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Why Few Recipes

Posted on: 12 Jun 2018

June 12, 2018

Life is a matter of perspective in which such perspective that are copied and paste from others and those perspective that are designed out of one’s own given experience and exposures in life are quite different since former one is what most people share in common, but what later ones derive are quite exceptional since they are highly personal.

Why do people derive their own philosophy of life? Why do people come up with their own perspective than share what most share in common? What is a driving force behind such people move? Is it hate for existing ones, or they are incomplete? Is it because existing ones are corrupt?

There are quite few possible reasons why such kinds of people derive their own recipe of life in which others may or not share them accordingly. However, what such few people derive is in most cases inwardly shared by others, but out of fear of what external world could deliver, these people prefer to be silent, but they inwardly support those few people who come up with their own perspectives and beliefs.

Even if everyone has one’s own belief, besides greater ideology or belief which they claim and follow, such as some kind of religious or philosophical belief, everyone tries to put something as way of life in which they design lesser circle out of a bigger circle which they practice and follow. However, there are quite few people who design their own organize belief and thinking and they could serve as means of guidance to other people as others think that such people are prolific ones.

In such case, there are basically two kinds of people of such kinds of people who derive some kind of philosophy or belief. The firs one are those people who claim that they have message from God, they claim that they are purely inspired by God, what theytell to others is from God, not of their own. They are called messengers of God by others.

Second ones are those people who do not claim that they are not from God, but they think that they have their own perspective and beliefs which they think that they should be shared due to the fact that they obtain such thoughts out of their given experiences and exposures their given life.

These kinds of people are of two kinds; the first ones are those who deviate diametrically opposite to the existing way of life in which most commonly practice and follow. Other ones are those people who do not rebelliously deviate from what most follow and practice, but they make significant shift in terms of thinking and belief from what most follow and practice.

Whatever and whichever reasons make them deviate from what norm practice, there are certain common ground which they share in common as to their given deviation from what most people follow and practice. They claim that agreement does not imply in going to conformity with truth even if what most people think and believe same, thisis not guaranteeon fact that most are truthful and correct.

Followings are few possible reasons for such people deviation and formation of their own recipe and philosophy of life:-

  • Need for looking something new and different thinking
  • Mass becomes stupid and nonsense
  • Corrupt inclinations and practices of existing ways of life
  • Due to passage of time, existing ways of life become obsolete
  • Desire to think and feel special or unique

Such people become threat to systems of existing ways of life, since they could disturb and destabilize functions of society to function at normal temperature. Leaders of such existing ways of life at all levels happen to be sleepless and they plot all kinds of doings against such people, to remove or stop such people since such leaders could be jobless and lifeless if such people become acceptable within society. This is quite obvious.

And what such people think and believe is happens to be timely, society understands and accept them, no oppression and opposition can stop such people as things can go out of control and they go beyond their own boundary due to fact that most start accepting ad welcoming their thinking and belief. In this nothing can be done, except listening and understanding what most think and believe than put another pressure on such few people since it is futile and nonsense.



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