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History—Good and Bad

Posted on: 21 Aug 2017

August 21, 2017

Does history make people or it is people who make history? Do people make history for the sake of being part of history or it is just circumstances that force them to make history? Why do people make history? What is history? How is history made? Why do we need history? Is history important and useful? What if there is no history?

Few people say, history is an account, mostly false, of events, mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools. Other people say that history is the study of the human past as it is described in the written documents left by human beings. The past, with all its decisions completed, its participant’s dead and its history told, is what the general public perceives as the immutable bedrock on which historians and archaeologists stand. History is about life in the past and tells us about the people who lived in a different time.

History makes people and it is people who make history too. Both are true and correct since most nations and societies are created and shaped by history as they do make history as basic ingredients and significant aspect of inventing and maintaining their given identity and reality. In such arena of life, history plays eminent role in today’s world since this world is still live by history and it cannot survive without it.

A nation and society without history is dull and nil. There is no society and nation without history. Every society and nation has its own history. What could possibly vary is the integrity and type of history it makes. What matters in here is the kind of history it entertains and its reliability as well. Society and nation with truthful history lives with truth whereas society and nation with tricky history lives with tricky mindset and life.

Good and bad are events that occur in the history of life and the human way of life since both are inevitable aspect of life none has power to change and eradicate. For instance, history remembers Nelson Mandela as emblem of forgiveness whereas Adolf Hitler as sign of hatred and cruelty. In both scenarios, history exists since both are part and parcel of life and they exist as something and someone in the history of human society.

People make history. History is created by people. People make history. People invent and discover something and such invention and discovery become part of history. People do something significant and such significant thing which they do become part of history. History is not something ordinary, but extra ordinary. Such extra ordinary things and occurrences are done by seemingly ordinary, but inwardly extra ordinary people as history testifies too.

History makes society. History serves as inspiration to most individuals and societies. History delivers energy to nations and societies. History helps people and societies not to make similar mistakes and failures as societies and people do. History serves as torching light to the present and future. History is the basis and foundation of societies and nations too.

In such realm of history, there are people who write history and there are people who also remove history. History is combination of such events and occurrences in which what history realizes as true and correct at one time is getting removed in another time since the main cause and players of history are people and, in fact, few individuals. In such drama of history, there are histories that exist as of today as there are histories that are removed to date.

Every event that occurs in today is considered as part of history in tomorrow since it is time that governs such occurrences. The magnitude and potency of such events affects the dynamics of history and its respective society. Accordingly, there is history in one given family, community or society, nations and the world at large. The nature and character of such events determines the coverage it makes.

In this case, there are occurrences that happen to exist in present and future as there are occurrences that exist at one time, they are no more history since the nature and character of time changes, such events and occurrences cannot be considered as history since they do not have further influence and impact.

For instance, the beauty contest that was made at one time in history and the scientific invention was made in past, both are events, but the effect they have on others is different since any given scientific invention was done in past is active in the life of present day human society since it is useful and necessary, but the beauty contest that was done in past has no impact and influence in present day society.

Why is history important and useful to society and nations?

  • To get inspired from past good
  • To learn from past failures and mistakes
  • To develop one’s own identity and reality
  • To design one’s future and destiny in one’s own way
  • To shape generation and society in one’s own way
  • To make significant change in the life of society
  • To maintain the integrity of its identity
  • To appreciate and give respect to life

History is not something that people do it for the sake of performing some special things to the world, but rather it is a heroic act and thinking people do in order to achieve something in their given life. In such realm, there are negative things people commit that put regression to the advancement of society and the world; there are also positive aspects that people perform that do deliver certain energy to the existing momentum in the world which do lead in creating and advancing better life and world.

History is a reality of the past, but is still going active in present day of human society in both direct and indirect way since it is one of the dots in life that should be connected to the another dots of life such as present and future so that life and this world should have better perspective and meaning. Such dots of life create a continuous line that makes life to linger to the end that has no end as well.


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