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Posted on: 21 Feb 2018

February 20, 2018

Many things shape our life. Many things interests and excites people lives. Few things surprise many people. Few things have profound impact on people’s lives. Few things and few people could destroy what many things and many people have built since destruction is simper than building and constructing. Most of the things we see in this world are just like big balloons, they look big and great on the outside, but they have nothing in the inside and the moment small needle is put on it, they get shrink and they are gone and they do not more exist as being huge. They are fake and artificial. It takes years and centuries to construct and build on something, but it takes hours and days, in cases, minutes to destroy what people have built for centuries and ages.

Such destruction has two different features. The first one is a natural catastrophe and disaster, and the second one is by human made factors. Any given temple or building can be destroyed by 20 seconds heavy earthquake and none can prevent this matter from being destroyed. Any given ideology or building can be removed or demolished by human made factor such as constitutional, policy or infrastructure changes that do happen in due course of time in any given social dynamics.

In such case, people should make a pause and reflect on different aspects of life in which such scenarios of life do give a chance to see things far beyond what they are on the face value or their given traditional or superstitious ways of looking and perceiving things in life. Many people are shaped by beliefs that are caused by any given superstitious thinking. This could give a chance that most people are made up of thinking and beliefs that are more of delusionsof their own minds than what the actual reality tells and dictate.

As more people become a result of more of superstitious thinking and belief, they need to be remade or recreated by different ideology or thinking that should make them very human than being machine or instrumental to other peoples beliefs or ideology. In this process of life, society become slaves of cultures, ideology or beliefs of the past or few peoples mentality that do not deliver effective and efficient solution to the current and different ones in which such new problems could not be found in the dictionary of their given superstitious beliefs and thinking do not read and understand. Society in here is already trapped with past tales and stories and it uses them toprovide solution to the existing and current ones, which could be incompatible and ineffective as to the need of this age. We live in an age of sophisticated technology, but other people still live in the age of packing animals.

This results in an engine overhaul to every given system when any given system and way of life gets infected with some kind of virus and its power and potency could not exert more energy on every human frames,one reason is, because of corruptions and other related diseases which every system and way of life get exposed, in which such system is already twisted and controlled by few selfish and egoist personalities that govern and manage every system. This is common challenge every system and way of life face at any given point of their process.

What is quite interesting in here is that those who follow any given way of life, they prefer to live by denying such facts, or they try to justify their given failure of system, trying to give all kind of deceiving and tricky justifications in order to convince themselves and others who do not belong to the system of life so that they keep on living as if nothing happened to the system, due to their given selfish interests and arrogance which they inherit from others too.

Even if people are shaped by some kind of system of life which is dictated by any given thinking or ideology, the death of such thinking affects their given survival and it becomes a life and death question to such kinds of people since they think and behave like fish in fish bowl, they do not have life once they are out from any given circle or way of life. Though failure is there, people prefer to justify and mystify of failures in way that they cannot be disappointed in life and they prefer to live by tricking themselves. This is insane.

In such process of life, many kinds of thinking mold peoples ways of life and system of life since people always prefer to have something in their given life in order to have some kind of structured and programmed way of life. Hence, people’s lives are mostly dictated by two broad types of human activities of life. The first ones are those human activities which they need on part time basis and the second ones are those human activities which they need on daily basis.

We live in world and time that thinking shape human way of life in which any given thinking is originally emanated within the human mind and it shapes the human mind itself in many different ways. Everything has its own source and beginning and then gets different kinds of shape and content thru the process of time. In such case, the nature and character of any given thinking is determined by the magnitude of its recipients.

Accordingly, there are thinking or way of life that influence human beings in short and long term aspects, and such kinds of thinking that result in being way of life, some of them have short duration and time in terms of their given existence and influence, and they do not exist no more as their cycle ends; there are also other thinking which affect human way of life in daily manner and they have long term duration and existence and they stay for longer period of time as well.

Basically, it is possible to categorize that there are two broad types of way of life or thinking; the first ones are like chewing gums since they are sweet for short period of time, as they stay longer, people get bored of them, and they do not attract people’s attention since this is their given nature. The other ones are, thinking or way of life, like daily foods people eat in every day, and people need such thinking due to the fact that people cannot survive and live without them.

For example, when someone popular releases an exciting music or song, such kinds of music attract people’s attention for some period of time, but such attraction will be gone and they cannot affect people’s lives for longer period of time since people shift in terms of such given way of life, to the next ones yet to come as they appear. In this case, a given music or song or any given artistic work cannot influence people’s lives on daily basis since people always look for something new and better and this should be the right case.

In the second scenario or thinking or way of life, people practice any given religious belief or ideology or whatever thinking, or they do some kind of work for living,  they need such practice on daily basis in order to achieve something in life in which such practice is quite needed in their given life not only on daily basis, but in every seconds of their given undertaking. Hence, people need such thinking or ways of life as people require food in order to survive.

However, in the second aspect of such life, there are people who eat nourished food as there are people who eat something in order to survive, but the degree of its being nutritious is questionable, however, they eat something for life. In fact, there are also people have nothing to eat too. The same is true on the way of life or thinking which people employ in their given life, in which there are ways of life that are better than others in terms of their given thinking or belief, which goes in conformity to reality or not, such given ways of life help them to achieve something in their given purpose of life.

While such process of life, one wonders as to the different kinds of thinking or ways of life in which there are certain system of life that are inherited from past, and people follow and practice such ways of life since they do not have better choices and they cannot live without them due to the fact they cannot create better and greater ones. Such given ways of life or thinking could be related to those people who consume foods that are not well nutritious and nourished ones.

The only choice they have is to articulate such given ways of life and mystify them in way that they are unique and special as if they have some kind of gifted power from the absolute or the divine so that they keep on living a life which they like and want, but, this does not mean that they are correct and true. Such kinds of people live by nourishing their given egoistic personality that the truth and reality.

Living a life of what people want and like is not warranty that any given way of life is correct and true since people do think that when they get accustomed to way of life in past and present which they assume that it is true and correct, they do not give a chance to check on the integrity and correctness of their given way of life due to the following,among the many, but few reasons:-

  • out of fear of the new and different ones,
  • out of ignorance on the knowledge of reality and truth which kill their quest and thirst towards search for meaning for life,
  • due to their egoistic and selfish interests and advantages which the existing ones deliver,
  • out of trepidation of the consequences on what their deviation do deliver,

While such theater and way of life is going, it is always useful, necessary and is a thoughtful responsibility for everyone to verify the integrity of any given way of life or thinking where one belongs on regular time basis since everything and everyone should be checked before people develop some kind of trust and faith to any given system or way of life due to the fact that trick and deception are the becoming nature and character of life on this world.


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