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Experience—Unique Advisor

Posted on: 11 Dec 2017

December 11, 2017

A foul person gets snake bite two times; the first one is unknowingly since the person is foul, but the second one is when the person is directing to the place where one receives the snake bite, and showing to other people, this is the pace where I got my snake bites, in whose time, the person receives the second one too. In this case, the person is not learning and taking a lesson from first experience since one is not taking a necessary precaution.

Experience is mostly related to all kinds of precautions which people make in life since they learn something out of past given actions and reactions of life and thus, people should make essential and important cautions in order to save their lives, and by doing so, they do not make similar mistakes of past, though these kinds of attitudes in life could have its own adverse effects in life, it is better than doing similar mistakes in life and they are necessary steps and ways which people should make in life due to the fact that that lie, trick and deceptions are becoming the natural characteristics of peoples life and this world too. None trust anyone.

Experience is the best teacher and friend one can have in this world and life as well. Basically there are two broad categories of experience. One is what one practically faces in life, which is peculiar to the person; and the other is what one learns from the other since other people share their given experiences of life and others do get a lesson from such people. Both are good and practical experiences of life.

They say, the wise learns from the other, whereas others learn a lesson after bitter and harsh taste and experiences of life. One factor is due to curiosity, which kills the cat in this case; the other is out of lack of trust. In such case to taste the fire will be in evitable. Since people are not truthful or honest while sharing their given experiences of life due to the fact they hide something and they do not in most cases tell complete truths of any of their given experiences in life, other people doubt such kinds of people and they somehow have to face since they do not truth and they are suspicious of many things that are going on their world.

In a very fact, the knowledge gained out of experience is by far worthier and useful than the knowledge derived out of reading one thousand books. One minute experience is more important than reading of 100 books. For 100 books can be written based on a minute experience. It is just like a person who faces five minutes of the burning aspect of fire and a person who writes a book on the burning aspect of the fire without even tasting it, and the difference that exist between these two persons is that the former truly knows what fire means to oneself, but the later knows the meaning of fire based on observation and other people given experiences of fire too.

Hence, people gain experiences from various sources of experiences of life. Education is part of an experience. Religion is part of an experience of life. Work is part of an experience. Politics is part of an experience of life. Philosophy is part of an experience of life. Other aspects of life—families, communities, and other communications and interactions which people make in the process of life are part of an experience in which one faces in life.

Experience is a vast field and by itself is like an institution. One can formulate a kind of one’s own recipe to one’s life and can solve many problems by one’s own tan seeking advices of other people since none knows any given person better than oneself. What others could tell is from their own experiences which can be relevant or irrelevant depending on the given condition and situation of the person as well. One person give experience can work for oneself, and this may not work for the other since experience is subjective and contextual too. Such kind of recipe has its own boundary, but may help in resolving difficulties.

A person who holds PHD has spent more time and energy that a person who holds Master’s degree since time and energy along with the intensity of understandings on any certain matter varies as people stay and use more time, energy and resources as well. But, these persons could have no clue of other and different experiences of life since people are bound by time and space and they are limited beings and they know things based their given limit. They cannot know anything and everything in which an illiterate and intelligent person could know much better than these kinds of educated people since that person has different experiences of life which such educated people have never faced in their given and entire life too.

Religion is an Experience. Science, inventions and discoveries, is an Experience. Politics, Leadership and Administration, is an Experience. Culture and other traditional practices is an experience of life. Philosophy is an Experience. They are integral and profound tool to acquire Knowledge and skills of life too. As people experience more times and exert more energies and efforts, they learn more things and such given parts of their learning becomes an experience to their own life too.

A person can think abstract realities. It is an experience. In practical terms, thinking augments implementing capacity of any given individual. This does not mean that such aspects may lead to kind of superstitious and confounded situations due to lack of proper translation and understanding of such matter. This is what other people call, fancy thinking and imagination, and in such fancy thinking and imagination, as person spends more time and energy, such person has certain experiences of life in this world too than those people who do not have such experiences of life as well.

A man thinks what can be possible and impossible in this world due to time factor or due to clarity of the nature of thinking too; but thinking by itself is a prelude to action. I can think about the speed of airplane should be like the speed of my thinking. The moment I want to go Paris, I should be there. This is one given aspect of life, but it is the power of thinking which can give a clue to the world of action since everything originates from thinking. There is an Experience which is derived from the world of Minds, which is borne and dead in Minds. Both are Experiences. Both are Knowledge.

There are others means of acquiring Knowledge, such as Inspiration, which does not need to have former practice and experience, but derived with exceptional Source of Knowledge from Unknown Source. Getting inspired by itself is one form of experience in life.

Experience is learnt and gained thru practices in which any given act or thinking is done in repeated manner, it becomes an experience and people learn something out of such given practical in touch they make with other objects of interactions and communications. And accordingly, people formulate two kinds of experience in life, the first one is an experience which is peculiar to only few people since they are the only ones who faced such given experiences in life, and the other one is an experience which they commonly share with others too. In both aspects, experience serves as unique advisor which life has bestowed to people than any other people could deliver.


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