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Posted on: 3 Oct 2017

October 3, 2017

In every day of everyone’s routine life, people are governed and ruled by different myths and principles of life in their given daily activities. These could vary from person to person, society to society, but the general overview and undertaking are similar and universal. They share similar natures and characteristics due to their given natural resemblance and they commonly influence and manipulate humanity in many different ways.

In such human activity and life, people daily govern who they are and they search for something new and different aspect and matter so that their given life could look better and greater. When they live similar life style for years, they do not change, and they could get bored and they should look for something better and greater. In this case, they enter the valley of search for meaning and better way of life.

While such theatrical drama of life is going on, people are somehow driven by the will to live and such will to live has an impact on how they think and what they think, what they should look for in life and how they should look for since such way of thinking has an impact on finding better and greater meaning for life. Otherwise, existence by itself will be meaningless and useless. In such drama of life, people are always intrigued with principles, myths, beliefs, thinking, emotions and other human elements of life.

For instance, any given person who has a professional work to do in any given organization do have different features of personality. The first one is the work one is doing; the second one is the belief or ideology one follows and practices; the other is the one’s professional life and thinking, in certain cases, when one’s professional work is quite different from the work one is performing, the rules and regulations and principle of the work place; one’ own personal identity and individuality which is quite different from one with the other; and other related aspects of the individual too.

In such process of life, there are circumstances that can put people to be on contradiction and be on fight due to contradictory principles, beliefs and traditions which they practice in life, but the work rules and regulations make everyone to behave in certain way and manner even if how much they vary in principles and beliefs too. This is one of the mysterious and fascinating aspect of the human way of life in which it is the power and mystery of work that make everyone to be under similar pipeline otherwise people cannot work and get earning so that they cannot pay any given bill they have to.

Work is beyond and above worship since it connects people of varied backgrounds such as experiences and exposures in life for similar purpose and intent. Work is mysterious reality that creates some kind of bond between people of different backgrounds and experiences of life. Work is a reality that creates purpose and meaning for life. Work is enigmatic force that delivers energy to survival and life on the earth. Work has no specific group or class such as religious belief or political ideology, race or ethnicity, sex and age, rich or poor, which everyone on the earth should perform in life. Work is an enigma of life on the earth.

This should make everyone to make search for meaning of life and one’s reality since as one person interacts with the other who has different belief, ideology, principles and myths of life, one should ponder on the mystery of the cause that make people to work under similar organization so that one’s life can go in smooth way, since one’s ideology and belief are helpful for such work place, the matter and aspect that make them work in similar company and organization is way far from what people dictate and claim.

While people work in any given organization, having varied backgrounds in terms of belief and ideology, they try to show and reflect that their given ideology or belief is better than others in terms of thinking, character and behavior and the like so that they could represent and show that their given belief or ideology is perfect or better than others. For such kinds of people, these kinds of places are hunting places to trap others in putting them to their own given ideology. Such kinds of places are also good places to learn and know other people ideology and belief so that one governs something in life and one search for better meaning in life.

In work places, there is one mysterious and intellectual reality that makes and ensures that the work is properly done. This is called the system. System has no religion or ideology, since it belongs to the nature and character of the work that should be done. System has no political belief and ideology since it is naturally related to the task should be performed. But, system can be manipulated in human way, by assigning certain people with certain belief and ideology in places where people would like to assign too.

While system, professional life, ideology or belief, rules and regulations of work place and personality of individuals are well integrated and combined, success is rest assured; whereas such combinations and integrations are not well coordinated and organized, life in organizations is unhealthy and unsafe. Work is done under the instrumentality of system; without system, there is no work; without system, work is haphazard and confused. In this case, the human factor should trust the system and the human factor should be trustworthy of the system than manipulate it in way things could go wrong.

And what connects the individual self, the single person, with the collective self, the organization, is work under guidance of the system. Here the individual self is interacting and communicating with what they call the collective self and in such interaction and communication of life, people find out who they are even if they interact with other people who do not share similar ideology and belief, and in such process of interaction and communication, people govern something in life. In here, what people should do find out?

  • Their belief and ideology is not center of everything
  • They are part and parcel of something, a cause
  • There is something greater and better than their claims, the mystery of work
  • Work connects and unites people better than their claims
  • Work has mystery and power far beyond their given claims dictate
  • There are other people who think differently, in cases, better than theirs
  • They are not even special ones

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