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Change Fixes

Posted on: 30 Jan 2018

January 30, 2018

They say, a quick no is as good as yes. This is quite interesting expression and statement which works right for those people who do not want to pend things to the next days and months ahead since they do not have enough time and energy to waste their given times with problems, matters and issues of the past and they should look to the future with another new and different problems and matters too.

Why do people involve and stay too long with matters that happen in past, which affect than in bad ways as if they are currently going on in a world and realm that they can change things to better and different ones? Although, history has played significant part in shaping today, as people cannot live without history, but, bad past can be changed to present good if people are willing to change.

Nothing is stagnant since everything is in motion, the thing is on how people perceive and interpret past and present since things and people change thru the process of time due to the fact that nothing remains constant; and change is an inevitable and inescapable aspect of human realities of life in this world. East and West Germany are united again and the same will happen to North and South Korea into the future. When people change, things will change or things could happen that do change how people think too. It is just only matter of time.

Life becomes more problematic when the systems and ways of life which people belong worse and it is not even accommodating and problem solving. In this case, those people who belong to any given particular system and way of life live under oppression and depression. The more conflicts and contraction which people see in our world is because of faulty and wrong systems which are operating in our lives which make our life very troublesome. Hence, people suffer.

In such process of life, there are two possible means and methods people can change things in life especially if the suffer out of belonging or following any given way or system of life. The first one is that if people are dictated by any given way or system of life and if they are victims of some kind of harassment and stigmatization while belonging to any given particular society or group, it is obvious that changing such given way or system of life or stopping practicing that given system of life, is a relief that they can obtain life. This also includes changing people, system of way of life and any other related aspects that are connected to such given way of life is a good one.

The second one is to focus on new and different human activities which one never experienced in past than dwell in past issue and matters that do not benefit oneself since when people change their given way of life, they should replace former human activities with other human activities of life so that they shift focus and they start obtaining new pattern and way of life which do give them better and different opportunities to have better and greater experience in life, which could be better than those former and previous experiences too.

Instead of getting stuck in past unresolved issues and matters of life, people should have shift in focus to different and newer one so that such shift do give them better chances and opportunities of life to see things in better and greater manner that do deliver to gain another perspective and experiences of life, which benefit their given future afterwards since the world is vast and kind enough to accommodate everyone in many different ways.

People think that there are certain problems exist, but as they shift in focus, those problems could also be gone though there are also other certain problems that could never be gone since they are internals ones, and it is the person’s own ones and the person carries them wherever one goes. Such kinds of problems could be people, governing policies of a system and other externals ones as the person changes a direction or way of life, such problems do not even exist too.  They do not even affect that given person no more.

While such process of life, as part of one’s given experience in life, in which those people whom one knew in past way and system of life, they think that people’s life is like fish in fish bowel, which means that they do not have life once they are out from that given circle or congregation which they respectively belong, which is indeed an erroneous and false perceptions of life due to the fact that one has gained great and wonderful experiences in life as once removed oneself from that give circle or congregations of life. One also meets and knows many other great and wonderful people who have exciting and marvelous experiences and exposures of life too.

The point in such kinds of life is that it is analogies that play significant role in shaping peoples thinking and belief that put many people to think and behave in certain fashion. And analogies work for some people, but, they do not work for another people. In this case, people can come up with their own given analogy that could help them live and undertake their given human way of life in way they wish, dream, think and act too. Here, life is very personal; choices and decisions in relation to the person can only made by the person, not by any other party or person too.

It is also quite interesting to note in here that as people shift their give way of life to a different ones, they exercise their freedom of choices and their given free will and they have better and greater chances of being human tan others who do not due to the fact they are not enslaved and programmed by others. They are not captives under fake gesture of obedience to any given system that jeopardize their given independent and true reality. They start putting their given reality to higher one since search for meaning for life becomes in motion and real.

Life is a continuous process. Life become more enigmatic as it gets differ color and shape in every day since every day give a better and nicer chance for both good and bad things to happen and visit people’s lives. In both condition and situations of life, it is important and necessary to have a shift of focus that do deliver better and great chance in life than dwell and get around back to the past that put one’s life in in boredom.


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