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Culture—Placid or Explosive

Posted on: 13 Sep 2017

September 13, 2017

What is culture? Why do we need culture? How is culture formulated? Who is the author of any given culture, society or few elites or life?  Is culture something related to food, language, clothing style, musical matters, or it has something mysterious beyond such interaction that are humanly translated into objective world, such as God or other mysterious phenomenon? Is culture something related to God and related aspect, which culture is correct and mysteriously linked to God? How is such connection expressed and reflected?

Every nation and society has its own culture. And there is no society formulated and made up out of any given culture. And every accountable culture creates accountable citizens and society. Every responsible culture molds responsible society and citizens too. In every culture, there exists a good and bad practice, which is still relative and contextual. What is good and useful in one culture could be found bad and harmful to the other.

Accordingly, every society establishes its own culture based on existing interaction and communications of its human elements besides it copies and pastes from other people and society which are outside within its own domain since there is a tendency in this world that there are certain similarities in this given aspect in which one given society shares same thing with the other too though there are also practices that could be found way contrary and opposite from one to the other too.

Culture is basically socially transmitted language in terms of thinking and behavior in which it has its own influence on any given social dynamics in terms of keeping the balance of emotions as per any given individual and communal terms as well. It delivers certain deliberation in creating the balance of society since it creates common field of interaction and communication to the people who belong in particular society.

Culture is important and useful for the following reasons:

  • It creates some kind of norm among the members of society
  • It keeps the balance of life within that given domain
  • It maintains order and stability within any given social dynamics
  • It creates some kind of social identity to the members
  • It delivers sense of security in life
  • It creates sense of belongingness to citizens
  • It gives certain perspective and guidance for life
  • It unites people who share similar emotions, feelings, thinking and belief too

Culture could be harmful and dangerous for the following reasons:

  • It could be manipulated by few people for personal advantages
  • It could be used for tricky purposes and intentions
  • It is cause of confusion and frustration as things change thru time
  • It does not allow people to think ahead or outside the box even if it is true
  • It does not allow individuals to exercise their free will in their own way
  • It is not checked thru time and is not even ready to be checked and corrected
  • It is highly exclusive, and change resistant
  • It divides people who do not share similar thinking and feelings
  • It causes feeling and thinking of estrangement between people who do not belong to same culture

Culture has both positive and negative aspects since it unites people in one given domain who are related to that given domain, it also puts boundary and margin that separates people who belong to different culture since they do not even share similar culture too. In such case, any given culture serves two purposes; the first one is that it unites people who share similarity in this regard, but it in another aspects creates boundary and separation with people who do not share similarities in such given aspect of the human way of life.

Few societies live with backward mentality and cultural mindset and most part of its society is not in position to realize that its culture is destroying and killing it in every day, due to the fact that it gets used to it like that given person who takes a shower with cold water, in which it is the first touch of the cold water to the body that makes the body to shrink, but as more cold water is poured into it, the body could think that it is warm water due to the fact that it gets used to it and could start dancing and singing while taking such shower as more cold water goes into it. This is to relate that few practices are wrong and harmful, but, as people get used to them in every day life, they think that they are correct and right even if they are wrong.

Such kinds of societies could lead a life that can be resembled with point of awareness or not, and life in such kinds of societies has different features in which knowledge in such kinds of societies is misfortune and scary, but ignorance is fortune. Life in these kinds of societies could be resembled in way that there is huge city which is wired with explosives, in which life in such city sounds normal to everyone, and those who go to church go to church, play soccer do as usual, those who sing and dance, do it same, and everyone is doing things in regular way, but they have no clue that the whole city is wired with such explosives.

But, those who are aware that such explosives exist and they surround everything and everyone in the city, they keep quiet and they are silent since they are scared and they cannot even remove due to the fact they have no expertise and they are also afraid of it; even if they talk to other people who belong to that given city, others consider them as abnormal, or mad, psychopath or sociopath and the like.

As such theatrical way of life is going on, people vary on the point of awareness in which those who are still on their slumber do sing, dance, play, pray, worship, work and the like and they perform their regular daily activities as if there is nothing bad going on, but those who are aware of such sheet human dramas are underway, they prefer to be by their own and they prefer to have their own life and, life, for such people, has no meaning except such wired explosives are removed from the human way of life on the earth.


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