Mistakes as Failures

August 10, 2017

Will the world end or it is people who end them? Do things end up or it is people who end them? This is one of an interesting aspect of life in which people could be found in the middle of nowhere as they could not find a way out since the kind of things they are in could be beyond their control, or beyond their thinking and imagination, and they may be perplexed at the end of the day.

When people end up in the process of something in which such something is going on without end, such process has two aspects; the first one it is the nature of the thing that make it continue as the way religions and political process are doing; the second one is there must be an intent that make such process of life go on without end. Such intent could have hidden purpose and agenda.

As such way of life is going, people do both correct and incorrect things in life and such given aspect is measured base on touchstones which they have developed within any given system of life they already belong. The correct things in today could be found as incorrect in due course of time as the vice versa is also true. In this case, time is the factor than the things. As people do something in past, which could be assumed as proper, but such kinds of things could be checked out in due course of time, and they could be found controversial and incorrect in due course of time and people get stuck in the middle of nowhere since they cannot do anything as they are very late to correct them.

In this case, one thousand false things cannot be one true thing since false is false and incorrect things are not even correct. Even all forces of the earth are summed up and combined; they cannot make million false things into one true thing since it is not possible. It is only how and what people perceive and interpret things changes, but not the reality of true or false, correct or incorrect things. What should be done is not to regret on past failures and mistakes, but to correct them, if possible, or let them go, since it is not important and essential to dwell on past botches.

Sometimes, it is not possible to undo things in life as people feel sorry on what they have committed in past due to the fact they have already made mistakes that do have further consequences on their given life due to the nature and character of mistakes they have committed in their given life.

Mistakes are of two types, the first ones are those mistakes which people commit out of ignorance; the other ones are those mistakes which people commit due to deliberate and hidden intentions and motives. But, both are mistakes and none can deny this.

When people commit mistakes out of ignorance, such mistakes have their own further consequences depending on the nature of mistakes which they commit since few mistakes can be corrected, but others cannot be since the kind of mistakes which people commit are the determinant factor.

What could be interesting in here is that time and energy people employ in order to convince themselves in way that they are right due to the fact that people are found going all over around as they commit grievous mistakes, and they try to justify with all kinds of reasons to make them right. But, a mistake is mistake and it cannot be correct.

They claim that everything has purpose and reasons, even mistakes. This is just fouling oneself than any other matter since they are not correct. When people are not correct, what they should do at first is they should accept that they are wrong; secondly, they should correct if it is possible and then go on to the future leaving the past behind; thirdly, they should learn something from their failures and they make sure that they should not make such kind of mistakes again.

What could be worse is when people commit mistakes or wrongs intentionally with the intention of doing something bad on other people which they want as they know it is already wrong, but later on, they come on to ask for an apology which is disgraceful, shameful, useless and senseless. The stupid and foolish people say, it is better to ask forgiveness than permission since they do something bad on you, and they later on come to ask for forgiveness. They distort everything since they are already distorted and corrupt people.

Why do people commit mistakes or wrongs?

  • Due to ignorance –Lack of knowledge or capacity
  • Due to lack of adequate information on subject matter
  • To obtain personal interest and advantages
  • To put harm on others
  • To cover up something hidden
  • To protect their own ego

Whatever reasons and purpose people commit, people keep on committing mistakes since it is obvious, as people make mistakes, they should learn from it if it is not intentional which lead to torching lights for the next day to come as people learn. But, to those people who do bad or wrongs to other people intentionally, the consequences of such failure or wrongs is crystal clear since they pay in the process of life as retribution due to the nature and character of such wrongs.


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