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Philosophy of Human Nature

Posted on: 18 Oct 2017

October 18, 2017

Human nature refers to the distinguishing characteristics—including ways of thinking, feeling, and acting—which humans tend to have naturally.  This characteristics should be viewed from the point view of the individual versus the environment in which how any given individual behaves with the surrounding environment does indicate to what the nature of human reality should tell.

Human reality has three distinct features in terms of state of being such as the feeling and state of being happy, state of being sad, and the other one is neither of the two in which one lives muting everything in this world. In such muting world, there is nothing different matter that visits one’s life in which the regular routine activities are going in ordinary way and manner.

These states of beings are indicators to the nature of human reality in which there are conditions that make everyone happy as there are also other circumstances that challenge people’s life which do put everyone in state of being sad. As such process of life, it is good idea to see how the individual behave towards oneself, with other fellow individual, with the other group of people, with systems of life, such as society, and institutions as well.

Here, it is not possible to expect a single individual has similar thinking, feeling and characters in interacting and communicating with all kinds of object of communication in similar way and manner since it is not the personality of the individual that matters but also those factors and dynamics that exist in the object of interaction and communications as well.

For example, any given individual does think that one can do anything in way one feels and wants, in which exercising freewill and freedom to the extreme is what one thinks and feels, but such feeling and thinking cannot be exercised in way any given individual wants and likes since it is the freedom and freewill of other people should be taken into consideration while interacting with other people, system of life and institution as well. Hence, this given individual does make certain adjustment while interacting with others even if what one thinks and feels is important to oneself, others point of interest should also be respected and accommodated.

In this process, what one thinks for oneself and how one interacts with other people will be different due to the fact that conflict of interest is an issue in here. And contradiction becomes one reality that manifests in every given individual life since what people think and feel to one-self and what they manifest on the objective world is different. But such contradiction does bot manifest in way conflict is the becoming nature of every human reality, but it is reflected by managing every given individual interest against others since there are also similarities and harmonies that every given individual shares with other objects of interactions and communications too.

In fact, what any given individual thinks to oneself do vary as per the objects of interaction and communications such as what one feels and thinks at work place, café, theater or movie places, groceries or bars, worship places, shopping spots, one’s home, reading books, watching movies, lake sides, and the like as per the context of such objects of interaction. In such case, this individual has different forms of thinking since it is the nature of such object that do influence on what and how that given individual thinks and feels.

Exposures and experiences of life are the cumulative effects of those objects of interactions and communication in every given individual vary with the other based on the amount of time and energy an individual spends in such objects of interaction and communications too. No two individuals can have similar amount of time and energy while spending with such objects of communications as well.

Such interaction and communication of process of realities of life do mold any given individual to take and have certain form and shape in terms of defining one’s reality since it is these objects of communications and interactions that define the actual reality of the individual than any other things since they are the ones that do shape such given human reality. Hence, the individual looks more of contradictory in one’s interaction and communication while exposing oneself to the object of interactions too.

Contradiction is reality that manifests in every given individual way of life and it is one form of life that is reflected in every given individual way of life since what one thinks, feels and behaves to oneself and with other objects of communications and interactions become different. Contradiction is a process of life which every human reality is facing and working on to live, but, thru the reconciliation process and way of life every individual employs in activation process of everyday life, people define who they are and solve their challenges in their life too.



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