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Revolt and Its Causes

Posted on: 1 Nov 2017

November 1, 2017

Why do people protest against the government under leadership? Why do the public express its grief and sorrow to the authorities in power in bitter way?  Why do the mass participate in revolt against the leadership in charge? Why do most like to go in revolution or revolutionary activities of such life? Why do people in general seek change?

When the public at large faces hardship and difficulties in its daily undertakings and operations, it is obvious that the public express its disappointments and dissatisfaction in life in many different ways and manners. Such expressions vary from society to society, from one system of life to another system of life, depending on how society interacts and communicates with its respective leaders.

As any given society interacts an communicate with its leaders in democratic way of life, it does express such feelings and emotions under methods and applications the system has already installed such as public demonstrations, strikes and other methods which the rule of law has set since such way of removing anger and frustrations are permitted and acceptable by the system.

To the contrary, when any give society interacts and communicates with its leaders in undemocratic manner, but rather, in dictatorial way of life, society expresses its dissatisfaction and disappointments in way far different from those that live in democratic system since the nature and character of undemocratic system does not allow public demonstrations and strikes and the public at large manifests its anger in its own fashion style.

For such kinds of oppressed and depressed societies, the first and major participant of such human dramas is the power of silence. Silence is powerful expression of disappointment and dissatisfaction. In such power of silence, anger and frustrations are hidden. In such city of silence, confusion and disappointments are concealed. In such towns of silence, injustice and arrogance are the ones that build the house of the public. In such river of silence, unfair leaders and unjust leadership are flowing.

While such human theater of oppression and depression is going on, one wonders as to how such kinds of public governance is operating in connection with the public at large since most people live under depression and oppression and such style of life do lead to the way of life to be boredom and depressing too. In such way of life, the entire system is confused and it delivers frustrations to the public at large and people do feel and think that they are not treated well and they do not feel secure in life.

In such process of life, silence has a limit; it starts to explode time by time. In such society, time bomb can happen at any time. And then society shows its disappointments and dissatisfactions by revolting against its leadership in different parts and ways since there is a limit for everything. In such undertaking, the way leaders understand such given disappointment is totally different from how society manifests its frustration. In such gap of misunderstandings, such explosion is not treated and managed very well; such leaders and leaderships are removed from their offices as history and other societies experience do practically tell.

The first reason why society enters such valley of such explosion is leaders ignore and undermine what the public demand—rights, freedom, justice; the second reason is quite economical, the question of economy, since the quality of life is getting lost and peoples power of obtaining money becomes limited and low; the third reason is public gets bored due to the fact that same leadership stays in power for decades, the demand or need for change; the fourth reason is that the mass is also easily tricked and manipulated by other forces who seek to take advantage and they want to take power by overthrowing leadership due to their manipulative capacity, they use the gap already created by the society and its leaders, which could be fixed by leaders. And many other reasons could be stated.

What is quite scary in here is that what is to come next—better or worse—since historically, most spontaneous movements and revolutions have yielded for worse except for few since any spontaneous movement lacks the power and time of reasoning and it could get lost since this is what has been observed and happened in many societies. History could repeat itself if such symptoms are not treated nicely and remedied very well.

A society that cannot solve its problems and challenges by its own under or by whatever system of leadership will be breaking into pieces and will be in chaos as such public disappointments and dissatisfaction reach to higher level. This tells something since such society has very much problem solving capacity and skill, be it leaders or others since they are more of ego oriented than public or future oriented. Wise leaders do not consider fewness of numbers die in such public demonstrations, but they should consider the idea or group behind such numbers which could be worse as the public keeps on expressing its bitter feelings in far worse than now.




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