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The Answering Drama

Posted on: 13 Mar 2018

March 13, 2018

Are we justified in predicting the future on the basis of what has happened in the past? For example, how do we know that the sun will rise tomorrow? This query can have three possible assumptions and opinions, which can be considered as answers, based on the perspective and belief which people have developed for years and centuries.

The first one is, an idea that comes based on religious perception in which people have trust that the creator has guaranteed everyone in the religious books that they are sure, the sun come out tomorrow, until the time of the end or the end of et world comes. This is one idea and perception which people have as per the context of their given ideological belief.

The second one is an idea that guarantee other segment of people in which historical reference and experience of life in this regard in which the sun was getting out in every day for past centuries and ages and there is no other ground that the sun will not come out since past is an experience in this regard.

The third one is scientific argument and data in which there is no fact and roof that is developed based on scientific method, since there is no truth that comes out as result of any given scientific experimentation and observation that warranty on the coming out of the sun by tomorrow. Hence, those people who reside in scientific world does tell that there is no proof or guarantee that they have found out to date that do give assurance on the coming out of the sun by tomorrow.

While considering these three different options and views of the coming out of the sun by tomorrow, the first two are based on speculations and assumptions, but they are sure that the sun will come out by tomorrow. These views have contradictory perceptions in their given nature and character in which both are based on postulation and guesswork, but they are certain that the sun will come out.

While treating the third one, due to the nature and character of scientific method, these people are not certain since there is no fact and proof which they have found out to date as to the coming out of the sun by tomorrow, which put them in the world of doubt since they doubt on its coming out.

Scientists claim that scientific theories are different from other theories that are based on faith and pseudo science. They also say that scientific observations are the fuel which power scientific discoveries and scientific theories are the engine. Theories allow scientists to organize and understand earlier observations, then predict and create future observations. Scientific theories all have common characteristics which differentiate them from unscientific ideas like faith and pseudoscience. Scientific theories must be: consistent, parsimonious, correctable, empirically testable/verifiable, useful, and progressive.

Since what people know and how they know is one major criterion on accepting or rejecting any given claim which people develop thru time, it is possible to say in here that scientific theories have more sound and truthful views than others, which are just accepted by some kind of belief or faith which people have developed thru the process of time.

In this case, as per the context of these kind of queries, there are certain things that have no specific or actual answers, but people live by the context of their given thinking and belief which they have in their given life. All things or inquiries should not have answers since it is not possible to find complete and perfect answers to the inquires which people have in life due to the fact that one of the purpose of existence in life is to find possible and satisfying answers to the quest people have in life.

If all questions have answers, life would be disinteresting since there is no purpose and reason why people exist in this world as people should enjoy in life, there must be some kind of vacuums which should be filled in the process and experience of life. And this makes life to have nice flavor and taste otherwise things would have been different.

What is quite interesting in life is the drama of answering all questions people have in which such answering drama is crystallized ion form of group ideology and such kinds of people claim that they have perfect and complete answers to the questions humanity raise and have. And they answer all questions people raise, this does not mean that these people have answers, but they simple deliver their give opinions which should be further investigated and processed. An answer to one given people could be found as an opinion to others as well.


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