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Incompleteness of Knowledge

Posted on: 6 Apr 2018

April 6, 2018

Knowing is mostly connected to two aspects; the first is the knower and the second one is the object to know. Without these given features of knowing, the realm of knowledge cannot exist since knowledge is determined and caused by these two matters.

In such case, what people know is typically affected by the object to know in which the nature and character of the object to know is the determinant factor for any kind of knowledge. In this, people know something by the capacity which they can know and the degree to which they can know about the object of knowledge itself.

Such knowing is creating some kind of relationship with the object of knowledge. This relationship can be very romantic one as people govern something better and nicer where as such relationship can be the reverse and bad as people govern and know seething worse too.

While such theater of knowledge is going on, there are two kinds of knowledge which people derive though their given capacity is one thing, but the nature and character of the object matter is the main thing as well. In this process of knowing, the object matter of knowledge is one major factor that enables people to come up with something.

The first one is the object matter of knowledge is something that can be knowable in which when there is a reality or a knowledge that can be objectified due to the nature and character of the object of knowledge which is to mean that the object matter is something that can be proven out by experiment and other methods that can lead to its verifiability and can be cross checked so as to derive any given fact about the matter.

The second one is the object matter of knowledge is something that cannot be known, but people just sense it, and they cannot verify or experiment objectively in order to derive some kind of fact about the object matter. In this case, people keep on delivering their own views and justifications by their own, and they live with wild guess or speculations due to the nature and character of the object of knowledge as well.

This world is composed of these kinds of knowledge and the world is already shaped by such kinds of mentality and knowledge since there are no other kinds of choices which people can make. Hence, to live with trial and error until the right perfection is come is an approach and method which people employ in their given undertaking in anticipation of the right end is come, which by itself is relative end that should be verified and checked thru the process of time.

What makes life in this world quite interesting is that there is always room for improvement and people strive to be better and complete in day after day since this is one of the assignments which is left undone and people work on such given aspect of their failures and weaknesses so that they can have better and greater tomorrow.

This world gives more chances and opportunities in such life since it delivers doors of opportunities due to the fact that there is no such perfection and completeness and everyone is accountable and responsible to move forward so as to make one’s and other people life to be better and nicer too. This is indeed great.

As people look to their given surrounding and environment, such incompleteness and imperfections are golden opportunities for any kind of successes and accomplishments which everyone one to make in life as everyone throws any given stone to the good establishments and betterment of surrounding environment, people make differences.

Failures and weaknesses are good causes for successes and greatness. If failures do not come, betterment cannot happen; if weaknesses are not there, strength cannot be known. Such contrasts deliver some kind of hope and faith in life which make people to think that they have something to do in their given daily undertaking as they reflect on their given process of life, they become aware that the can do something in their given life.

The gap and space that exist thru generations of time, and life in this world are good stages which humanity should exercise in order to make life simple and better otherwise if people spend their time and energies in what is already done and performed, they highly become redundant. People should strive to do something better and greater in those areas and aspects which are not done, since there is a space which is already created thru process of life in which such spaces exists in terms of thinking and belief as result of past failures.

Every day is a new day that allows people to think and do something very special to themselves and others as well. The point is on how do people welcome every day. Do they look every day that it brings hope and faith to their life or they see it as dark even if the sun is out on the sky?


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