Who is Infallible

July 13, 2017

Few concepts that exist in this world are like rainbow thing that is on the sky in which such rainbow exist as combinations of color as people see it from one direction, but as people change their standing direction, such rainbow does not exist. This is to mean that there are concepts that are governing since people live in any given setting or domain, be it society or community, such given concepts are no more governing and leading as people stay out of them and they are no more concepts, but they could exist as part of the game or jokes which people have ever heard and they take lesson from such experiences of life until they find another and different ones that could convince them more and better.

And hence, people have been intriguing with certain concepts that are already installed in the human way of life and the human frame as well. It becomes impossible to think further, question or doubt such give claims or concepts since such claims do not exist as concepts but also they have military, police and other forces that protect them as they become happen to become life and death thing as matter of faith and principles of life.

Such concepts do help humanity in certain way bit they also make many people to live under stress and fear as many people are not allowed to ask as to the accuracy and truthfulness of such concepts due to the fact that questioning the integrity of such concepts could lead to the destruction and extinction of certain ways and systems of life. Hence, people are forced to listen and watch than talk something different in matters related to such concepts as eyes and ears are allowed but tongue is forbidden to speak about it in certain way.

This makes the human way of life depressing and tricky too since people find their own way out in order to remove stresses which life have delivered by their own good time and way. And none can prevent anyone from such way out since people start questioning the integrity and accuracy of any given concept with its compatibility with passage of time and its dire need as well. As any concept becomes incompatible with the need of the day, due to its failure and its impracticability, people change their mind and should find their own way out in their own.

One of the interesting human dram and politics this world has undergone to date is the idea and question of infallibility in which many people have been perplexed with such given claim and they live with confused mindset on the claims individuals and institution make such as the idea of being infallible.

What is the point of being infallible in world imperfection and contradiction is the nature and characteristics of life in this world? What is the motive and drama behind such given claims? Who cares at this point of life that one claims that one is infallible or not?  Is such infallibility deliver piece of bread, paying one’s bill? What is the point behind such given claim?

Most people who live in such camp of infallibility have dual faces; the first one is the face and feature of accepting such given claim which authorities such as institutions or individuals does since they get used to belong to certain community or society, and they prefer to seek group identity and personality; the second one is the idea and thinking that germinate in the private room which everyone gossips to oneself, since they observe failures and mistakes in such claim, in which such thinking is considered as doubt and put such people to be under the  faithless camp and category.

Frankly speaking, is there any one, be it person or institution, infallible? I do not think so. Such way of thinking is originally defined with the intention of asking the mass to submit its freedom of choices and freewill under jeopardy since the mass surrenders its rights and freedoms to the few, such as institution or individual.

This is also one of the best ways of hypnotizing individuals and the public at large since such given thinking make the mass to be powerless and choice less, and they give everything they have to such authorities without compromise. It is way of paralyzing what society thinks and feels about itself since, by doing so, society makes itself destitute unless and otherwise it receives some kind of support from such authorities or people too.

The idea of infallibility is derived from the fear of being questioned or investigated for any given failure and mistakes an individual or institution commit since such fear from being questioned is an idea and sense of being dictator one can feel and think. If one thinks that one is infallible, even if one commit grievous errors, one still think that one if perfect and right, which is one o the psycho disorders people or institutions face due to the fact denial becomes an identity of such kinds of individual or institutions too.

And it is possible to tell the look of such communities or societies as they think and believe in such way, in which such way of thinking do make such people to think and behave in abnormal way and abnormality becomes the becoming nature of such kinds of systems of life and those people who belong to such given way of life and systems since they fight against the reality and the truth than any other people or thing. They deny everything and they justify that every mistakes and failures they commit as if they are correct and true. They live tricking and deceiving themselves and they do have foolish and imprudent personality and features.

While such human drama is going on, one wonders as to why such given claim is necessary and essential since there is agenda and purpose behind such given claim. Why do such authorities think and feel that they are infallible? The followings could be few good reasons:-

  • To make that given claim work and go right
  • To create sense of obedience to the public at large to authorities
  • To paralyze the idea of freedom and rights, by submitting to such authorities
  • To kill the idea and practice of freewill and choices of individuals
  • To avoid confrontation and deviations within the domain—misinterpretations
  • To make the mass think that there are only few chosen people from time to time
  • To continue the process of that given claim until the end that has no end
  • To orient and direct the public at certain direction
  • To make the mass think that it is ignorant on certain subjects and matters
  • To induce fear, anxiety and ignorance within the mass
  • To create some sort of norm in the community or society such concepts reside
  • To make the mass helpless by its own and make dependent upon such authorities
  • To program the minds of the public at large with similar mindset
  • To make the public at large powerless
  • To make others think that only such people are gifted of the divine
  • To make others think that only few people have perfect communion with the divine

As such claim is going on, many people in today ask the authenticity of such claim and people start murmuring against such claim while others do it in loud way. This depends on the degree of integrity, honesty, courage and detachment which people exercise on the matter of faith and principles of life which people dedicate in order to obtain certain understanding and perception of life. This is happening in every land.

In world where mistakes and failure are hobbies in peoples’ daily routine life, be it institutional or individual activities and undertaking, to think of infallibility is something that deserve further contemplation and mediation since the very nature of such given claim make people to fall under mistake and failure ad mistake since there is none, even God, that is infallible to date. If God is infallible, all such catastrophes and corruptions and other unseemly things could not occur since as everything and everyone is the creation of perfect creator, similar or something similar should be reflected on the side of every creations too.

It is indeed time to reflect and ponder on different aspects of this world, to verify existing concepts towards their accuracy, usefulness and necessity, at least, for the sake of thinking, to check and verify their compatibility with today’s world and to the need of the age, than go without even asking on what has been inherited from past beliefs, thinking and way of life; it is indeed time to go against the wind, not by force or violence, but by quite deep contemplation and meditation, to change different aspects of this world to better and nicer one as well.

Rebelliousness with peaceful means and methods is worthier and necessary condition and requirement of life to change this world than futile obedience that let the world go with thinking and beliefs that are exclusive and prejudiced that make this world go with divisive identity and let hostility to spread over in every land. It is time to inquire and investigate every belief and thinking system with intention of changing this world into better and greater one than let everything go in same way as past did since past world do not guarantee except making the mass to live under fear and anxiety, but letting few people to enjoy, in which the future should reverse such human drama as everyone starts to ask, think and meditate on such aspect of life, open their eyes to the truth of reality than with an attitude of bias and prejudice within their domain.



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