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The Realm of Dictators

Posted on: 18 Nov 2017

37 years of Robert Mugabe’s dictatorial leadership came to an end by military junta though he has ruled Zimbabwe with a hard rule for almost four decades straight, but it took just 10 days for Robert Mugabe to see his invulnerability put to smash. Zimbabwe’s military has put the 93-year-old veteran leader under house arrest and taken control of the capital and its key sites, in what appears to be a coup to end his long rule. His regime came to an end in just few days in since this is the obvious fate of dictators and dictatorial leadership. Same is true for others too.

42 years of brutal leadership, which commenced on September 1, 1969, by revolutionary mindset—a dictator man, former leader of Libya, Muhamar Gaddafi—era has come to an end on October 20, 2011, in a cell. “The Green Revolution”, “The Third Way”, was the motto of such leadership that tried to reconcile contradictions between the two ways in this world, but based on the second way, delivering no perspective, but by itself is confusion at last, which commenced with huge ambition, but end up with desperate spirit in a tiny cell.

Such leadership has its resemblance to that of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, who lived with disturbing and annoying spirit, creating chaos and disappointments to the West and in his native place too, but at later times, he also ended up like those leaders who were like him before his time and the like. This brings to the attention that this world has developed certain pattern in terms of such styles of leadership in which the keenness and sincerity of any given leadership is known by its end than its beginning and its middle.

A furious wave of protest swept Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak, from power on Friday after 30 years of one-man rule, after 18 days of protest, the 2011 revolution in Egypt started with marches, demonstrations and civil resistance on January 25, protesters were inspired by the successful uprising in Tunisia, where demonstrators succeeded in bringing down the government. People came on to the streets demanding the overthrow of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. They complained of poverty, unemployment, corruption and autocratic governance of the president who had ruled the country for 30 years.

Western society has taken the lead in terms of social revolutions many decades ago, and it is commendable that such pattern continues in this world as being a reflection and continuation such processes of life in this world. Arab world continues and the rest follows. It is a wild guess here to presume that Africa is following and taking the next step. The point here is not the revolution or seeking change, but what is going to come next? Is there any ready mindset on the side of the society? Most want and seek change, but they do not have ready mindset on what kind of change or future they are seeking, but what is in mind and they share, they are bored of the existing ones. This has its own danger.

What is interesting here is that the Gap that exists between the public and the government is not even realized while such processes of life are going in its own way. The moment the state realizes there is such a wide gap between society and the state, the state passes away. However, the state presumes that everything is okay and fine since there is seemly peace, fake gestures of understanding and communication between people and state officials. This is the trend of dictatorial leadership in which it creates fear and the psycho of fear in the minds of the public, and the public remains passive in many of the functions and operations of the government.

Given this set up of power, a dictator who wants to remain at the top of the heap doesn’t work on behalf of the larger population, but for the benefit of the handful of people—historically he depends on for maintaining control. The bad behavior and thinking of dictators is not an inherent infection or disease of the people, or the bad luck of having psychopathic leaders, but rather it is the natural and political structure of those behaviors while dwelling in such kinds of political structures since this kind of political structure induces such kids of thinking and behavior too.

In such given form and way of life, the space that exist between such given leadership and society at large is accommodated by silence and such silence could outburst in and at no time like any given time bomb. Why do society fear leaders as far as leaders exist in hearts and minds of society in health manner? Why are individuals asked to be afraid of leadership or leaders in world they can be respected more if they approach individual citizens in state of servitude than in state of oppressor?

Such social dynamics lives in utter confusions and frustration. Leaders and leadership should be felt as to their given existence and presence, not only when they legislate on something, they give speeches and pay visit to something or somewhere, but they should live as good friends, lovers and brothers, well-wishers and well thinkers of everyone in the hearts of every household and home otherwise they must be something else. Society should love and respect leaders due to the fact they are affectionate towards their given society, not it is because they give bullets, threats, oppression. When such respect and honor is lost, such society lives in oppression and it lives in state of anesthesia. And this is one of the natural and becoming characterizes of the dictatorial ways of life and this world at large.

Society has to think about next generation and future of its fate than the current since future is an evolutionary process in which present is result of past evolutionary stages and processes of life. In this case, it is wise to be considerate of future than present time which cannot be productive unless few selfish people are the ones who take the benefit. Time is one factor; will is another factor. In fact, when leaders become dictators and are the type of people who claim that do not tell us what to do, then, time will tell their fate since such leadership is outdated and is not useful, and time will remove such leadership since it is not worthwhile.

Bearing such aspects of life in mind, when a given leadership tries to remove those people whom it think as threat or as dangerous, in intriguing way, it narrows and tightens the size of its leadership to small circle in behind, which could lead to destruction of itself at the end. Such types of society have two leaders; the first one is what is put on the front page, which is fake. The other is what is put on behind, which is the real leadership. Such type of leadership style is dangerous, since everything is put on behind; it lacks transparency, trust, faith, courage, honesty and integrity. Such given leadership has to reborn or perish in value.

Whatever form and type of leadership any given society has, dictators are dictators. They have similar fate since it is not even possible to reverse certain things here on the earth; as it is not thinkable to change or remove the directions of the sun, the moon and stars as well. What is possible in here is to partaking one’s share from the heat and light the sun provides, which depends on capacities and capabilities. It is not even possible to replace the amount of light and heat the sun provides too. The point with dictators is that they try to become humble and friendly at the end of their regime after they ruined many things in whose time is very late to change things and at last, they die disgracefully and they get removed without honor and this is the price which they pay for what they have done in their own good times. None learns from the other.




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