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Future in Today

Posted on: 22 Jan 2018

January 22, 2018

Do people live past, present or future within today? This is something that needs a perspective and mindset since people live based on what and how they think in life. There are people who still live in past, there are other segment of people who live on the present day, but there are also other people who live for the future and in the future as well.

Living in past is mostly connected to not only the times, but activities and processes of life that did happen in past days and moments of life. Such kinds of people are typically older people since they still think in olden day’s methods and they still converse and communicate stories of past times which they have experienced in life.

They have little things to say and talk about present day and the future since they are not active participants of the drama of human way of life as they get older and they become passive in many activities of life, be it personal or societal as well since they just live everything aside, and they have few things to the present and the future too.

When people do always think and live with sharing stories and memories of past as they live in present day, such kinds of people have no life in today since they have stopped living the present as they still think and communicate with other people, activities and memoirs of olden days; or the present day life is not hat interesting and it is not worthy as compared to their given past and they prefer to share and live their given past at present day too.

Those people who live to the present are almost many people since they live on what the day demands and requests; they are mostly on consumerist aspect of life in which such kinds of people consume on what is on stage, they buy products and services on what the day manufactures, they live what societal and individual’s system and way of life requires and demands too. Such kinds of people are the vast majority in every land.

Quite few people want to live for the future, in which they could create what their given future could look like, and they get attracted to this since they are not interested in past and present, but they are highly attracted to the future and they create the future in today’s mind; they start living up to it. Such kinds of people are mostly assumed and considered as thinkers or philosophers since they see the future and they live up to it.

While such theatrical scenario of life is going on, past and present are the basis to create the future though there are people who think that there is no future that exist, we know it when it comes, but it is not even coming; what people can know that it is going to come, as it is come, it becomes today and there is still nothing that exist as tomorrow, except hope and faith.  As such drama is going on, few people ask, is it possible to live for future in today?

What is quite interesting n here is that when people get tired of everything on present and past, as the accumulate wealth and other possession, they could come with an idea of creating future in present so that other people could get them, not in today, but after such people have already experienced and lived with them on what the future is to deliver at present, and most people could follow them in later days and years since they could not be able to understand on what such people do deliver.

These can be related to needs in which future needs can be seen and addressed in today as they are not today’s need, nobody could care and give time to think about such aspects of life, but, as appropriate time comes and such things and matters could be needs, everyone starts to use, possess and have them since they become need and it is not possible to function without them. The current practice of bit coins is one good example in here.

As far as such people do not confuse their given past and present along with the future which they want to create, there is nothing wrong with inventing the future since they live with care and wisdom due to the fact they have made their own interesting world that do enable them to have an interesting life scenario at present.

Life is not about time scales since time is not something that can be created, but it is thinking and ways and methods such thinking is addressed and channeled and this depends on peoples capacity to reason, understand, interpret, crystallize, and channel their given thinking and translating them to the objective world, which requires quite a capacity and mindset too.


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