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Perfection—Half Full Glass

Posted on: 15 Dec 2017

December 15, 2017

Most people confuse on the difference that exist between excellence and perfection since they claim those people who perform exceptional things as perfect as well. Excellence is a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards; perfection is, broadly, a state of completeness and flawlessness. A person can perform unusually good talent with faults, but this does not mean that this person is perfect.

Last time one had conversation with someone in which that given some one was heard that the person requires perfection in everything. And another person commented, what do you mean by perfection, and that given person had nothing to say further since the person might not have a clue on claiming such perfection.

Is there anyone perfect? Can anyone be perfect? What does it mean by saying, this person is perfect? Do such people understand the meaning of this word, or this word does have a different meaning in the dictionary of their given life? Is perfection something possible in this world? If so, how could this possibly be achieved? Why do we need perfection? Is perfection an end goal or just a process of life? Can people claim perfection while living in an imperfect and incomplete world?

Perfection is not something that can be achieved while living in imperfect and incomplete world since the world has to be perfect and complete before any kind of perfection is claimed. What people can claim in here is that as they could see something better and greater than the other, and they are heard claiming that this is perfect since they are comparing something or someone with another something or someone which is not even better.

Few people could claim that they are close to perfection since they belong to particular belief system or ideology which is perfect. This needs quite further contemplation due to the fact that the first query other people could raise in here is that is there any perfect belief system or ideology to date is another aspect which should be figured out and needs to be checked again and again before they claim that they are close to perfection. Forget about such perfection, such kinds of people are the kinds of people who do not meet the requirements of standards of belief systems which they respectively belong. Checking the accuracy and completeness of standards of the belief system or ideology is another matter that should be figure out as well.

In such process of life, those people who claim perfection and they are known as the so called perfection seekers are those people who are mostly do not understand the meaning and concept of perfection in its original sense, they reflect their own ego, ambitions, emotions and feelings than what the objective reality do deliver. Hence, they are mostly heard claiming, we seek perfection since they might have lost and missed something in their given life which they do not even realize and understand too.

Anyone or anything can be perfect but it can be better or greater than another anything or anyone since perfection and people’s perception on perfection is relative and contextual due to the fact that change is an inevitable and inescapable aspect of life in this world. While such theatrical drama of life is a reality, why do people seek perfection or try to be perfect even if it is unachievable or something unreachable?

One of the natural characteristics of the human way of life is that life is like mirage on asphalt since the moment you aspire to reach on something farther and higher, and the moment you reach there, it is nothing and fake, and what people used to think before they reach there and what people actually think after they reach that given point are falling apart and they are heard claiming that everything in this world is fake, vain and empty. Why?

People think that they will be someone at one given point when they reach somewhere in their given life and the moment they reach to the point which they would like to reach, they do not feel and think same way as they used to feel and think before for many reasons. In fact, they could get confused and frustrated while they reach to the point which they do aspire to reach and things will not be same again. Why? Few reasons could be as follows:

  • They are deceived and tricked by explanations of those people who reach to that point
  • Those people who reach to that point are not truthful since they could have reached to that point by means which cannot be publicly shared to others
  • They do not have clear grasp of future and other related matters
  • They do not have true understanding of how this world functions and operates
  • They do not have clear grasp of the nature and character of life in this world
  • They do not appreciate and like the current condition of their given life
  • The desire to be someone special in their given life in the future
  • The desire to have something special in the future

In such process and way of life, while anything and anyone cannot be perfect, the desire and thinking of being perfect creates its own confusions and contradictions in peoples undertaking since such kinds of people claim that they seek perfection while perfection is not possible and such stresses and anxiety of seeking perfection could create chaos and different kinds of disorders in their own giving thinking and behavior as well. They live in identity and personality crisis since what they think who they are and what they actually are falling apart.

Though seeking perfection is good, but claiming perfection sounds bizarre and insane since perfection is not clearly defined and its standards cannot be accurately and precisely designed and stated due to the fact that there is none perfect and anything which is perfect except peoples own perception and understanding which is quite relative and incomplete as well.

People say, how come a half full glass teaches a lesson to an empty glass on how to be full is quite an idea to consider. This is just an idea.


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