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Politics and Religion

Posted on: 26 Jun 2017

June 26, 2017

Religion and politics are two faces of this world and humanity in which everyone in this world is at least affected and influenced, and most people are shaped by the doctrines and philosophical ideologies which both entertain in this world. Hence, both shape and decide the fate of this world and many people since people are somehow attracted to one or more of them due to their given ideologies they promulgate and promote in the world.

Religion contribute especially to the law aspect of the political world in which most of the laws that are formulated in criminal or civil law are originated or borrowed from religious laws such as do not steal is an act that is considered as sin that was already written in the book of religion and we find such given advice  written under articles of any given law as punishable crime under any civil law; the other is do not kill, which is also considered as sin in the religious realm and this particular act is considered as punishable crime under criminal law.

Politics is married with religion for many years in which it borrows many ideals from religion as there are certain ideals it erases from religion too due to the passage of time and the need of the age. For example, in the laws of Judaism, when a person wants to get divorce, the only thing he could do is to give her his own divorce letter, but in today, this is not acceptable and working out and if he wants to get divorce, he just move out with his own luggage, not any given letter, as the woman remains in the house since the present Jew state in Israel has reversed such human drama due to the fact that women are highly respected by now.

Eastern religions are used to achieve certain political goals and objectives of their lands of origin especially to attack western politics and nations. Most religions do originate from the east, but they are captured and under arrest by the western politics for two different purposes. The first one is that the west needs it since it shapes humanity in good ways due to the moral values it contains which help the political world to regulate under and in safe mode. The second one is the west needs it to use for its own hidden and under cover agenda, to attack selected eastern governments by using the followers of such religions. It gives ice-creams, chocolates, jeans and perfumes, but it takes many other things from them by far expensive and costly than what it delivers in many ways.

Most of the religions that are established in the east, but they end up in the west since they are politically conspired and sabotaged as money talks in every language and it kisses the lips of every one. They go to the west wearing hijab, but they end up with t- shirts and jeans. They go with turbans, but they end up with nice capes and eye glasses. This is part of human nature and life since this is the way how any given society lives, in many cases, that shape many people mentality regardless of what their given claims dictate.

Nowadays, most religions are captives of western political ideologies than what their given goal and objectives claim and dictate. They are in one or other way supported and helped by the western political government or any government which they respectively belong for many different reasons since religions are becoming chief instrument to achieve political goals and objectives and a cover to implement certain political ideologies and cause in every society.

Although both try to coordinate and help with each other, they have fundamental and basic differences that exist between them which make them live in apart and they form their own islands within their settings due to the fact that they have distinct nature and characteristics asper the context of their main goals and objectivewhich theywould like to achieve and promote withintheir own given domains and settings.

One of the basic differences they have is that religion generally preaches about universality, but politics preaches about patriotism. How come a divisive agenda be integrated with unifying agenda? Unless and otherwise, there is a different cause other than both claims, it is chimera to expect that the world could be unified under a cause enveloped by certain political or religious agenda and dramas since humanity is fade up with such kinds of way of life due to their catastrophic failures in past and present too.

It is also possible to correlate this kind of human dramas as to what financial people relate in terms of the inventory in which people are assigned to make inventory of items of table. They end up counting that the legs and other parts of table in their report. As the top people look for inventory report, they could not find anything related and mentioned as table, but different parts of the table. Finally, those who made such report were asked to explain, they said, this is what they know and see in the inventory than what other people claim and they also end up saying that the table do not exist, but it is parts that do exist.

The moral of this story is that and according to this given analogy, there is no such universality that does exist, but it is nations that do objectively exist. As nations are truly and nicely integrated, the universality is also guaranteed since universality is nothing without national integrity and unity. There is no such duly or directly a universality matter that is to be promoted, but as well- being and security of such nations are securely established, this commonality and universality is also guaranteed as well.

When religion supports politics in terms of moral values and sound judgment, politics do function in good way. When religions try to override its political boundary, conflicts and contradictions within societies and between both do increase. In order to make society safe and secure, the integration of politics and religion is important and essential as far as their hidden and secretive agendas are removed from the eyes and minds of the public and society as well.

Religion and politics are causes that take accountability and responsibility in establishing and inducing good societal values and shaping generations of their own time. While such undertaking is going on, one should not bite or kill the other since both are standing for one common goal—shaping and sharing healthy community and social values—otherwise this world will end up being entertainment fields of few ambitious and egoist personalitiesand a result of such peoples imagination, illusions and delusions of their own human drama.


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