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Gap—Truth vs Justice

Posted on: 28 Aug 2017

August 28, 2017

They say, in theory, everyone is under the law; but in practice, all animals are equal, but few animals are more equal. In every society, there are the so called, the elite, who want and like to be respected, but gamble and play on such rule of law, since the judiciary system is weak, and very easy to be manipulated. In such case, such kinds of societies are under danger and the system of life is paralyzed since the justice system is not healthy and it is malfunctioned.

Where there is society, there is law. What matters is the type of law society formulate and its practical and fair translation within the affairs and human activities of life. In this, one society varies from the other by the kind of justice system it installs since integrity, commitment and determination, fairness, honesty, courage, detachment and other ingredients of life are not only important but also essential and people and society do have efficient justice system based on the fulfillment of such elements of life.

While such undertaking is going on, one wonders as to the paradox and contradiction that exist between actors of such human drama in which there are basically two diametrically opposite and contradictory needs and interests that such actors of human drama activate and play though both of that have similar studies and field of interests, and the objective of their given study is same, they reflect different and varied interest in practical translation of what they have been studied for years due to the fact that money or other personal benefits and advantages have greater place and position in their given life.

The first ones are those actors of human drama in such field who open and run their own private law firm or they are employed in such firm. These people main agenda and motive is not to know their client hand is innocent or criminal, but they mainly focus on how they do make money, by playing their own game, helping out and making their client innocent, so that they can obtain sum amount of money they should obtain from their client. Even if they know that the client is criminal, they want to help since the main motive is not their client’s innocence, but the amount of money they receive.

These people are selling out their profession for money than any other thing since the main agenda is not the quality of the case, but the amount of money they make. Such trend is heading in way that the cline should pay money based on the amount of money one can afford as they say in popular joke, a man walks into a lawyer’s office and inquires about the rates. “Fifty dollars for three questions, “replies the lawyer. “Isn’t that awfully steep?” asks the man. “Yes,” the lawyer replies, “and what’s your third question?”

The second ones are those actors of human drama who are employed in the government or any other institutions. These people are after the government or institution which they work for and they promote political or institutional agenda. If the government or institution does not like someone due to the fact that that someone has big nose, the main duty of such people is to put this person into the judiciary system even if the person does not commit any crime, they cooperate these kinds of sheet dram so that they make their survival being parrot to the system which they respectively belong.

In both scenarios of such life, sheet is going since both practioners are not after the truth, but after something. They have something before the truth. Justice is all about the truth. If there is no truth, there is no justice. In such process of life, such people should think three times before they make themselves as professionals since they are far away from the point they should reach, which is the point of truth. And it is simple to guess that what kind of people they are and they create and the type of circles which they belong since it is sheet circle.

While such theater is performed on stage, it is possible to tell the dynamics and look of such societies since the truth is not the agenda, but, it is just part time thing and matter. In such life, it is not rule of law that governs society, but, it is few individuals’ mentality, choices and decisions, trick and manipulation which drive and shape society. In places and societies where individuals are given much respect and honor than the law itself, life is no easy matter.

When the fate of the rule of law is under few people wish and desire, such life is in danger. It is not possible to have systematized and organized life, but rather, the life and density of such societies is under the grace of chance. Many unpredictable things can happen in one single day that changes the course of life from left to right.  Life is full of nightmares. It is not what people plan that matter, but the way such plans are performed since peoples plan are mostly affected by external factors due to the fact that surprising things do visit society’s life in daily manner.

While justice system is mainly affected by individuals’ manipulation and tricks, such society has a life that make many people to think that even if they commit a crime, as far as they have good lawyer, they are innocent before the law though they are not before the truth.  When justice is in divorce with truth, life loses meaning and chaos come into place. In such look, society invites confusion and ambiguity that make it to have an amorphous shape in its undertaking.

Such misperceptions and mistranslations that come as result of such practioners make life to be quite puzzling and perplexing since anyone can be a victim of any given sabotage and conspiracy or anything can happen to anyone at any given time that make people to look at life and the future with fear and anxiety due to the fact that such trend of life have an effect on the way people think and perceive the way society think and function.



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