinds of societies has different features in which knowledge in such kinds of societies is misfortune and scary, but ignorance is fortune. Life in these kinds of societies could be resembled in way that there is huge city which is wired with explosives, in which life in such city sounds normal to everyone, and those who go to church go to church, play soccer do as usual, those who sing and dance, do it same, and everyone is doing things in regular way, but they have no clue that the whole city is wired with such explosives.

But, those who are aware that such explosives exist and they surround everything and everyone in the city, they keep quiet and they are silent since they are scared and they cannot even remove due to the fact they have no expertise and they are also afraid of it; even if they talk to other people who belong to that given city, others consider them as abnormal, or mad, psychopath or sociopath and the like.

As such theatrical way of life is going on, people vary on the point of awareness in which those who are still on their slumber do sing, dance, play, pray, worship, work and the like and they perform their regular daily activities as if there is nothing bad going on, but those who are aware of such sheet human dramas are underway, they prefer to be by their own and they prefer to have their own life and, life, for such people, has no meaning except such wired explosives are removed from the human way of life on the earth.

Integration and Disintegration

September 8, 2017

We live in an age where scientific sophistication has reached to its climax, compared to past.  These sophistication have helped human beings to solve many of the complications we have in our world, and assisted the world of humanity to ascend to a better world than before.  Needless to mention the beneficiary of these discoveries, which are quite few groups and classes, where the majority of the world population may not be the real user of the scientific products that science has provided, for they are struggling to survive, not to make the stomach empty, it is something that should be appreciated and welcomed with hearts and minds.

In a very fact, we live in such paradoxical world, whose events are unpredictable and unexpected.  Even though it is very hard to give prediction as to how this world will look like after one year or more, the current trend of its journey may basically tell us two things.  One is progress, and the other is complication. Such complication is manifested by the way more crimes are committed since as society advance to better and greater, complexity of crimes also do change due to the fact that crimes are committed in secrecy and such secrecy is done in more organized and complex  way and manner.

Crime here could be considered as a very legitimate act and becomes a way of life to those people who perform such human drama as the regular and legitimate ways and systems of life have their own places and offices, policies, rules, regulations and procedures, such complex crimes are performed in a way the legitimate functions works out. Here, crimes have offices, responsible parties, time frame, policies, rules and the like. These two processes are underway and one lives destroying the other.

When crime is performed in organized manner, such given society is living with confusion, fear, insecurity and arrogance since in every days of its life, people see and hear about crimes. Such given act and thinking induce fear and frustration to the way society functions and it paralyzes its progress, well-being and prosperity too.  As crimes get more organized, the get power and they could influence those legitimate offices and people, in both positive and negative ways since they start influencing others by the way they function and do things. In this case, they could destroy legitimate offices and people too.

As such theatrical human drama is going on, people should re-think further as to how they make their own decisions and choices in their given life since both activities are performed by humans. It is just matter of choosing what is good or bad since people sacrifice their lives as they make good or bad choices, but what matters is what is good to one segment of society is considered as bad by the other, and people live quite in a time that they get confused to sort out which is good and right. Here, society should make a pause and reflect to create more responsible and accountable citizens within its own social dynamics.

Law abiding citizens are important and useful elements of human society that can help to create safe society since such citizens are conscious of everything and anything within that given social dynamics and they think and feel that they are responsible and accountable to the society which they respectively belong and they do not leave everything to the state or institutions as a matter of fact that any single danger affects them too. Hence, they do not only think, but they act according to the rule of law.

In such case, society becomes conscious of more of into morality, what is good and bad to it since it is not possible to bring any wrong act to the court, but rather, society devises its own way of doing justice in its own fashion as there is a kind of norm within its own dynamics, though such norm created by the society is not even checked out.  In this case, society acts and reacts to any wrong doing than keep silent.

When there are less law abiding society, silence is one of the reflection and the actors of such human drama which could be tantamount to cooperating or making any given wrong doing. Keeping silent or observing bad human dramas like movie and theater are equal to committing that given crime since this is not how crimes should be stopped, but it is one of the ways of manifestation of existence more people who are less law abiding citizens too.

In this case, most people are forced to express their disappointment and dissatisfaction to the existing system or ways of life be it political or religious, they keep silent or passive, but they do not even realize that such being silent while observing crimes are committed everywhere and their given dissatisfactions are confused and combined, with those wrong act that could even destroy their given lives. Here, it is good to make a pause and draw a line between any wrong act and dissatisfaction since both are very separate and different things that should not be integrated and confused.

Most people confuse personal emotions and feelings against social accountability and responsibility and reality since they are humans. Any wrong doing is wrong, whether the person who commits such wrong is our dearly loved ones or any given respected personage or not. Personality or our affection to such people cannot and does not alter the natural characteristics of any given thinking and reality. For example, murder is crime whether it is committed by big people or any lay men. Such given act cannot have any other meaning and deliberation since it is committed by big people too.

Crimes are basically committed out the human nature, which is the human need. But, these needs enter wrong homes and personalities, they have bad images and characters and they are reflected in wrong manner. As the human needs enter good homes and personalities, it is entertained in healthy and safe manner too. When people become demanding and such demand exceeds their capacity and money attracting power in regular way, people enter the city of crimes so as to obtain easy cash and fulfill needs in easy manner, which is very obvious.

Why do people commit organized crimes in more professional way?

  • Due to egoistic and ambitious personal identity—Ambitious & Egoist identity
  • Seeking some kind of recognition and acceptance—Recognition
  • Achieve personal interests and benefits such as money —Material benefits
  • The desire to take power and authority on others—Seeking Power
  • The desire to be feared and respected—Seeking more space
  • Express disappointment towards existing systems of life—Hatred

May all be protected from living in such city!!



Gap—Truth vs Justice

August 28, 2017

They say, in theory, everyone is under the law; but in practice, all animals are equal, but few animals are more equal. In every society, there are the so called, the elite, who want and like to be respected, but gamble and play on such rule of law, since the judiciary system is weak, and very easy to be manipulated. In such case, such kinds of societies are under danger and the system of life is paralyzed since the justice system is not healthy and it is malfunctioned.

Where there is society, there is law. What matters is the type of law society formulate and its practical and fair translation within the affairs and human activities of life. In this, one society varies from the other by the kind of justice system it installs since integrity, commitment and determination, fairness, honesty, courage, detachment and other ingredients of life are not only important but also essential and people and society do have efficient justice system based on the fulfillment of such elements of life.

While such undertaking is going on, one wonders as to the paradox and contradiction that exist between actors of such human drama in which there are basically two diametrically opposite and contradictory needs and interests that such actors of human drama activate and play though both of that have similar studies and field of interests, and the objective of their given study is same, they reflect different and varied interest in practical translation of what they have been studied for years due to the fact that money or other personal benefits and advantages have greater place and position in their given life.

The first ones are those actors of human drama in such field who open and run their own private law firm or they are employed in such firm. These people main agenda and motive is not to know their client hand is innocent or criminal, but they mainly focus on how they do make money, by playing their own game, helping out and making their client innocent, so that they can obtain sum amount of money they should obtain from their client. Even if they know that the client is criminal, they want to help since the main motive is not their client’s innocence, but the amount of money they receive.

These people are selling out their profession for money than any other thing since the main agenda is not the quality of the case, but the amount of money they make. Such trend is heading in way that the cline should pay money based on the amount of money one can afford as they say in popular joke, a man walks into a lawyer’s office and inquires about the rates. “Fifty dollars for three questions, “replies the lawyer. “Isn’t that awfully steep?” asks the man. “Yes,” the lawyer replies, “and what’s your third question?”

The second ones are those actors of human drama who are employed in the government or any other institutions. These people are after the government or institution which they work for and they promote political or institutional agenda. If the government or institution does not like someone due to the fact that that someone has big nose, the main duty of such people is to put this person into the judiciary system even if the person does not commit any crime, they cooperate these kinds of sheet dram so that they make their survival being parrot to the system which they respectively belong.

In both scenarios of such life, sheet is going since both practioners are not after the truth, but after something. They have something before the truth. Justice is all about the truth. If there is no truth, there is no justice. In such process of life, such people should think three times before they make themselves as professionals since they are far away from the point they should reach, which is the point of truth. And it is simple to guess that what kind of people they are and they create and the type of circles which they belong since it is sheet circle.

While such theater is performed on stage, it is possible to tell the dynamics and look of such societies since the truth is not the agenda, but, it is just part time thing and matter. In such life, it is not rule of law that governs society, but, it is few individuals’ mentality, choices and decisions, trick and manipulation which drive and shape society. In places and societies where individuals are given much respect and honor than the law itself, life is no easy matter.

When the fate of the rule of law is under few people wish and desire, such life is in danger. It is not possible to have systematized and organized life, but rather, the life and density of such societies is under the grace of chance. Many unpredictable things can happen in one single day that changes the course of life from left to right.  Life is full of nightmares. It is not what people plan that matter, but the way such plans are performed since peoples plan are mostly affected by external factors due to the fact that surprising things do visit society’s life in daily manner.

While justice system is mainly affected by individuals’ manipulation and tricks, such society has a life that make many people to think that even if they commit a crime, as far as they have good lawyer, they are innocent before the law though they are not before the truth.  When justice is in divorce with truth, life loses meaning and chaos come into place. In such look, society invites confusion and ambiguity that make it to have an amorphous shape in its undertaking.

Such misperceptions and mistranslations that come as result of such practioners make life to be quite puzzling and perplexing since anyone can be a victim of any given sabotage and conspiracy or anything can happen to anyone at any given time that make people to look at life and the future with fear and anxiety due to the fact that such trend of life have an effect on the way people think and perceive the way society think and function.


The Investigative Journalism

August 24, 2017

Why do people are interested in investigative journalism? Is it because they want to sacrifice their lives for nothing or they want to do something and contribute something? Is it because they want to revenge on other people which they do not like or they want to tell something to the world which the world has no clue? Is it because they want to obtain public appreciation and admiration or they want to point out the truth of something?

Few people consider investigative journalism as futile jokes and games than what it can deliver to the society since it affects their given integrity and claims and they do not deliver any given attention. But, the nature of such reporting is about something hidden and secret from the public eyes and ears, and it endangers the lives of society at large. Though this could sound as bizarre at the beginning, as the process reaches to different level and stage, it happens to be true. Those who think that it was kind of joke at the beginning, they later on are found to be depressed and distressed out since the truth start speaking out for itself.

The point here is that people should be interested in the new and different things that never happened before so that whoever hears and sees should deliver certain attention towards it otherwise there is no need to investigate the matter. People should be interested in investigating the truth of any matter, which is hidden from the public eyes. People should sort out the truthful aspect of any given matter when there is something wrong is going on within the object matter to be investigated.

Few investigate reports take time since investigation is process not an event. When big people are involved, this could take century and ages since such people have power, authority and money in order to cover those hidden things which they do due to the fact that such aspect is a life and death thing to them and they could go up to removing those people who are interested in investigating such matter.

Few crimes are in public whereas others are committed in secrecy; few crimes are present ones while other crimes are inherited from past. In such case, when crimes are committed in organized and systematics manner, they take longer times and ages. They consume the lives of many people since they are no easy matter. Such crimes are done in meticulous manner. Such kinds of crimes are committed in mansions and big houses.

Such kinds of people and institutions have nice face and appearance at the outside, but they have bad and ugly things in their insides. They have good images to the public, but they do commit crimes in the inside and behind. They are good people to the public, but they are bad one to the truth. They are nice people to the society, but they are bad to its future.

Because of its depth in nature, investigating reports demands for greater resources to reach to the point of truth investigators should reach. At times, single source can provide fascinating information and resources to the investigation process, until its meaning and deliberation is checked against other sources as well. Every information has greater value in such process since it is not possible to function without this matter.

Investigative reporting uncovers secrets somebody wants to keep hidden. When this somebody is small or big, depending on the title and position they hold in any given social dynamics, the digging part will be dependent accordingly. If it is an institution, the task will be by far challenging and difficult since hidden crimes are done in very organized, sophisticated and systematic manner. In such scenario, there is no big or small people since they all are in same sheet circle, knowingly or unknowingly. They could lie in very consistent manner as they say, when false is repeated many times, it could be considered as true too.

Experts in the field of investigative journalism state about the field:

  • employs the toolkit of any good reporter, but at a very high level of skill;
  • uncovers both facts formally defined as secret and issues nobody wants to talk about; and
  • looks beyond individuals to faulty systems and processes

And an investigative reporter needs to have:-

  • Curiosity
  • Passion
  • Initiative
  • Logical thinking, organization and self-discipline
  • Flexibility
  • Good team working and communication skills
  • Well-developed reporting skills
  • Broad general knowledge and good research skills
  • Determination and patience
  • Fairness and strong ethics
  • Discretion
  • Citizenship


One plus One

August 22, 2017

I had conversation with someone who got married to a person whom she was dating for few years, but she was very much disappointed after she got married to the person. She said, he was totally and dramatically changed after the marriage. He is not the person I know any more. I asked her, what happened, she said, I do not know. And I further asked, what if you have changed or you are the cause for his change in behavior, she did not have further answer.

It is quite interesting to observe in life that what most people think outside marriage and when they are In it, is very different that make many other people to question married life and they have no appreciation and respect for marriage in these very days due the fact that what people show up in early days of marriage and as time goes by are quite different and even contradictory. When people get married, others ask, you better tell me after 10 years, not now, since most people are found in different shape and form due to the fact that things change in their given life.

Someone wrote that not all relationships are meant to last forever. Sometimes a couple sticks it out all the way to the altar. They might make it work for a few years. Maybe they will even have children. But sooner or later, to nobody’s surprise, they find themselves in front of a judge, begging for a divorce. By that time, each party is angrily declaring, I never should have married you!

Most people point fingers on others on the failures that visit their life since this is one of the child psycho make up of most people due to the fact they do not admit their own mistakes and failures, but they blame the other party for the cause of their given failures without realizing their give contribution to such failures. They say the dead is equally responsible to the crime committed by the killer since the killer could not kill the dead without provoking him.

Accordingly one has one’s own observation and view regarding peoples experience in relation to their married life in which there are people who shared positive experiences in such life, and to the contrary, there are also people whose life has been destructed and destroyed by such way life, which is mainly dependent upon on how they handle and manage such way of life. This happens for real since many people have varied experience of such life.

Philosophically, as Aristotle said, get married and have life, if not, be a philosopher. Accordingly one come up with simple rational and observation on how such people view such life based on their given personal experiences of life in which all people want to achieve something productive in life and they use the institution of marriage as an engine that enable them succeed in their given life so that they can have better life. There is no bad in it, unfortunately all people do not have similar experiences and practices too.

There are people who think that marriage is like one plus one is equal to three; others think, marriage is like one plus one is equal to two; other claim that one plus one is equal to one; others say that one plus one is equal to zero; others say that it is like one plus one is equal to negative one. In all scenarios of such simple mathematical formula, there is a reality and truth that is going in this world since all of them are practical experience and exposures of people’s life on the earth.

In fact, there are many millions of people who exist between 2 and 3. This is what they call the theory of infinity in which there are plenty of numbers that exist between 2 and 3 due to the decimal factor in which each and every decimal number that exist between 2 and 3 do refer to one given individual personal experience; any given person could be found as 2.5 than 3 since every number tells something. The seven billion people of the world population can be found between or referring one decimal number since everyone has different experience. As careful reference and analysis is done, in every number, there is meaning and deliberation. Accordingly, there are people that exist between the synergy effect of 3 and normal combination of the fusion that result as 2, such as 2.1, 2.5 and the like.

When people say, married life is like on plus one is equal to three, there is another dynamics and reality that is borne and comes out as result of such fusion of both sexes In which the thinking, feeling, emotions and behaviors of such sexes create a synergetic effect on the bond they create and they happen to create a dynamic cause that make generation and life continue.

When people say, married life is like one plus one is equal two, they do not see much difference in such life but they have sort out something different than the way their single life is and they do not have that much meaning in life except sharing few things in life, that is better than being by oneself, which do not make the appreciate as those people who come about as one plus one is three since their life is more of mechanical than any other thing.

Others say that married life is equal one plus one is equal to one, here, both parties do not see anything changed than the way their single life is and the contribution and share one party has on the other is insignificant and less, they prefer to live by their own than look for someone to come and visit their life since the contribution and share of the other party is immaterial and one party has no impact on the other and life becomes comatose in here.

Others say that married life is like one plus one is equal to zero. These kinds of people are those people who are damaged and affected by the married life due to their failure in choosing their marriage partner and they have failed to the extent that such marriage consequence make them lose their personality and reality as they were before marriage and they have been badly affected and hurt by such life which is to the extent of losing their identity as they were in single life. They do not take further action and they just live by their own losing their original identity too.

What is quite scary in here is that when one plus one is equal to negative one in which the consequences of such married life could come about with result of further negative results in which one party could look for the destruction and removal of the other party which do make both parties to waste their energy and time for killing and demolition of the other party. In this case, both parties waste their resources for the bad and negative of others in which they blame such life as one of the largest hot pepper farms in the world. They also say married life is like holding hot iron in one’s armpit.

Whatever interpretations and understanding is delivered, whatever kinds of people experience is there, people continue marrying other people since it is not only a choice people make but also natural duty which people should perform. To have married life, in one aspect, is better than to be single, but to have married life with intolerable and un-reconcilable differences and gap is no better than to have a single life. Here, people make the difference.

Few people marry so that the off springs they come about will mention the name of God, but, unfortunately, the offspring’s they come about are found mentioning the name of Tom Cruise, Beyoncé and the like. Most get married in religious vows and ceremonials, but they finally end up in divorce. Where is this world heading? What shall be done?

The poor wish to be rich, the rich wish to be happy, the single wish to be married, and the married wish to be dead.

Ann Landers


History—Good and Bad

August 21, 2017

Does history make people or it is people who make history? Do people make history for the sake of being part of history or it is just circumstances that force them to make history? Why do people make history? What is history? How is history made? Why do we need history? Is history important and useful? What if there is no history?

Few people say, history is an account, mostly false, of events, mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools. Other people say that history is the study of the human past as it is described in the written documents left by human beings. The past, with all its decisions completed, its participant’s dead and its history told, is what the general public perceives as the immutable bedrock on which historians and archaeologists stand. History is about life in the past and tells us about the people who lived in a different time.

History makes people and it is people who make history too. Both are true and correct since most nations and societies are created and shaped by history as they do make history as basic ingredients and significant aspect of inventing and maintaining their given identity and reality. In such arena of life, history plays eminent role in today’s world since this world is still live by history and it cannot survive without it.

A nation and society without history is dull and nil. There is no society and nation without history. Every society and nation has its own history. What could possibly vary is the integrity and type of history it makes. What matters in here is the kind of history it entertains and its reliability as well. Society and nation with truthful history lives with truth whereas society and nation with tricky history lives with tricky mindset and life.

Good and bad are events that occur in the history of life and the human way of life since both are inevitable aspect of life none has power to change and eradicate. For instance, history remembers Nelson Mandela as emblem of forgiveness whereas Adolf Hitler as sign of hatred and cruelty. In both scenarios, history exists since both are part and parcel of life and they exist as something and someone in the history of human society.

People make history. History is created by people. People make history. People invent and discover something and such invention and discovery become part of history. People do something significant and such significant thing which they do become part of history. History is not something ordinary, but extra ordinary. Such extra ordinary things and occurrences are done by seemingly ordinary, but inwardly extra ordinary people as history testifies too.

History makes society. History serves as inspiration to most individuals and societies. History delivers energy to nations and societies. History helps people and societies not to make similar mistakes and failures as societies and people do. History serves as torching light to the present and future. History is the basis and foundation of societies and nations too.

In such realm of history, there are people who write history and there are people who also remove history. History is combination of such events and occurrences in which what history realizes as true and correct at one time is getting removed in another time since the main cause and players of history are people and, in fact, few individuals. In such drama of history, there are histories that exist as of today as there are histories that are removed to date.

Every event that occurs in today is considered as part of history in tomorrow since it is time that governs such occurrences. The magnitude and potency of such events affects the dynamics of history and its respective society. Accordingly, there is history in one given family, community or society, nations and the world at large. The nature and character of such events determines the coverage it makes.

In this case, there are occurrences that happen to exist in present and future as there are occurrences that exist at one time, they are no more history since the nature and character of time changes, such events and occurrences cannot be considered as history since they do not have further influence and impact.

For instance, the beauty contest that was made at one time in history and the scientific invention was made in past, both are events, but the effect they have on others is different since any given scientific invention was done in past is active in the life of present day human society since it is useful and necessary, but the beauty contest that was done in past has no impact and influence in present day society.

Why is history important and useful to society and nations?

  • To get inspired from past good
  • To learn from past failures and mistakes
  • To develop one’s own identity and reality
  • To design one’s future and destiny in one’s own way
  • To shape generation and society in one’s own way
  • To make significant change in the life of society
  • To maintain the integrity of its identity
  • To appreciate and give respect to life

History is not something that people do it for the sake of performing some special things to the world, but rather it is a heroic act and thinking people do in order to achieve something in their given life. In such realm, there are negative things people commit that put regression to the advancement of society and the world; there are also positive aspects that people perform that do deliver certain energy to the existing momentum in the world which do lead in creating and advancing better life and world.

History is a reality of the past, but is still going active in present day of human society in both direct and indirect way since it is one of the dots in life that should be connected to the another dots of life such as present and future so that life and this world should have better perspective and meaning. Such dots of life create a continuous line that makes life to linger to the end that has no end as well.