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The Theater on Stage

Posted on: 21 May 2018

May 21, 2018

They say the world is but a stage; its denizens are its actors. Everyone performs some kind of character on the stage, based on the kind of script that is written and how such script is produced and directed. Within its population size of denizens, few write scripts, others produce and direct, others perform, and the rest, which is the majority, watches such theater. Out of such majority, few give critic. Even if the script is well written, it needs a great producer and director, besides its performing actors, who can translate what is written on the script into practical and objective reality.

Hence, beside the script written, producer and director along with its respective actors play significant role in the beauty of the theater on the stage. In this case, as there are beautiful theaters on stage, there are also ugly ones which can be judged by the response the audience delivers. Any given theater is judged by the audience.

To any given theater, the nature of audience matters since theater is made for the audience. Accordingly, there are different kinds of audiences who do have varied background and exposures in life in what and how they understand from such theater depends on the maturity and understanding level of the audience.

In such case, there are people who understand any given theater on the stage is just a theater and there is no other way any given theater can be understood and realized; there are also other people who integrate what is happening on stage with practical life, within their given life and the environment at large and the like.

This mainly depends on how people perceive such given theater, which is highly dependent upon the type and color of eye glass which they wear.  Perception is relative and contextual since it is mainly dependent upon people’s capacity and way of perceiving realities of life.

It is not here possible to say that everyone should think and understand any given human activity in similar way and manner. This is wrong and unacceptable. As people have different taste and thinking in life, they do also vary in other aspects of life, which they appreciate and welcome or not due to the fact people have a choice.

Choice makes people to have their own given identity and personality. What differentiate one person from the other is the choice one makes in life since everyone has unique and different personality and identity and If there is no such choice in life, life would be boring. Choice in here includes not choosing itself since not choosing something by itself is a choice.

In another feature of life, when any given incident or event happens in any given social dynamics, and such event is something new and different, there are two kinds of thinking and people that germinate in relation to that given happening since every action has its own equal and opposite reaction.

The first kinds of people and thinking is a kind of thinking that considers what is on the face value, and people take what is going on as it is, without further interpretation and contemplation. Everything is taken as it is. Nothing is further processed and what is happening is the beginning and end of everything.

The second kind of people and thinking is a kind of thinking that considers further contemplation own what is going on, and people ask, what is the motive behind such human drama, who is behind such activity and incident and other relate aspects of the happening since such type of people want to know more about the incident and happening.

In the first scenario of such life, such kinds of people might not have the capacity to ask further or investigate cause and effect of any given happening and incident, they do not have even time and energy to spend on such kind of thinking since they lack interest in one aspect, and they do not have capacity to do such kinds of tasks in another aspect.

In the second scenario of such life, such types of people are curious to know any occurrence in deeper level and stage, they want to know the cause and effect of any given incident since they want to know further and they like to question everything due to the fact that they want to know the root cause and the drama behind every kinds of human activity.

Both perceptions are important and essential. In the first scenario, if that given happening is good and nice, people are beneficiary since they take good; in the second scenario, if there is huge drama that is going on behind the stage, without the knowledge of people, such kinds of people are also beneficiary since they are not tricked and deceived.


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