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State of Being Happy

Posted on: 12 Jan 2018

January 12, 2018

Scientists claim that serotonin is a happiness hormone that is claimed to regulate the mood, prevent depression, and make people feel happy. It can be released by getting exposed to light, eating foods rich in carbohydrate and by exercising. If this is the case, there are certain factors which are outside the activation and control of such hormone in which people can be happy outside eating food, getting exposed to light and having exercising too. Though the hormone activate and process those mentioned physical or material factors, human reality has another dimension such as the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and other aspects that result in state of being happy due to their given human way of life, which people employ in their life.

Due to such nature and character of human reality, people are heard commenting their degree of being happy to the way of life they install in their given life in which there are different and other factors that do contribute to the state of being happy that do make people to see and understand happiness in faraway state of being whose scale of measurement should not only be dictated by the physical or material aspect of it. Hence, happiness becomes a reality that can be obtained beyond the physical aspect of it in which there are other features and conditions that should be figured out.

Thus, people make surgical operation to the organ of happiness and they come up with different forms of happiness in which they claim that they are materially or physically happy, intellectually happy, spiritually happy and emotionally happy and others kinds of happiness which they claim too. Such states of happiness are reflection and manifestation of state of being which people obtain within the process of life. Being happy is being joyful whichever color or content people are entitled to deliver and whichever category or classification people have.

And in this world, there are different kinds of claim that is going on in the world of happiness in which people justify their given claim in terms of the way of life they derive with the end result that it gives, which is state of happiness. They claim that they are happy beings. As far as such happiness benefits their daily given undertaking, there is no wrong and bad in it.

However, when their given claim starts affecting other people in a way that they are happy by creating complications and troubles in other people’s lives, and their state of being happy is questionable and doubtful. The purpose of being happy is for the person, and if possible, it should have contagious effect of creating such mood or state of being to other people as well.

However, this world is not lucky since most people sound depressed and sad about their given process of lives. And the claim few people make, state of happiness is not capable enough to create and transfer and transmit such state to the majority due to the fact their given state of being, happiness, is under question and not even lasting longer and they cannot influence the most part of society in every lad.

But, they are found and heard asking, are you happy? What is the point of asking without preparing and arranging methods and approaches or means by which people can be happy without even following and practicing their given religious or whatever dogma or principles which they claim they have? Is happiness really a true measurement for life in which any given success can be measured? Why do we need to be happy? What does it mean by being happy? Do we really need to be happy in order to successful? Does happiness have class, group or recipe, which people should find out? How?

In such process of life, most relate that the purpose of existence and life is to be happy. But, the point is to what end such state of being happy does lead since people can obtain happiness in two different mechanism in which the first one is a happiness which is a process that eventually lead to another stage of happiness which is a continuous state of being; the other one is a happy state of being that do lead to wrong end and to sorrow state of being.

People become happy as they follow any given particular religious ideology. People become happy as they watch an interesting movie. People become happy as they hear and listen beautiful and melodious music. People become happy as they watch comedy or any other theater on stage. People become happy as they achieve something in their given life such as in terms of education, promotion at work place and the like. People become happy when they get married; they get a child and so on. People also become happy in drugs and other addictions.

Basically, happiness is an end result or process which people obtain in the process of life is not clearly defined and understood since people claim that they are happy in different aspects and conditions of life which make the idea of happiness to be in certain form. In order to do their given tasks in excellent manner, people should be happy, but the point is how they can be happy is one thing that needs to be figured out.

Most people relate the idea of happiness with success which people obtain and entertain in their given life. And the so called, most successful people claim that they are not happy. Though this could tell that success is relative in which it is not something that has an end point, people achieve certain things in life which put them to the next step on the ladder to the other one yet to come in which the first success which they get is leading to the next one too.

For instance, people claim that the kind of religious or philosophical ideology which they follow and practice makes them happy and it serves them as energizing factor for the success which they are entitled to obtain in their given life although this is their own given assumption or belief, but to the contrary, there are other people who obtain such kinds of success which such people claim without following any given religious ideology too.

While such theatrical drama of life is going on stage, achievement in any give field cannot be dictated by the way of life which employ though it could help them since way of life is not warranty to get proficient in any given field of work or specialization, but what is require to be proficient in any given field, are discipline, knowledge and skill that given field of specialization demands. That is why, different people with different backgrounds can be equally proficient in one given specialization due to the fact that they share in common to what that given specialization requires though they have employed different ways of life to their given life.

Hence, people can be happy for many reasons and purposes and there are different kinds of activities and undertakings in their given life too. And it is possible to tell that people can be in state of happiness for the following few reasons:-

  • Going to religious places and practicing beliefs and rituals
  • Getting married and having children, establishing family
  • Doing their jobs in efficient and effective manner
  • Getting successes or recognition in their given tasks and jobs
  • Obtaining promotions in their work at work places
  • Listening inspirational talks and ideas from enlightened people
  • Reading books
  • Writing stories, novels, essays, poems, books and related
  • Seizing power and authority
  • Receiving medals and prizes
  • Championing in wars or other battle fields
  • Getting married and having children
  • Watching soccer and other sporting activities
  • Being champions in soccer or other sporting games
  • Watching movies and listening music
  • Having drinks and alcohols and drugs
  • Having sexes
  • Engaging themselves in sporting activities
  • Performing music, theater, comedy or other activities on stage
  • Obtaining attentions from other people
  • Gaining social status in their given society
  • Accumulating wealth and possessions
  • Eating nice food
  • Having nice sleep
  • Socializing with other people
  • Having private life
  • Visiting historical places
  • Being with nature such as forests, waters and others






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