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Spectacle of Writing

Posted on: 1 Mar 2018

February 23, 2018

Writing is a mechanism which people use to share, inspire, motivate, inform, explain and discuss their given views as per the context of their own personal understanding and reflection. Such understanding and refection has its own color and flavor since people share views based on their given experience and exposures of life; they share such thoughts which they derive out of experiences since they think that such aspects deserve to be shared—useful, necessary, and essential. In such course of life, people write in order to be known and understood by others in a way they like and want to be as there are people who understand whatever such people write about in positive and healthy manner.

However, there are always other people who perceive what such kinds of people write in different way and manner. This is their given right. None can stop or force such people to understand other than their own way. In such given case, there are always misunderstanding and misinterpretations that arise between such kinds of people and they live in conflict and contradictions, as they spend much of their energies and times in explaining and discussing not only their own views and perceptions, but also clarifying other peoples misunderstanding and misperceptions too.

These positive and negative kinds of people towards any given writer or write up is one of the common ways of life and it is just obvious. Such conflicts and contradictions that begin with words could end up in blood shed since word has two powers, one is like water and the other is like fire. Thinking and views are forces that are always crystalized and translated into words by the instrumentality of any given write up which people demonstrate with any given Media of communication. Hence, people write in order to communicate and transmit their own messages and views to others so that they can be understood nicely. In actuality, not all people write well, but very few people do write well. Why?

Why do people write? When do people write? Where do people write? What do people write? How do people write? Accordingly, people write for many reasons. People write to share their opinions towards something or someone. People write to be known by others. People write to share hidden truths or oppressed facts about people or a matter. Hence, people write for various different reasons and purposes.

People do write at any time they feel like writing. Few people write during day time. Other people write during night time. People write on daily basis. Other people write on weekends or outside work hours. People write at midnight. Others write at dawn. There is no such fixed time to write, since it is more of feeling and emotions and what people think at any given particular time that dictate them to write.

Few people write being at the side of sea or lake in which they prefer to be around nature such as water, forests, and mountains that do deliver them some kind of inspirations, which force them to think in certain way and on certain subject matter where as other people prefer to write at being in big cities, sophisticated café and hotels, or being at mansions and villas where city life is more adorable. Writing has no such recipe it depends on the mood and choice of the writer.

Some people have their own writing style where other people try to imitate prominent figures in the world of writing and they do follow otherpeople’s style. Others try to integrate other people writing styles along with their own and they create hybrid form of writing. Few people follow rules and regulations where as others donot follow rules andregulation, but they follow their own instincts.

Even if people have different purposes and reasons, there are three kinds of people who write. The first ones are those who write to make things known to others, and they share information and knowledge to other people. These kinds of writers are prolific ones since they are helpful and useful due to the fact that they share information that are relevant and necessary to the public at large.

The other kinds of writer are those people who write in order to kill or attack others since their intent is bad and they are destructive. They use bad words, they insult others and they try to defame and degrade others by the pen which they write. These are destructive ones since they mention people’s names, and they use unnecessary and downgraded words within their given pen. These are bad ones and they are destructive.

The other kinds of writers are those people who write good things about people or their given institutions even if those people or institutions which they write about commit bad things, they hide and they do not want to write the truth or fact about any matter. They are one sided. They are more of propaganda people than any other thing since theyoppress facts. Such kinds of writers are biased and they are not truthful.

Although the intent may be good, but such kinds of writers do not lead to good ends since they donot want to write clear and truthful pictures of any matter or happening. In this case, they cause another people who write bad things about such kinds of people or institutions which they respectively belong. They are the primal cause to create those writers who mention bad things about people and institutions as well.

While such theatrical drama of life is going on in the world of writing, most people are becoming suspicious on what such people write and they try to make background check up on the side of the writers before they accept any write up is legitimate and truthful and unbiased besides what is written on the matter. Hence, they give another assignment in knowing the intent of the write up which is equally important and necessary to what is the subject matter of the write up itself.

Though people write for their own purpose and reasons, write ups can be divided in to four basic and general categories. The first ones are those write up that mainly focus on deep thinking and thoughts that focus on ideas and ideologies in which they discuss abstract matters such as philosophical or political views or religious perceptions and understandings. These write up are mostly found in books, essays, poetries and the like.

The second ones are those kinds of write up that focus on what is invented and created in our daily routines, new discoveries that are relevant and necessary to humanity and society as well. They discuss on how such inventions and discoveries are developed and they also explain technical details on the subject matter. They have limited audience since the write about technical aspects of subject matters.  These can be journals, magazines and related ones.

The third ones are those write up that share events and happenings in which they share information on what is going on in terms of news and other story telling. They share particular exhibition, concert, artistic work, or whatever discoveries or new aspects of life are going on. They are informative and they help society in sharing information. These write up are located in news magazines and papers, advertising magazines and so on.

The fourth ones are those kinds of write up that focus on people; these could be related toautobiography, obituaries, gossips and other aspects which are mainly related to personalities of individual in both positive and negative ways and manners. Theseaffect people in bothpositive and negative manners. These have their own audience too. These can be found in books, magazines and so on.

Whichever style of writing people use and follow, and in whatever subject matter and form they write, in whichever language any write up is written, whoever writes, any given write up should be impartial, truthful, trustworthy and honest in its reporting and subject matter it regales. The write up is a reflection of writer’s personality and identity and it tells who the person is based on usage of words it uses and style it demonstrates in addition to the views it discusses. Behind any write up, reality of the person is revealed. Based on influences any given write up and writer does make, audience is created that eventually make up a community and society depending on its degree of attraction any given write up entertains. This is one of the ways how this world is created and recreated.


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