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Posted on: 25 Apr 2018

April 25, 2018

In every undertaking, everyone has one’s own principle and doctrine of life. This could vary from person to person since everyone is dictated by political system, religious or any other kind of ideology, educational status, work experience, family and community make up, hobbies and interests, people one communicate and interact and the like.

Such process of life becomes quite interesting when people have different kinds of experiences and exposures in which such variety of life makes a system or society to have an interesting flavor and color due to the fact people have varied exposures and such exposures help society in many different ways if that given society is wise and intelligent enough to exploit such given resources that exist within its own domain.

Difference in mentality and experience is an interesting beauty that adds something to the dynamics and function of society. Only such kinds of people—whatever type and kind of family status they establish and have—who understand society in such way and context can lead any given social dynamics in better and nicer manner since they correctly understand how life in this world goes on.

Those who still want to go in old and traditional fashion style and way of life, they can go by the conservative thinking and way they do think and imagine. This is their right. However, today is different day and different mindset and mentality is required. It is not past mentality that governs today’s mindset and future destiny as well.

Society is created by few powerful people and mindset since the few can govern and administer and as they are better and greater than the mass. This is obvious. And society in today needs quite new and different few powerful people to create better present day society which connect to the right and bright future destiny of society.

However, when things change to a different and new dimension, most people get frustrated since they cannot accept new things or change; they are not even ready to change. New and different things always make many people uncomfortable and confused since the mass always wants to stay in its comfort zone which was created by the past. That given comfort zone of the present day was created in the past and it passed similar process and stages of life as the new ones that occur in the present day society.

For example, when an old and ugly village is destroyed since new and different and highly sophisticated and complex building is going to be erected on that given plot, it is only the decision makers, the architect and structural engineer who are pretty much aware of eh future look of that given place do look like. The rest complains and they say, what are these people doing, they must have lost their consciousness and he like.

Everyone passes by complains even those workers since they see mess at the beginning of the construction. Even the engineer and architects or those who decided to change the look of that give place could be killed or threatened since they destroyed what people get used to it due to the fact they have no clue of the future look of that given place, as one of the reasons. Once that given building is over, those who have sense of common good and greater future do appreciate since it is better and nicer than the old times.

The mass in most cases resist change since it is scared of what the new ones do deliver. Out of the few and ignorance of what new and different matters deliver, people are scared of change since they prefer the old ones as thy say, the accustomed devil is better than the stranger angel. Such saying loses one good ground in which the basic principle of good and bad are ignored and deliver due to the fact such way of life focus on the kind of personality people get used than the reality or the truth.

If such people focus on the truth, whatever person is come—as traditionally and conventionally agreed by society—an angel is angel that brings good and devil is devil that deliver bad. Out of losing some good principle of life, people sometimes prefer the bad which they are habituated than the new and different good which they are going to receive. In this case, such kind of societies may need a kind of an engine overhaul so that they can focus on the truth than personality otherwise if they rely on people, they get lost when those people whom they rely and trust are lost.

Accordingly, there are few traditions and agreements which people comply since they live with them due to the fact they have some kind of agreement and they live with such kinds of style of life which does not mean that they are correct and truthful. Agreement does not comply to the truth since people can agree on wrong matters even if there are certain truths which they cannot change as they can agree on wrongs.

There are many things that people can change out of their choices and efforts the make in life, but, there are also certain fundamental and significant truths and happenings which they cannot change and control over due to mysterious and other reasons which are beyond their control and authority. This is great and nice. If people can control and change everything, life in this world would be oppressing and depressing too.

When society become aware of its human and well developed resources within its own dynamics, by being inclusive than exclusive, it will be beneficiary for its own sake since society is like a body politics in which every cell and neuron, tissue, organs, sand system make the human metabolism function, every individual contributes something to well-being and safety of society so that as more people interact and communicate in social dynamics in healthy way, the well- being and security of any given social dynamics is secured and well established.


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