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Posted on: 22 Nov 2017

November 22, 2017

Rumi said, those who practice love have neither religion nor caste. Belonging to particular group or class has its own adverse effect on the amount and kind of love people want to reflect in life since group belongings as its own influence on the thinking machinery of individuals. Love has no class or religion since it is universal reality which is endowed with universal virtues and attributes of life. Love is unconditional and has no prejudice and bias in its own city. This is the basis and basic criterion for those people who claim that they love others.

Most people who practice religion claim that they love others, but they love others based on two basic criterions in which the first one is a love that belongs to those people who share similar belief and ideology and they belong to same circle; the second one is a love which is superficial and artificial one in which they show such love to others due to the fact that they do not belong to their given circle and way of life. The same is true in other segments such as politics and other types of groups too.

Love in here is biased and partitioned since it does not fully reflect its full attributes and virtues as it is conditional. They divide and share love according to the person’s ideology and belief system in which the first one is a love that goes according to their given book and system and way of life, but the second one is a confused kind of love as they are not sure whether they should love others or not, but they claim they do.

In all books of religion and religious system, it is written that love others, brothers and your sisters, even your enemies. Practically speaking, loving our enemies is the fundamental challenge this world faces in these very days of such life since we live in a time and world that people are not sure even they love their brothers and sisters, forget about enemies.

Why do people belong to certain group or ideology or belief system? Why do people want to share any given ideology or belief system with others? Is it because they obtain material advantage or social benefits? Is it because they obtain psychological satisfaction or spiritual happiness? What drives people to join any type of group in life? Is it natural need or fabricated one? Is life not possible without joining any group or having any group identity?

It is kind of obvious that people need other people for interaction and communication. Such interaction and communication helps human beings not only to survive in life but also to make life very interesting and pleasing as well. In such connection people create, people would love to belong to particular group or society not only seeking group identity but also to make life enjoyable and tasteful too.

While such theatrical drama of life is going on, people share with others thinking, ideology, belief, emotions, and intellectual realities of life as the join any given particular group so that their life can be meaningful and interesting too. Meaningful life is created by the individual self, not by the group people join since there are groups or classes of people which deliver certain values and meanings in life as there are groups or classes which do no deliver such meaning and taste in life.

Whichever group people join, it is up to the individual who can give any kind of meaning to oneself than the group since everything depends on how the individual understands and interprets realities of life. The group can deliver certain directions and perspectives, but it is up to the individual own will and choice to understand such perspectives in way the group wants or the individual chooses too. This depends on individual’s experience and exposures in life.

When people join certain group, their thinking, emotions, feelings, intellectual and other aspects of such life are automatically compartmentalized since the purpose of joining any given group is the desire and choice of belongingness, and by doing so, people become obedient to the rules and regulations of such group they join, which oblige them to live in way and fashion the group thinking dictate than go by their own.

In such process of life, whatever they claim could work in their given circle, not outside their given group. When they claim that they love others, this could work for those people who particularly belong to their given circle than others since what is practically translated in their given process of life is very different than what they claim too.

Even those groups or systems of life who claim that they unite the entire human race under and within one cause which they fabricate are later on found creating their own island in their own good time and they add another divide between the entire human race by virtue of being organized groups and they function under their own human drama. What is peculiar about such kinds of groups is just their given claim, but their practical translation makes them an addition to the exiting groups and they add the number of existing groups by the number of such kinds of establishments too.

While belonging to particular group, there are two kinds of joys and pains which such groups could enjoy, the first one is joy and pain which is very collective and common since they all share as group and such joy and pain comes to the group which has an automatic impact and effect on every member of the group; the second one is joy and pain which comes to happen as per the context and experience of the individuals which others do not share in common.

Considering the group to way human body functions, a perfect and best group is like the way human body politic operates in which when any given individual within a group suffers or faces pain, the rest members of the group also genuinely share that given suffering as within the human body politic, as the liver suffers, other parts of human organs and systems suffer too.


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