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Oppression vs Prosperity

Posted on: 30 Mar 2018

March 30, 2018

Oppression originates from lack of confidence and stability leaders have to the system and society that or which they want to create. It is a consequence of infidelity and disloyalty leaders have to the society as the betray society, the only means and method they employ to keep the integrity of their given system and leadership results in oppression of the society at large.  It is a result of continuous lie and deception exist in a given system and community.

Basically there could be three types of oppression. One is a physical or materials one. The other is intellectual one. The other is emotional oppression. The first one is connected to muscles and material possession people could posses within any given domain in which there are societies or group of people who are merited out of any given system or policy which oppress and depress others who are deprived of such benefits.

For example, one of the good causes which are widely mentioned to the prosperity and progress of any given nation is its land policy in terms of managing and administering such precious resources. There is plenty of spaces in which the sky or air is also a resource since it is possible to have such resource not only horizontally but also vertically too. When failure comes in place in such given aspect of life, such society is in jeopardy and the imbalance that is come while sharing and distributing such precious resource has an adverse effect to its leaders and the society at large.

When few people are merited while others are deprived, as the percentage and ratio of such imbalance increase on daily basis, the balance and norm of such society and nation is in automatic danger that do jeopardize everything. In this case, to wisely correct such failure so that society can have fair distribution and share in this regard that do regress the imbalance society has already in place.

The second one is related to intellectual system in which there are group of individuals who are benefited or who took advantage of any given intellectual possession they posses and the system favors such people, and they are not accommodating to other segment or groups of people since they do not belong to such group who are merited.

Knowledge has no group or class since every one can acquire knowledge as one seeks it. Knowledge cannot have boundary, color, race, ethnicity or any other classification which are made by human due to the fact that it belongs to everyone. However, there are systems or societies who want to monopolize knowledge under certain group or category, which should not be the case. As fair distribution and opportunity to every people or society is done, this imbalance can be reduced, not in terms of quantitative aspect, but in qualitative aspects.

The merits which are delivered to one group or segment of people with material and intellectual benefits do have an impact and influence on other people’s emotions and thinking who do not belong to such group or system in which such people live with automatic depression and oppression since they are deprived of those mentioned freedom. The idea of inclusiveness, not exclusiveness in every part and avenue of any given nation’s undertaking, without regarding people outlook and view should be introduced and welcomed in every avenue of society undertaking.

Being a leader in such system and community has dual function and responsibility. The first one is to keep the integrity of the system and community which one leads in which such integrity consists of adding value to the strength and removing weakness. The second one is to correct the system itself, which requires courage that is motivated by conscious knowledge so that the system should be put in place to the right direction in which being parrot is not warranty, but to change the course of direction of the system is the greatest responsibility one has in such given undertaking.

Hence, one faces two kinds of enemies or opponents’ in such regard. The first ones are those who belong to particular system and community which one belongs, they live under the shadow and umbrella of such system; as they are not happy with the way any given leader wants to lead that do affect their personal and hidden interests. Any given leader should pave a means and method to detect such people since they are like weeds to the plant or greenery any given leader wants to make; they are the most dangerous ones that do remove any given system as they are self centered and they have hidden motive of their own than what the system claims. There is a popular saying in this regard, make my enemies closer, but my friends close since they are evil centered and devil oriented ones, they can kill anyone eve the system itself.  And they are killing it. The second ones are those people who do not belong to that given system or society, they are from external system or part but they always oppose or on the wrong side of any give leader since this is their given hobby and job.

The point in here is that there was a system and mechanism which was employed in past in which such approach was found useful and correct in its own good time, but such method could not work out in today since many things have changed and the dynamism which people are created is altered for many different reasons. When people think that the system for punishing or threatening or oppressing others work for few individuals so as to make them behave in their given system, this does not work for other groups of individual, and may even cause them for their own destruction and extinguishment at last.

Oppression has many colors and sounds. And courage is the only solution. In courage, detachment, freedom, justice and liberty are borne. When you are oppressed, and if you do not show the courage to fight that oppression, your oppression continues forever.  Courage needs detachment. Courage needs knowledge. One has to be aware that one is oppressed. It is a state of being, not a result of ignorant emotions. In this case, society needs a leader that should reverse such human drama in which bright future, grand hope and prosperity shall come and visit every nation and in this world.


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