Paradox of Religion and Politics

July 26, 2017

They say, religion and politics are inseparable. Yes, they are. Being inseparable does not mean that they do not have fundamental differences, which should be carefully studied and analyzed, as they also have varied natures and characters as per the context of their interactions and communications in the processes of life; one observes in their dealings with the human way of life in which both have similar things in common, they also have basic differences as well.

This differences make this world to have contradictory aspects and way of life in which what one preaches in one’s way is found to be contradictory and in conflict with the other. Society could get confused and perplexed at the end of the day as one tries to understand on what these two aspects and ways of life claim.

Everyone in this world is shaped by paradoxical aspects of life in which peoples’ mentality and thinking is designed in way contradictory realties dictate since everyone is molded by conflicting aspects and realities of life that govern and administer this world and life in general as well. People behave and think according to the way they are designed and programed in which such programing do mainly affect people’s reality.

This world is maintained and governed by two powerful forces. The first one is politics and the second one is religion. Both shape this world to date. Both have similarity as the have opposites too. Both are responsible and accountable to the successes and failures this world has undergone to date.

Every society has its own ideology which molds society in its own fashion and style that is governed by political leadership. Such leadership is accountable and responsible in shaping is respective citizens within its own domain. As such way of life is going on, generation come s and goes by the way such political machinery designs society on what it should think and how it should behave. And one of the processes such political machinery designs education and its system.

In such process of life, everyone is trained in schooling to be best and number one so that everyone shall be great citizen of society. In this process of life, everyone is trained to be ego centered, self-centered, ambitious that creates all kinds of attachments to the things of this world so that one should possess everything so that one can have good life. In this case, attachments to the things of the world that do give birth to fear and anxiety as people lose them are on stage.

To the contrary, as most people belong to any religious doctrine and as they go to any religious places they are advised and preached to stay and be humble, they should do not exalt oneself from the other, they should detach themselves from the things of the world and the like. In this process of life, most people are shaped with contradictory mentality and thinking in every day of their life since both forces shape peoples life.

Contradiction becomes the nature and characteristics of life in this world since what people do for living and what people do to make life go in way they want it to go have different features and aspects and such people are forced to show different thinking and personality in their given life and reality as well.

When one ponders this aspect, both forces have their own respective institutions in which they work together in order to shape the respective citizens that belong in their given domain. As such drama of life is going on, both have their own differences in terms of ideology and motive and objective as matter of fact that they have diverse nature and character as well.

Religion clams connection with the divine whereas politics is an ideology formulated by the human mind and this very nature of their given character put them in fundamental and irreconcilable differences since religion has no definite owner and author as it is claimed by something by the divine whereas politics is human made one. Both in general have significant differences as per their given nature and characters as they have similarity too. Followings are few:-

  • Religion claims power from the divine whereas politics claims power by the rule of law
  • Religion claims of perfection whereas politics admits it makes mistakes and is imperfect
  • Religion emphasizes on the power of faith, but politics believes in proofs and reason
  • Religion emphasizes on forgiveness whereas politics try to work on justice
  • Religion depends more on individual and institutional infallibility, but politics do not
  • Religion gives value to humbleness, but politics give importance to ego and ambition

In such and other related differences they have, both shape human society in many ways as they are found working together, and they do have great impact in shaping on how society should look like that make this world to live with such contradictory mentality and thinking as they have similarity and something that can be integrated and harmonized as well.

This makes the world to live in politically religious mentality as it is also lives with religiously political mindset in which most people do later on find out that this world lives with confused and mixed mentality in which similarity and agreement is considered as means of testifying validity of something which do lead to misleading and deceptive idea that whatever ideology that meets their given individual and societal agenda is correct and true.


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