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Superstition—Good and Bad

Posted on: 20 Nov 2017

November 20, 2017

People attribute good on you since they like you; people curse you since they do not like you; this kind of interpretations and understanding of peoples life is common in everyone’s life since one of the becoming characteristics of peoples life is bias. Bias is the inclination or prejudice for or against one person or group, especially in a way considered to be unfair. This is one aspect of life which affects people’s choices and decisions in life.

This does not make anyone to be good or bad, but rather being good or bad is mainly dependent upon everyone, on how one makes choices and decisions in life, to make and do the right choices and things in life. It is not people’s approval that makes you good or it is not people rejection that makes any given person to be bad person. However, it is the individual right and correct way of making right choices and doing right things in life that make any given person to be good or bad.

Accordingly, it is indeed quite interesting to reflect on one certain aspects of life in which people are liked and adored by people when they are likeminded or they have something to share with others otherwise they cannot be liked or welcomed due to the fact that they do not belong to any given circle. This is one of the becoming natures of life in this world in which people in most cases are biased and they do not even try to see things in clear and better way.

This mean that they confuse things in life in which such kinds of perceptions and interpretations of peoples act and thinking could lead to the setting up of wrong standards and understanding in life that do mislead and deceive society and people. While such theater of life is going on, people are somehow inclined with connecting and correlating wrong things and people with wrong thoughts and belief due to the way of life that is already on stage.

In such given process of life, this world is already shaped with superstitious thinking and beliefs that truly tell on how society and life in this world is molded which do have an effect and influence on the perceptions and interpretations people do make in life even If things do naturally happen, they are considered as result of peoples belief and connection the establish with God, even if the case could not have such kinds of connection too.

Last time I went to visit someone who has been ill due to cancer condition. And there were people like me who were there to visit this same person too. And after we paid our visit, we went to café for some kind of socialization. While conversing about this person critical condition of heath, one person commented, this happens to the person since he is away from God. The person commented this it is because the patient had already left the kind of religion they practice and he is going by his own.

What is quite interesting in here was, as the conversation was going further on, these people are heard claiming that someone who is in their given circle, who happens to become wealthy, they attribute such wealth the person possessed since the person is devoted follower the religion which they commonly share and practice. It is quite funny and strange that wealth in most cases is acquired by trade whose informal definition is legal robbery. Such kinds of people measure people’s integrity and closeness with God by the amount of coins they accumulate in the bank account or they have in their pockets too.

It is also quite noteworthy to mention that there are certain people one personally and informally knows, such people are heard building churches and they make huge monetary contribution to the religious system which they practice and follow. These kinds of acts are good in terms of human aspect since this is very human way of interaction and communication with God. But, it is not possible to trick or deceive God since we do not know God.  Does God need such kinds of money in order to promote his cause? Does the religious system have mechanism to verify that any given contribution made by any of their given follower, clean or not?

Such type of interpretations and understanding of life is common characteristics of most people especially the religionist since they attribute good on you since you share similar belief system and ideology and they blame you due to the fact that you are away from them and their given circle of life and you do no not more belong to their given circle. Even those people who are claimed to be close to God—prophets and messengers—did have a life of poverty and they live possessing nothing in terms of material accumulations, but the way other ordinary people are treated and seen is quite to the contrary too.

Such kinds of closeness or farness in terms of peoples belief towards their given God has been commonly understood and shared by most due to the fact that they all have agreed on such kinds of interpretations and understanding of experiences and exposures of life. However, there should be enough reasonable and factual ground to justify such kinds of claims since these kinds of interpretations and understanding of peoples experience of life has been governing in most societies for centuries and ages whereas the truth of such types or aspects of realities of life could be quite different or to the opposite too.

By virtue of doing so, they are destined to live in the city of superstitious belief and thinking since they do not understand that good and bad things visit everyone’s life whether they belong to any given circle or ideology and belief system too. Everyone is destine to pass good and bad since everyone is human and both things visit everyone’s life at any given time with its own conditions and circumstances of life.

Good and bad are very human aspects of life, but the point lies on how people manage and enjoy such things in life as they come to their given life. People are good and bad since they live according to circumstances which they face in life and they are in most cases shaped by the kind of circumstances that they face along with kind of choices they make in life as well.


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