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New-fangled Territory

Posted on: 8 Nov 2017

November 8, 2017

Why do few people would like to enter new and different valley of thinking in their own fashion and style? Why do people choose a different way of life and thinking than what the norm dictate? Why do few people go against the direction where the wind blows? Why do few people want to create their own new and different thinking territory?

A person enters new territory of thinking since the existing systems of life have no adequate answers and perceptions to the quest the person have and there is also a natural urge and quest to any given person that make any govern person to make changes in way of life and thinking. As result of such human urges, any given person enters into new and different way of life and thinking at any given point of life. This is very obvious and natural.

When a person walks into new thinking realm of one’s own, this is no easy path since creating one’s own territory and kingdom in one’s own way is one of the formidable tasks one can perform in life, which cannot be obtained by following what others say or imitating other people thinking and way of life due to the fact that such way of inventing new and different way of life requires passion, detachment, courage, confidence, faith, hope and determination in one’s own way.

There were group of birds who fly together at same height and speed every day. One day one of them wanted to fly at higher distance and with better speed. And he consulted the rests about his need. And he asked them, can we make a little bit faster and higher than the way we are now since we need to grow high?

All of them rejected his claim and warned him, in fact they told him that if he goes up he will die and there is no life at all. All of them said, what do you lose while belong in such circle, you have everything you need, and there is no need to go up higher since we give you everything you need.

Being dissatisfied with the answer, the bird made a try and did reach where he wanted to be. There he met another group of birds like him, better in capacity than those who were before, but share same experience and need. And he found out better place with better capacity and in fact he found out a place with space and with better facility than what was not there in the previous group.

And at that same height and level, after getting use to the environment, this particular bird had again acquired another thirst to fly with better speed and higher height; and he asked them to fly a little bit higher with better speed; again all of them here rejected, they told him you have reached the highest level and there is no space left above. What do you need after this?

Again this particular bird was not satisfied, and flew to upper level, and he entered new city in which in here he found out another group of birds and he is getting more satisfied than before since they have same level of thirst and need.

This is just simply to correlate the trend we have in our world especially in realms related to God and their given circles, all those group of individuals who think that they have the absolute path to GOD, they tell you one thing—they have the way or path and salvation and the like. All of them claim that they have the true and correct path to God, and any path which does not belong to them is wrong and false.

Courage and Detachment plays a significant and key role while residing in such city. To govern a new territory in the thinking realm, which is practical and acceptable by others is no easy. One should be able to have certain amount of bravery in order to achieve something in one’s own way.

It needs the courage of accepting of bombardment of harassment from others and one should consistently follow one’s own chosen Path especially when one is living in socially cultured society. However, one can live with putting margins since one cannot live without others as well, but one can integrate one’s thinking and way of life thru integrating with others, just putting limits and boundaries that cannot lead to conflict and contradictions as well.

It requires detachment from the existing systems of belief or thinking one used to belong. A person enters new and different valley of thinking since the existing ones are not satisfying to the quest a person has and they are not something that can quench thirst the person has. In this day, it is good to respect what other people think, but, it is also better to have one’s own belief and thinking since one governs mysteries and secrets of life as one has one’s own thinking and way of life as well.


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