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Two and Three Words

Posted on: 13 Nov 2017

November 13, 2017

Out of the 70,000 thinking every human being does make in every day, there are two thoughts that change the course of human life, and these are love and hate. Out of the 70,000 words everyone could speak or utter in every single day, there are three words that matter in life, and these are, I love you and I hate you.

And people think from silly matters to complex and sophisticated matters in every day as they converse the trivial subject matter that have no impact on their given life up to the most complex issues and matters that could ably solve their and other peoples problems and challenges. These are the obvious matters and aspect of human way of life.

In such best and worst scenarios of life, it is always important and useful to dwell in the middle way since both extremities have their own consequences in which to keep the balance and go with the modest is safe and better for many reasons. To be in the middle way helps anyone and everyone to see things in far better than dwell with spontaneous emotions of both extremities that do not benefit the carriers of such aspects of life.

One is sometimes pondering on why people go to the extremities of such life since both love and hate relationships exist between and within individuals, societies and communities due to the fact that they are the ones that govern human relationship’s in every aspect of life. Extreme love for oneself does lead to such kinds of relationships as the extreme hate too.

Why do people love others? People love people since they have some kind of affectionate and interests towards others. People love people out of attraction and such attraction could be emotional and reasonable since love can be made, in one aspect, out of spontaneous emotions and, in another aspect, out of the use of the power of rational and reasons too. One loves the other since one is recommended by the people whom one gives respect or one loves the other since one has practically experienced something good on others too.

Why do people hate others? People hate people since they have something displeasing and disinteresting things on others. The same is true in hate relationship, one kind of hate is out of ignorance as they say, do not judge the book by its cover or title, the other aspect of hate is that one has practically experienced something bad in such life.

Both are dual aspects of human way of life.  To love is to be in positive as far as it is supported with reasonable rational since there is also ignorant type of love which is to be on the negative since it has no substance and ground; the same is true on the hate relationship due to the fact that people should hate something bad as far as is not done based on bias and prejudice too.

What is quite interesting and funny in here is that people promote ideology and they become fun of that given ideology or people become fun of soccer club, but such people love with each other since they are supporters of one group, without realizing that such people could kill each other as matter of fact that they interact and communicate with each other while belonging to similar group, due to the fact they could have characters and thinking that could not put them in similar circle or group as they personally intermingle with each other.

To the contrary, they hate others since others do not belong to their given circle and group, but such people could be love relationship as they personally interact and communicate with each other, and what makes them in hate relationship is being fun of or promoter of any given ideology or group. This is quite interesting relationship which people can find as being supporters since they are in love and hate relationship as matter of the fact that they belong to any given circle, not they find out something personal.

Hence, the love and hate kind of relationship in such kinds of circles of life is quite interesting since people are not in love and hate relationship due to the fact they have personally interacted and communicated, but they have put something before everything as standard of measuring other people love and hate relationship, which needs quite contemplation due to the fact that one should love others not in terms of ideological or other touchstones, but, one should know others distinctly without confusing ideological agendas.

Quite interestingly, religious people are good examples in here in which they love people since they belong to their own circle, but they superficially or artificially love others since they are told by the book to do so, though, not artificial, in order to maintain instructions of the book, they give you fake smiles. Love has no group or ideology, meaning, it is unconditional and it does not share any boundary and limit.



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