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The Usual and Unusual

Posted on: 30 Oct 2017

October 30, 2017

Researches indicate that every human being thinks between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day, and this means that everyone thinks between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute per person. This is an indication that everyone thinks diametrically opposite things such as love and hate, war and peace and the like. In such thinking world, people think from trivial matters up to most relevant and important matters in life. What could vary is the types of things which people entertain since they have personal matters as well.

In such thinking realm of a single person, one is not surprised in here to write something on one thing today and another thing in tomorrow due to the fact that every human being thinks quite opposite and contradictory things, not within 24 hours, but within every hour and minute as well. In every second a person also thinks something whose cumulative effect brings it up to minute. In such process of life, as thinking is very much busy, people enter valley of imagination which is one of the powerful tool to thinking. The city of thinking is built up on the rocks of the power of imagination.

Imagination is the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses, the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful. And there is no idea that cannot be translated into action, unless and otherwise, such idea lacks clarity or the way the idea is translated into action is implemented by wrong strategy or method of application. Otherwise every idea has every right to be translated into action.

Hence, imagination plays significant role in developing and creating new ideas. Not every imagination brings new idea as some unusual or extra ordinary imaginative ideas are not bizarre or lifeless thought. Historically, many ideas were brought to the world and few ideas are still winning and governing the world. Thus, there can be many good reasons for such given case, it is not possible to say that those idea that are existing ad governing are the only ones that should govern the world since there are also other profound ideas that are ignored and removed, but they do contribute something to the ever advancing and continuing world too.

Ideas are developed by the power of imagination. And the power of imagination vary from person to person based on the context of subject matter and how any given person is related and connected to the subject matter as well. People vary on what they feel and imagine and how they outwardly manifest and reflect on such feelings and imagination since the power of expression is something that add certain perspective and perceptions for life. In such city of expression, the power of imagination is a powerful tool that gives life to what people feel and imagine.

When someone writes poetry, a person is expressing one’s own deep thinking, imagination, feelings and emotions one have for the subject matter on what one writes for and hence one given person sees and understands things in different manner than the other person. This makes any given art work quite fascinating since different people have different perspectives and views on similar subject matter.

Accordingly, there are broadly two categories of people who write poetry; the first ones are those who write like those people take photographs of whatever things they take on the picture in which they write the obvious and what people already know, but what is peculiar in here is that they just write it and it is their own expression.

The second ones are those people who write their own imagination, feeling and thinking about any given subject matter and it is not obvious, but their deep feeling, thinking and imagination in their own accent and style. Such kinds of people have something to deliver to the public and the world at large since they see things in far deeper sense and it is not something ordinary and usual since they understand things differently. They see things far beyond the ordinary.

For instance, when people express their love and affections towards other people, the usual and ordinary expressions are, love is blind, I love you more than I can say, and other related wordings are common and everyone shares such statements on love since they already become public property and everyone passes by knows them very well. I love you with my heart, I love you with my soul, and so one are the obvious love poems which many people share too.

When people share feelings and emotions in relation to love in and as people heard verses in songs such as, loving you is wrong, I do not want be right; when a man loves a women, he gives his back to his friends; are kind of verses that show higher level of reflection of the character and nature of love in the human affairs in which such verses tell more realistic and practical realities than the first ones since the first ones are more general and just imaginary; but the second ones are very specific and realistic expressions since they dwell in people’s lives and interactions as well.

Hence, people are encircled with two kinds of feelings and imaginations in which the first ones are the usual ones, but the second ones are unusual and they are peculiar to the context and understanding and experience of the individual, which vary from person to person. In such process of life, there are three broad groups of individuals, which are borne. These people are grouped since they share similar or closely related, feelings and imaginations.

The first ones are those people, who express and share their feelings and imaginations,  in way like, I love you more than I can say, and most people share their given expressions and imaginations, and what they express becomes public property and it becomes in their given daily activities of life. The second ones are those people who share such feelings and imaginations and the do not have their own feelings and imagination, but the just simply share since they share such given feelings and imaginations.

The third ones are those people who express their imaginations and feelings far beyond the ordinary and they are peculiar and different ones than the former two since such kinds of people have a very unusual feelings and imagination which cannot be shared by others since such people have their own things and they have their own way of expressing things in their given life. Thus, they have different feelings and way of expressing feelings and imaginations and they have something to deliver.

This is like, two people going on the side of the lake or beach, feel something about nature and related aspect of such life; one person could say, wow, and the other person could feel something, but say nothing. In such valley expression of feelings, people also vary depending on their power of expressions in connection with their given power of imagination. People vary not only on what they feel but also on how they express what they feel in terms of words or any other artistic expression and demonstrations as well.

Feelings which are combined with imagination do result on the deliberation of prolific insight and thoughtful perceptions. Imagination is integrated with feelings; it delivers useful perspectives and understanding in life. Both imaginations and feelings are important and useful since both add certain flavor and color in life and they deliver the usual and unusual feelings and expressions of life, that add another dimension for life.




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