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Nation—Reborn or Perish

Posted on: 4 Dec 2017

December 4, 2017

A nation is system and way of life that incorporates what individual, societies in terms of ethnic and other small groups, communities that have universal interconnections such as professional and religious and institutions that are formed locally and internationally needs and requirements in life as well. A well developed and organized nation is a nation that has stable and secured way of life and system within its own domain and dynamics at least for a century.

In this world, there are different kinds of societies. These societies vary as per the nature and character of the system which they establish which helps them function and activate their day to day responsibilities in thoughtful and accountable manner. They live their life according to the way of life they establish within their own given domain and dynamics too.

The first kinds of societies are those societies that have already established well organized systems and way of functioning and they live adding up to the existing ones. They have healthy mechanism in terms of preforming their given daily routines and responsibilities and they live with relative comfort and joy than others since they have modern and civilized way of thinking and doing things. These societies are mostly found in the western societies and far eastern part of the world such as Japan and the like.

The second types of societies are those societies that have established system of functioning and way of doing things and they are comfortable with what few people or elite groups design and manipulate. The few elite groups establish their given societies try to establish wellbeing of their citizens and their citizens also understand these people accordingly. These societies are mostly found in Middle Eastern part such as Arab countries.

The third types of societies are those societies that still struggle to establish a well-organized systems and way of life and they try their best to create such system. Unfortunately, they are not lucky since they are governed by political systems that are unstable and unorganized and one governing system is removed by the other one yet to come; they live in such vicious circle of establishing one system and getting removed by another. These are mostly found in African countries.

And such classification of nations has come to exist as it is practically observed in this world since such societies have their peculiar nature and character and they have their own way of functioning in their own manner and fashion. These also tell the types of leaders and societies which is comprised of individuals, communities and related components and institutions within their given domain and dynamics.

Good leaders create good citizens. Good leaders create good nations. Good leaders see not only present needs of society and citizens; they also consider future needs and aspects of their own nations. Good leaders are also good visionaries. They take into account past failures, present needs and future goals and destiny of a nation.  They create a nation that has met individuals and societal needs within their own dynamics. And they deserve much respect.

Bad leaders create conflicts and contradictions that lead to chaos and frustrations within societies and citizens. Bad leaders have no true visions and visionary ideas. Bad leaders are self-centered and they care about their family and relatives and associates as they create their own island and kingdom within a nation, by disregarding and dis-concerning citizens and societal needs. And they do not deserve any kinds of respect.

What is odd in today’s nation is that there are people and societies that do not learn from yesterday although everyone lives in the middle of times and in a process in which past has played significant role in shaping today, whose cumulative effect will be passed to the future. In such process of life, wise societies stop bad practices of the past, they sacrifice something in the present day and they design their future by considering two things.

The first ones are they sort out past failures and mistakes in very thoughtful and truthful manner; as they correctly and justly identify their failures and mistakes of the past, next to it is, they design and create their future which does not allow any kinds of mistakes and failures of the past to come again to the future, but they face new challenges and problems, and they live delivering common an practical solutions as well.

By such process of life, there are societies who claim that they have sorted out past failures and mistakes, and they design their future without making any mistakes and failures again, but they are practically found doing similar mistakes and committing similar failures as past did. Such kinds of societies live in vicious circle of crisis since they do not learn great deals from past. In such case, such kinds of societies should perish or reborn in thinking and value before the worst scenario of their given future is come.



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