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Two Ruining Elements

Posted on: 10 Jan 2018

January 10, 2018

Failure to be honest do lead to tragic consequences especially in terms of leadership in which any given leadership that has failed to manage and lead its respective citizens and society does always cause catastrophic incidents, amongst them, the main ones are the existence of mistrust and suspicion between its members and citizens. In such case, such kinds of leadership requires an engine overhaul since it has failed to perform its obligation and tasks in expeditious manner as result of its indecency and incompetence.

Suspicion and mistrust are the daily actors of human drama in every society since people are mostly governed and controlled by such forces than confidence and faith. Confidence and faith are the scarce resources which cannot be found in the daily dictionary of people’s lives as result of people interaction and communications with other people and institutions as well. Such way of life, seeing one another as cat and rat is one of the manifestations of people’s lives in every land.

Disbelief and uncertainty are results of bad and negative communications and interactions which people come about in their daily routines. Such aspect of life is derived as people commit bad things on others and there is a huge and hidden drama which people perform on stage without the knowledge of others. In any give social dynamics, when few people operate their own secretive agenda and dramas, life would be difficult since kinds of communication and interaction between people society, as there is small and inner circle within the large circle, two things are borne, namely, suspicion and mistrust.

While such theatrical drama of life is going on in such given city, knowledge is considered as madness and abnormality, in cases, it is treated as dangerous and foolish since there is no cure and solution to such kinds of knowing except suffering and pains, and enjoying such pains too. In such city, ignorance is the king and dominant factor as it makes such people’s lives easy without knowing and realizing that they complicate the life of fairness and future too. Both dwell in one city, but there is a line that demarcates both, which is unseen and untouchable, but it is just a state of being.

As result of such given interaction and communication, most people are governed by the will to the Absolute Power—God—in which they prefer to rely and put their confidence on the unseen than those people who could see and communicate. It becomes easy to have trust and confidence to the object of the unseen and unknown than those people whom they know and see as well. This is quite interesting to observe that people choose to have faith with what they think and assume that it is unseen, but higher and greater than those people whom they think that they are higher and greater in social and other status.

As result of past experience and exposures in life, in which one person or society is betrayed or tricked by other, their given experience in life in terms of creating healthier and safer ground for interaction and communication becomes in bad shape since people and society or institutions do see things with eyes of uncertainty and lack of confidence on others. Such state of being makes life to be in hard and difficult situation and form due to the fact suspicion and mistrust are destroyers of social unity and identity.

People see and understand people with an eye of suspicion and mistrust. Suspicion and mistrust are not made out of the blue since there is some kind of negative ground and experience between people that put them to be in such shape of communication and interaction. Why do people happen to be in such shape of life? Is this world made out of confidence and faith or suspicion and mistrust?

When any given nation and society interacts and communicates with another nation and society, people see each other with an eye of wariness and uncertainty than faith and certitude since such people do not know each other or there must be some kind of incident that did visit them in the past that do put them to be in such content and form. Hence, life would not be easy and everything costs very expensive since things are not in good shape.

While an individual interacts with another individual, same is true, since people are not even in good mood and condition to interact and communicate with each other as people think that there is some kind of motive and hidden drama behind as result of their given past experience in life which made them think and assume that they do not trust others and they keep praying that things may go in right manner and way as result of their given suspicion and mistrust they experience and come about in the course of their given life exposures.

Why do people mistrust and be in suspicion with others? The first and major reason is that past experience of life in which people must have been deceived and tricked in the past so that such trick and deception do not put them to the present day in way that they should not have and develop trust and confidence on others. The other reason in addition to the first one is they do not have adequate knowledge with each other since such people have not developed common field of interaction and communication with each other.

As people develop common ground for interaction and communication, they get good chance to know each other. The point is not creating common field of interaction and communication, but what comes next is if they fail to accommodate with each other in way they should develop trust and confidence as result of their given failures of doing the right things which they should, things could fall apart as we see life in most societies which result in suspicion and mistrust within institutions, societies and individuals. Here, both become the dominant factors that lead societal and institutional life which do put everything to be in bad shape.

This is common in every land since trick and deception are the becoming characteristics and natures of life in this world. What could vary in every land is how such trick and deception are performed which do base according to the context of cultural and social make up of societies and the actors of such human drama since trick is something that requires certain mindset and it is not something that can be performed by ordinary people or laymen.



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