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A Quest on Identity

Posted on: 25 Jan 2018

January 25, 2018

Being human means being beyond everything in this world. This is to mean that human being is not only social and thinking being, but rather, human reality is creator and inventor of this world. This world is already created once with its virginity, but, it is recreated many times by different kinds of thinking and ideologies which shape how human beings think and behave in this world and in life too.

While such drama of life is going on, one wonders as to the motivating factor for life and to live in which people develop some kind of sense of purpose in life out of the many cause and effects, actions and reactions, which they experience and face in life. Hence, people are driven by some kind of purpose in life that allows them to stay in life on the earth and they define their given life by the meaning and no meaning which they derive in their given life.

After all ins and outs in life, one quests as to what dictates person’s way of life? What makes any given human beings who live in every land to think and behave in certain way and manner? What is the driving factor behind peoples judgment in their given value makings and social judgments? Is it money or economy, belief, constitution such as laws and regulations, educational or professional exposures, society’s way of life such as cultures and customs, political systems, or what else?

For instance, any given person could let the hair grow long and such style of life is derived from the way of life that dictate that given person thinking in which belief system plays major role in such given aspect of the human way of life. A person who is required to have clean shave as result of belonging to any given group one belongs will not make one’s long hair since there is governing rule that dictate such person and one acts accordingly too.

While any given person is in shopping mall or in the supermarket, what to buy and what not to buy is mainly determined by two major factors; the first one is the money or economy factor, and the second one is the kind of need that given person has which is influenced by the kind of belief or governing principles of life one practice since a person who is not allowed to drink alcohol will not buy an alcohol due to the belief system one is dictated by in contrast to the person who is free to live and buy anything else, who has no as such defined principle in life which dictates one way of life, by the do’s and do not do’s as well.

People are daily interacting and communicating with others in way they already have been programmed by any given ideology or belief, in which being programmed with whatever belief system or doctrine which they belong make them more of machine than being human since they cannot choose between alternatives, but rather, they are asked, to think and behave in certain life style which dictate their communication and interaction patterns with other people.

In such case, as more people become part and parcel of certain group or they practice any given group ideology, the number of people who are programmed by some kind of ideology will eventually increase and such increment of belongingness will determine on how this world functions and works as well. As more people become programmed, the number of machines will increase in addition to humanly fabricated machines as well, which do have an effect on peoples capacity and ability to make decisions based on alternatives as well. What is wrong to a robot asking citizenship since it shares similar identity like such kinds of humans too?

This will also kill the idea and sense of creating alternatives in ways of life since they are already lost their given identity even if they claim that they find out their true identity by the virtue of joining and belonging to any given group or system of life, which is not the true case since if they join another circle, their give identity will also change to a different identity as well. Hence, people could ask, what is true and real identity?

Even if belonging to any given group and system of life do deliver certain guidance and standards in life, due to the fact that that it is better than to have any given belief or standard in terms of way of life than having nothing, this , on the other hand, will also put the person’s identity and reality under vague perceptions since belonging to any group could not allow to make personal decisions as matter of accepting collective beliefs and standards in times where different and new choices do come and appear in life, unless and other wise, people erase themselves from such given membership of such groups which they belong.

It is also quite interesting to note that a person who lives in poor country looks like something while this same person gets a chance to live in rich countries, person’s lifestyle and way of thinking changes too. Is true identity found in culture, religion, politics, philosophy, education, workplace, family, society, nation, place, or where else?


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