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Doing Right Justice

Posted on: 20 Jan 2018

January 20, 2018

To wish, to think and to act are three different layers and aspects of human reality in which these feature of human way of life affects peoples life in their given interaction and communication with others and the environment at large. Hence, people are governed with internal and external aspects of such realities which change the course of their life too.

When people wish on something, such wish is connected to their given power of imagination in which wish is some kind of features of life that can be turned into reality or not, depending on its conformity to objective reality since all wish cannot be actual as there is always deviation in such given way of life.

To think is a reality that is created out of any given wish people have in life in which as people wish on something, people start processing something on how to turn such wish in to objective reality, in which thinking and its processes are borne as result of such given wish people give birth into their given reality. In this case, people work on strategies and methods, if necessary and important, on how to translate their given wish into reality. The idea of which comes first is not primal intent in here as in the case of the chicken and egg too.

Afterwards, action is the result of these processes of the human way of life in which people act on something as result of such wish and thinking which they make in their given reality so that what they wish will be turned out to be actual and something which they can possess into their given households and reality as well.

Many people can wish to have something precious or they wish to have something very expensive, but considerable number of people, out of the many, could process such wish in the world of thinking, on how to translate such given wish into objective reality, but few people act on it in order to capture or obtain what they wish and think into their given reality and life too. Out of few people who act, few do achieve something and they get success.

These stages of the human way of life is most common in terms of obtaining good or positive things in life in which such processes of life do have similar effect when people apply them to obtain something positive or something good things in life. They all have similar influences since all stages of such life do create optimistic thinking and feelings in people’s lives too.

However, these stages of the human way of life do have different degrees of manifestations and reflections when people apply them to have or make something bad or negative things in life due to the fact people make and have both good and bad things in life. This process of life has its own consequences in those peoples thinking and reality of life as they apply to the negative aspects of life.

For example, when someone wishes other person dead, such wish is not something that exist in the objective reality in tangible form except within that given person’s inside reality and, thus, such wish is not punishable by law. When someone thinks other person to death, such thinking is not something that exists in tangible aspect to the outside world and thus, it is not punishable by law. However, when someone acts to kill a person, since this act is outwardly manifested, it is here punishable by law.

These given aspects of such life have similar intent and motive in which they all involve in killing a person, but their degree of manifestation to the outside world is seen and unseen, and their degree of being punished by law vary accordingly. These stages of peoples involvement also vary when they are organized to kill that person such as a person who wishes and thinks to kill the person could involve themselves in indirect ways and means of killing such as contribution of funds to kill that person than those person who actually involve to kill that person in which their degree of involvement vary as per the context of their given inward feelings and emotion.

However, these stages of such life are considered as crime unless and otherwise they have substantial evidences such as objective evidences and documents and information that could justify such given claim. This happens for reasons since not every wish can be translated to thinking and action as well. But, such processes of life do actually exist in people’s lives and reality; their degree of acceptance and rejection vary accordingly.

What the contingent world practices in most cases is based on partiality—biased and prejudiced—which are justified by true and fake evidences due to the fact that it is possible to put good people to wrong crimes and justices as the systems and process that are dealt to justify such given claims are not complete and accurate as well. When advanced systems and complete mechanism are put in place in every land, people will start obtaining the right justice in life, not only for what they do, but also for what they wish and think as well.



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