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The World of Parrots

Posted on: 5 Mar 2018

March 5, 2018

We live in world that idea is a primary driving force for everyone to live on the earth. Without any given idea, life is a chimera. In order to have a life, people should be driven by some kind of idea to live. Life should be supported by an idea that shape human way of life to make any given life more meaningful and thoughtful. Otherwise, life loses meaning and value.

In such life, people have developed and organized their given way of life by an idea that shape belief and thinking in which people live since they have a purpose and such purpose could be inherited from past, or they take it from neighbors or other people which they know and are related with or they could develop their own idea that help them live and stay on the earth.

As such thinking and belief is going on, what is existing on this world is mostly taken and inherited from past ways of life due to the fact that the present one cannot create their own, and they prefer to take what was on the past, they live by doing some kind of adjustment to the present since past and present needs are different and they live accordingly.

In such case, it is possible to classify the people in this world in two three basic categories in terms of views and thinking which they have about life. Such sorting out is made from the belief and thinking in which their respective systems have organized and developed thru time and they live by such given dictates and their given thinking and belief is mainly governed with such ways and systems of life.

The first ones are those people who think that life is this world, there is no other world which they think and believe it exists and they live for this world. These kinds of people are mostly into politics, military and other one which their given philosophical thinking dictates them to be in such state of being. These people are highly attached to this world and they develop and design policies and rules to the benefit of life in this world.

The second one are those kinds of bel8ef whom they think and believe that there is life after this world. Such kinds of people are designed by their given religious way of life and they live for the next world while they live in this world. Whatever thinking and belief they have they take into account about their given fate in the next world. They try to forget this world, and they try to live for the next world.

The third ones are those people whom do not care about the existence of the next world, even if they think that there is purpose and life beyond this world, they do not want to take all possible suggestions made by those who think that there is life after this world since they do not think and believe that life in the next world has no definite recipe and none gets back from the next world, if any, and they think that they sense there is something beyond, but they do not accept that there is definite formula about life in the next world while being in this world.

In such display of life after this world, people do sense that there must be some purpose behind the creation and existence of life after this world since the fashioner and designer of this world is more intelligent than any other being, and most people speculate that there are different kinds of worlds that exist in this world and they also presume that this world is a reflection of many other worlds which people do not know.

What is quite interesting and funny in here is that, there are people who think that they are specialized and proficient in such field of mysterious subject in which such kinds of people deliver discourses and speeches, what they do not know and what they think they know, and they presume that they have proficient knowledge on such subject matter. What is further funny in here is such kinds of people have their own crowd, and such crowds do appreciate and admire them too. Such people live being their parrot since this is how far they can go.

While meddling with such varied thinking and belief, the existence of the world here after is still a matter of controversy and none has delivered hard fact on the existence of life after this world except people own thinking and belief which they have developed thru past ages and generations. Forget about life in the next world, to know on what tomorrow is going to deliver is still mystery to everyone. This makes life on this world quite interesting and exciting due to the fact that there are many things which people do not know.



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