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Enemies of the State

Posted on: 29 Jun 2017

June 29, 2017

A political system is a system of politics and government. It is usually compared to the legal system, economic system, cultural system, and other social systems. A given system of politics is made up of group of few individuals, which they call as state. The state is a combination of few individuals. As such combination has good people within it, it will form good state and as the vice versa is also true.

The state is not combination of angels and angelic activities or demons or demonic activities, but rather, it is just made up of human beings who do have moral choices to do and think both good and bad things since they are humans.  As such is the case, both holistic and evilistic thinking and activities can be underway in any given state since everything this world is going and functioning on trial and error basis as there is no such perfect system that exist in this world even if one can be better than the other.

Governments formed as people sought protection from outside invaders and their fellow citizens, giving rise to national defense, common laws and economic systems. Eventually, governments expanded to include regulating the economy, providing social services and protecting personal rights. Basically there are four Types of Political Systems, differences in political systems can be found in how they provide services, protect rights and enforce the rule of law.

Democracy is based in principles and values, not necessarily common practices. There are two types: Direct Democracy—each citizen has an equal say in government operations, such as town hall meetings where residents vote on government business. Many states make changes to laws according to the vote of the people through ballot initiatives or referenda. Representative Democracy – As in the United States, citizens elect representatives who make laws. Republic—in a republic, power rests with the people. Leaders are elected, rather than appointed or inherited, and may be recalled by the citizenry. In a broad definition, a republic is a government that excludes a monarch. Many republics in the 19th century were established to displace monarchs.

A dictatorship is an authoritarian form of government, with one individual holding absolute power in ruling the country and enforcing the law. Dictators are often democratically elected, but then change the political system to ensure they remain in power. Communism—Communism refers to the political ideology of common ownership of the means of production, where goods and products are shared by all in the society.

Accordingly, in any given political system, there are basically three kinds of people that exist in its daily routine activities and functions. These people have varies nature and characteristics that mainly depends on the intensity and magnitude of their egoistic and ambitious level which put any given political system under tense and high pressure. That is why every political system creates and develops high level security and intelligence system and undertaking so as to maintain the integrity and continuity of its order and system.

The first ones are those people who are loyal and honest to the system and they are fully obedient to its rules and regulations and they go in direct where the system goes. The second ones are these people who have personal and selfish interest, they take advantage of the system provides to the extent that they go against in order to obtain personal and materials gins, but they want the system to continue in way it is.

The third ones are those kinds of people who are covetous and ambitious and they go beyond their personal and material gains to the extent of removing that given system which they belong and they replace it by their own, in which such kinds of people are the kinds of people who go up to committing codetta so that they want to remove it and they want to take power and authority under their leadership and governance.

Any given political system functions with such combinations of the above mentioned types of peoples within its own domain. And they make the look of any given social and political system.  In such scenario of life, it is such combination of such stresses and anxieties that make the look of any given system. It faces such kinds of pressures within its domain besides the pressure it faces from the outside. The integrity and stability of any given political system is mainly dependent upon the kinds of leadership styles and measures it takes in order to maintain the balance and functions of its duties.

Taking into consideration the relationship between such people have with the political system they respectively belong, the first and the third types of people are correct or wrong, depending upon the type of political system which they belong as they belong to fair, just and truthful political system, those who are obedient are healthy while the political system is unfair, unjust and fake, the third types of people are correct.

The integrity of any given political system is mainly dependent upon how far it keeps its integrity and farness thru the constitution, laws and policies, rules and regulation along with its practical implementation and execution capacities it demonstrates with its own system and domain and as it keeps its integrity, it increase its loyal members and supporters within, but as it deviates from its plans and objectives, it multiplies its opponents with in its own domain.

The worst types of enemies any given political system can have is those people who are within its own domain since they know its inside, both weaknesses and strength as well along with its failures and mistakes it commits. Failures and mistakes any given political system commits do lead to the fabrication of its enemies.

These “enemies” are of two kinds, the first ones are those people who want to use such failures and mistakes to gain personal and selfish interest and benefit and they use as attacking mechanism due to their given malicious and envious thinking and behavior; the second ones are those people who are considered as enemies due to the fact they deviate from such system as they do feel and think that they are betrayed and deceived by the system and these people could be enemies by one segment, but they are truth seekers by their own mindset and thinking.


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