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Integration and Disintegration

Posted on: 8 Sep 2017

September 8, 2017

We live in an age where scientific sophistication has reached to its climax, compared to past.  These sophistication have helped human beings to solve many of the complications we have in our world, and assisted the world of humanity to ascend to a better world than before.  Needless to mention the beneficiary of these discoveries, which are quite few groups and classes, where the majority of the world population may not be the real user of the scientific products that science has provided, for they are struggling to survive, not to make the stomach empty, it is something that should be appreciated and welcomed with hearts and minds.

In a very fact, we live in such paradoxical world, whose events are unpredictable and unexpected.  Even though it is very hard to give prediction as to how this world will look like after one year or more, the current trend of its journey may basically tell us two things.  One is progress, and the other is complication. Such complication is manifested by the way more crimes are committed since as society advance to better and greater, complexity of crimes also do change due to the fact that crimes are committed in secrecy and such secrecy is done in more organized and complex  way and manner.

Crime here could be considered as a very legitimate act and becomes a way of life to those people who perform such human drama as the regular and legitimate ways and systems of life have their own places and offices, policies, rules, regulations and procedures, such complex crimes are performed in a way the legitimate functions works out. Here, crimes have offices, responsible parties, time frame, policies, rules and the like. These two processes are underway and one lives destroying the other.

When crime is performed in organized manner, such given society is living with confusion, fear, insecurity and arrogance since in every days of its life, people see and hear about crimes. Such given act and thinking induce fear and frustration to the way society functions and it paralyzes its progress, well-being and prosperity too.  As crimes get more organized, the get power and they could influence those legitimate offices and people, in both positive and negative ways since they start influencing others by the way they function and do things. In this case, they could destroy legitimate offices and people too.

As such theatrical human drama is going on, people should re-think further as to how they make their own decisions and choices in their given life since both activities are performed by humans. It is just matter of choosing what is good or bad since people sacrifice their lives as they make good or bad choices, but what matters is what is good to one segment of society is considered as bad by the other, and people live quite in a time that they get confused to sort out which is good and right. Here, society should make a pause and reflect to create more responsible and accountable citizens within its own social dynamics.

Law abiding citizens are important and useful elements of human society that can help to create safe society since such citizens are conscious of everything and anything within that given social dynamics and they think and feel that they are responsible and accountable to the society which they respectively belong and they do not leave everything to the state or institutions as a matter of fact that any single danger affects them too. Hence, they do not only think, but they act according to the rule of law.

In such case, society becomes conscious of more of into morality, what is good and bad to it since it is not possible to bring any wrong act to the court, but rather, society devises its own way of doing justice in its own fashion as there is a kind of norm within its own dynamics, though such norm created by the society is not even checked out.  In this case, society acts and reacts to any wrong doing than keep silent.

When there are less law abiding society, silence is one of the reflection and the actors of such human drama which could be tantamount to cooperating or making any given wrong doing. Keeping silent or observing bad human dramas like movie and theater are equal to committing that given crime since this is not how crimes should be stopped, but it is one of the ways of manifestation of existence more people who are less law abiding citizens too.

In this case, most people are forced to express their disappointment and dissatisfaction to the existing system or ways of life be it political or religious, they keep silent or passive, but they do not even realize that such being silent while observing crimes are committed everywhere and their given dissatisfactions are confused and combined, with those wrong act that could even destroy their given lives. Here, it is good to make a pause and draw a line between any wrong act and dissatisfaction since both are very separate and different things that should not be integrated and confused.

Most people confuse personal emotions and feelings against social accountability and responsibility and reality since they are humans. Any wrong doing is wrong, whether the person who commits such wrong is our dearly loved ones or any given respected personage or not. Personality or our affection to such people cannot and does not alter the natural characteristics of any given thinking and reality. For example, murder is crime whether it is committed by big people or any lay men. Such given act cannot have any other meaning and deliberation since it is committed by big people too.

Crimes are basically committed out the human nature, which is the human need. But, these needs enter wrong homes and personalities, they have bad images and characters and they are reflected in wrong manner. As the human needs enter good homes and personalities, it is entertained in healthy and safe manner too. When people become demanding and such demand exceeds their capacity and money attracting power in regular way, people enter the city of crimes so as to obtain easy cash and fulfill needs in easy manner, which is very obvious.

Why do people commit organized crimes in more professional way?

  • Due to egoistic and ambitious personal identity—Ambitious & Egoist identity
  • Seeking some kind of recognition and acceptance—Recognition
  • Achieve personal interests and benefits such as money —Material benefits
  • The desire to take power and authority on others—Seeking Power
  • The desire to be feared and respected—Seeking more space
  • Express disappointment towards existing systems of life—Hatred

May all be protected from living in such city!!




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