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The Human Play

Posted on: 27 May 2018

May 26, 2018

What is the purpose behind my creation even if I come to this world without my consent and will? Do I have a purpose behind my coming to this world at any given place and time? Why should I come at any given place? Do the people before us have purpose in creating us, or the purpose is beyond their control and power? Who is going to tell us, parents, society, God, or it something everyone should find out or none of the above?

In such inquiry of life, people have come up with their own experiences and exposures in life which they come up due to the fact that those many single points that do happen to be lines, which are occurring from the point of birth, growth and death, and the length and structures of such lines is a result of such given exposures and experiences which people face in life.

It is indeed quite fascinating to see and observe how people act and react in life in which people have different taste in life that adds certain kinds of flavor in life. If all people do think and act in similar way, this world would be boring. And people should keep hitting in life based on their given goals, experiences and aims in life even if they differ in terms of point of destination, they have varied strategies andapproaches which they employ in life. This makes them human.

What connect people and people, and their given destination is how they are designed in which birth, growth and death are similar processes which all share in common as they share similar inventories in terms of physical elements as well. And there are also differences that exist in terms of nature such color, sex, race, ethnicity and the like.

Nature signifies both similarity and differences about humans in which both similarity and differences are not only result of people’s choices and efforts deliver but also it is reflection and result of nature and life as well. Nature states many things as what any given choices and efforts deliver are also indicated by nature.

It is nonsense to expect that everyone should think and behave in similar fashion and style since it is not possible due to the fact that there are people who do have peculiar characteristics and thinking, such peculiarity is an expression and reflection of nature itself as there are always exceptions and extraordinary aspects in the laws and dynamics of nature as well.

In such process of life, most share similar thinking and behavior as few do, but few only share and enjoy unique thinking and behavior as result of natural design and how they employ their given choices and efforts in the process of life. In such given undertaking, to think that few should be governed by how the mass is already designed is tantamount to sheer inanity and irrationality.

When few people possess unique gifts and choices in life, the wise and healthy way of thinking is to help and facilitate what they like and want, according to their need, choices and interests in life since they could be helpful and useful. Being unique is not bad and curse, but rather it is a gift that should be cultivated and nurtured in way that such gift can be exploited and used for good purposes and causes.

Nature and life indicates and tells that even if everyone is unique, but there are only few people who are quite exceptionally unique. Our rejection and undermining of such people do not add or reduce in such peoples being exceptionally and extraordinarily distinct since they are unique. This is something that anyone can understand from books of history and what is also going on the stage as well. This depends upon the type and color of eye glass which people wear. Understanding also matters.

What others could lack in such given case is, at first, to recognize that such kinds of people have unique gifts due to the fact people are envois and jealous. Such bad thinking which is manifested and reflected in their given behavior and identity do destroy many things in life; envy and jealousy are venomous that do ruin the person who carries them and other people who become victims of such human drama too.

Instead of helping such kinds of people, other peoples decide to take the wrong side and step which is to remove them. And trying to suppress and put pressure in their given life and undertaking would not result in anything except regret and shame which they will come upon due to the fact that such kinds of people would not stop anything, they keep going with their given undertaking, no force and power cannot stop them since they know that what they think and do is far beyond what others think and do.

In such given undertaking, the drama of such human life would be reversed in which those who think that they are legitimate are found committing crimes behind the curtain and bars; those who are considered as wrong and sinners are found truthful and do walk and go on in straight forward manner since there is nothing that can scare them and make them frightened.

In fact, the pressure and threatening drama which such few people face make them think that what they do think and do is great and outstanding in which those who try to put damage on them are criminals and law breakers and they should be further investigated and processed. By their given theatrical drama which they commit behind, they contribute something to the research and investigation process which such few people do since they are threatened, by direct and indirect methods, by others.

The theatrical drama of such given opposition and negative forces, both in front and hidden behind, which such kind of few people face by others implicate something profound which indicate that such few people are powerful and they have something to contribute since opposition which they face is one way of telling that what such given persons are thinking and doing is quite something.

While such given theatrical human drama of life is going on stage, and such people are called and considered as dangerous, other people ask, why. And such kind of labeling does result in way that many people start asking, there must be something which is going on behind that we do not know. As such drama is going on daily basis, many people start taking the purpose and cause behind and hidden such human drama, than taking everything on the face value. This is good.

Hence, they become too late to reverse their given drama since they have committed grievous sins and crimes which cannot be forgiven and tolerated, but the right justice should be done. And they go everywhere to the reconciliation process and they try to put their given culture as way of escaping their given crimes. Reconciliation can come with correct means and methods since crimes and sins cannot be corrected by wrong methods and process.

When one is sick of malaria disease, there are two kinds of tablets that area prescribed by the physician. The firs one is pain killer and the second is prescription that removes the malaria insect. When people are forgiven for the crime which they have deliberately committed, this is like taking the pain killer, but forgetting to take the right cure tokill the malaria. Even if it is timely resolution, it cannot bring about lasting law and order within any given social dynamics.

Where was that given culture when they commit those grievous sins and crimes? Why does not that given culture dictate them not to commit those bad things on other people? Why does that given culture advise them not to think bad on others? Why does not that given culture stop them before they commit? Such given culture is good for nothing. It does not help anything.

When few people try to think and do something new and different, if others can contribute something positive to such few peoples undertaking, they are great and wonderful; if they cannot and do not want to contribute something, they should be silent and they should do not be an obstacle to their given undertaking, which make them good human beings; otherwise, trying to complicate, threaten and disturb them is one of the futile activities which would not result anything, and such kinds of people are the most imprudent and silly people on the earth. Good shall always win!!


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