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Posted on: 2 Dec 2017

December 2, 2017

Japanese proverb says, first the man takes the drink, then the drink takes the man. This is quite interesting thinking since it delivers an actual perspective in the human way of life due to the fact that it affects the dynamics of societal and individual life as result of doing certain things in repetitive manner. When people start doing something and that something becomes part and parcel of their given dictionary of life, and they start getting used to it and they cannot remove it for many reasons.

This is not only about drinks and humans, but also, is about some kind of correlation that exist in realities of life which are started in easy way or as game, but they end up affecting and influencing people’s lives and destinies due to the fact such practices become part and parcel of societal or individual lives and they shape the way of life and thinking as result of their consequential impacts which they bring about in life.

Amongst such practices are systems which people design in order to do something or some task which they are assigned to perform. Systems are designed by humans, but, as once the system is designed, afterwards, it is the system that runs and dictate such human way of life than human’s free will since they have already designed something in order to do something.

Society formulates laws, rules and regulations in order to function in normal way. Once such laws and regulations are formulated, it is such laws and regulations that govern society’s way of life than society’s free will and choices since it should respect such laws and rules in order to create balance and norm within its own dynamics.

And people are heard saying, one of the threats United States of America faces is its own democratic system and environment since its enemies are attacking it using its own freedom and democracy it delivers to its own citizens and others too. Once that given democracy is already designed, it is that democracy which rules and governs its citizens though it is created by its own well-wishers citizens as well.

And due to such vastness of its democracy, few people want to manipulate and trick such system and individuals become victims of such kinds of conspiracy theories and sabotages as well. Hence, innocent people’s lives could be lost as result of such manipulations and maneuverings since the system gives too much freedom not only to the good people, but the bad ones as all men are created equal until they are proven out guilty which could take decades even centuries to figure out as well.  They say, America is haven not only for good ones, but also to those wicked ones who hide themselves in such cave.

Most of the things people have in life are first created by humans, once they are created by humans, the next step is seen that human are found obsessed with them in way that they cannot have life without hem as matter of fact that they cannot survive without them. In such process of life, it is not only the man that takes the drink, but the drink later on takes the man in way the drink wants than the man already desires as well.

This is one given aspect of human way of life in which most of the things we have in today are result of such given practice and thinking as result of the fabrication of the human mind, humans are found ruled and governed by them since they affect the human way of life. By virtue of such kinds of fabrications, human are beneficiary since they are useful things as well.

Today is a time where people cannot be void and out of such given vicious circles of life which people are forced to enter as they receive everything from past generations too. We live in the middle of times since we all are here without our consent, but the way nature and life demands and asks us to be. In such process of life, people cannot make any significant changes as they are already dictated by certain things since they are too late to change such things, but they can be changed by the things they are already in too.

Most of the things we have in today starts as game, but they end up being serious things as well. They start as entrainment, but they end up being thoughtful causes that shape human way of life and thinking as well. They start as pastime, but they end up becoming highly paying jobs and businesses as well.

To mention one is soccer whose game was stated as game with humble beginning, but in today, it is one of the causes none is parallel to it since it unifies human race under one common game, it opens incredible job opportunity to millions of people, it is one of the highest paying business and sector in the world, it attracts billions of people in the world, it is no more a game but an industry and much more things can be mentioned.

This is one aspect of the human way of life. Certain things start as game, but they end up being serious matters since they start affect people’s lives. In such case, it is not possible to stop or reverse such kinds of human dramas since they have already entered significant level of being something in this world. Whatever pressure and fierce opposition they face, they grow in direct proportion to the intensity of opposition they face; as they face strong opposition, their growth increases in direct relation and proportions too.


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