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Twisted Social System

Posted on: 9 Feb 2018

February 7, 2018

Life should be loved. Life should be appreciated. Life should be enjoyable. Life should be respectable. Life should be laughable. Life should be exciting and interesting. Life should be joyful. Beyond all other reasons, life should have meaning and perspective which guide every one’s walk and drive in one’s daily routines and lives such as principles or doctrines in life.

However, there are certain places and occurrences of life, that do have an impact on the way people think and behave, and such places and occurrences change the course of human existence and directions of life. Hence, they contribute something, both positive and negative impacts in people’s life. Amongst them is the court, in which cases and occurrences in the court affect people’s lives in many ways.

The court room is like a war and battle field in which words, ideas and acts fight. In such fight, people debate on the wrongs other people have committed in order to bring some kind of learning to the society at large. Such learning in most cases is to bring about justice which can cause order and stability within a society. Otherwise, turmoil will be the center of society’s life in this world.

When court room is a place where interesting ideas and ideologies fight, something comes out as result of its processes and ends since it is from such wrong doings that social systems and people can learn something and they can be better and greater otherwise it would be place of nothing. The court,in certain cases, is place of interesting ideas and thinking and occurrences since people try to justify wrong doing with their given thinking due to the fact that their given act originates from their given thinking.

In such process and life of the court, court room has its own discipline. The court room has its own procedures and beaurocracy and anyone who is attending and participating in any given case should follow and practice certain court rules and guidelines. Breaking such rules and procedures do subject and cause any one to a penalty by the judge or jury since it is a law and rule.

And in any given legal proceeding, which is entertained in the court, winning case always goes to those who present stories and facts in accurate, articulated, persuasive and presentable manner. Best narration and hard facts are major decisive factors to win any given case at any court room. Even if people have the truth, they cannot win for any given case that they have in the court for the following possible reasons.

The first one is that they do not present stories they have, in well-pronounced and presentable manner or their given opponents in the court have presented stories in better way. The second one is they do not have hard facts. Hard facts are always supported by objective evidences. Both conditions are not only useful and essential, but also, they are major determinant factor for any case they present to court otherwise their life at court room will be miserable and disappointing.

What is quite interesting in here is that there are few hidden truths which are hard to find out and it is not possible to judge things at their given face value as they are presented to the court and there should be system andmechanism to findout such kindsof truths that are intricate by their very nature due to the fact that few crimes are committed with hidden intentions and secretive deliberations.

Such hidden intention and secretive deliberations are committed with calculated move and acts in a way other people could not be able to trace even the shadow of acts of such crimes. Few crimes are possibly detected in few years, but there are other crimes that could never be detected and known even for centuries and ages as well.

In such case, people who commit such kinds of complicated crimes are not doing things inwaythey can be caught or in foolish manner since they have already prepared theirownescape out as they donot leave any trace or any other evidences to be found out as means for justifying their given crime. Thus, they commit such acts in special conspiracy theories and it takes many years to find out who committed such crimes.

Even if such kinds of sophisticated crimes takes years to find out, it is hard to claim that the truth can be found out due to the nature and system of court room in which evidences and stories people make are main factors to obtain justice in which such kind of justices that are made in such type of court rooms could not be complete and accurate for different reasons. There is also failure of the court system and procedure.

One of the procedures which people make in court room, as mentioned on the above, is story making and how one narrates such stores to jury. It is always possible to claim in here that those who narrate stories in better and best way are always winners than those who narrate stories in good or bad way. The point in here is, are you telling any given story in convincing and persuasive manner in way that any given false act could be presented in way as if it is true? This is one big factor.

The second aspect is that is the case one have is truthful, does it have hard facts, not only just stories in which such truth should be supported and integrated with beautiful and articulated stories. In this scenario of the case, those who have hard facts and such hard facts are integrated with best narration do have more probability of winning any given case in any given court case, though it is not warranty, since the way any given case is presented and articulated in court room is another aspect one should figure out.

What is quite further interesting is that there are certain truths which are hard to find out, and after many possible digging out and investigation of facts, with stories and evidences that are presented to the court, they do not reach to definitive conclusion and the point of truth they are supposed to reach out. Why?

In such case, there are few powerful people who can twist any given system to the direction which they like and they want and they can make any given false claim to be true or any given truth to be false. Even if there is claim that goes like, all men are equally under the law, but, there are few powerful people who are above the law within every society and nation too.

While dwelling in such social systems, people should always be strong—patient and tolerant—in order to live with whatever decision that is made by such court with peaceful manner. Every system,within this world, is in its infancy, though it is better than past and older ones; complete and perfect systems are not yet borne, but it is different kinds of incidents, that give birth to arguments and new and different theories which make present ones to be better, complete and nicer ones.

Hence, people should think and act in way that such imperfections and incompletions within social systems are reflections, part and parcel of their given lives and they are also responsible and accountable for such failures; they arethe ones—in addition to those primarily accountable and responsible authorities—who should make such things perfect and complete as result of their given interaction, communication and participations to make the bad and good ones to be better and best ones since there is nothing that comes from the sky, except the rain that comes during rainy season.


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