Philosopher—Thinker and Seeker

June 22, 2017

A person who thinks and talks about things and matters differently at the café and restaurant and a person who thinks and talks about things and matters in organized way such as in form of book, movie or other works are two different people since the former one has no such established thinking and form in thinking whereas the later one has something to deliver to the world and its people too.

The first type of people are important in a way that they are like chewing gum in the thinking realm where as the second ones are useful and essential and they are like the food items which we require for our nourishment and survival, but peoples intake is mainly dependent upon types and flavors of menu items they deliver in the thinking realm, and people do take them based on their preferences and choices too.

A Philosopher is a person who sees the future, understands things differently and knows what is hidden and behind. A Philosopher is a truth seeker. A Philosopher is a thinker. A Philosopher is a dreamer. A Philosopher is a realist. A Philosopher is a logician.A philosopher is a person who interpretsthings in unusual way and manner.

While such drama of life is going on, one wonders on importance and essential aspects of various thinkers that exist in our planet who solve not only individual and societal problems and challenges but also institutional as well. Such people deserve much respect within their respective societies since they are helpful and useful ones in life.

It is quite fascinating that we are here on the earth in a time that philosophers are not crucified or murdered due to their causes and thinking they promote since we live quite in interesting age and century that humanity thinks and perceives in far better and greater way than those former ones and back olden days. Even if hose thinkers who were crucified and murdered in olden days, if the come today, they could hug humanity since things are by far better in today. Things are different. People are different. It is indeed great century since things have changed a lot in many aspects and ways. But, the point is why do such people think differently?

The first cause is that it is the failures in existing governing and leading institutions capacity to solve societal problems remain unchanged and ineffective. Corruption exists in such societal institutions. Societal institutions become paralyzed by their own frustrations and confusions which they come about as result of failed way of administering and managing their own affairs and policies and doctrines they promulgate and promote.

The second one is individuals need changing and keep going without limits which cause on the maladministration and mismanagement of institutions too. Individuals change in their given need and desire for life which in cases cannot be controlled or governed by institutions. In such case, such individuals raise issues that are not covered and governed by the society. Hence, people star to think differently.

The third reason is decadence in way society understand things within its own setting and how it addresses its own given issues and matter within its own domain. As society declines in way it administers and manages its own affairs, there are quite few people who ask and think differently and challenge the social dynamics and framework and corner stone of societal values and thinking in their own fashion and accent. They put the fabrics of society under different sewing machine so that the looks of society could be different or better. Accordingly, such people are seen as threat to social values as well but they see ample opportunity to the progress and betterment of society to the future.

When people want to live in 22nd century (something new and different) while being in 21st century, such thinking and way of life brings about some kind of good news to those who wish since it creates a kind of thinking that they want to bring something innovative and diverse. Such style of thinking can be possible, but its practical translation is something difficult.

The science fiction film made in 1904—the Apollo—which showed and predicted human beings relationship and first contact to moon, which was considered as something fairy tale or impossible at the time, but this prediction became possible in November 1957, by sending man to the moon.

Seeing the future and thinking innovative are the ones that deliver life to the world otherwise life would quite disinteresting. Such way of thinking needs quite extra sensational faculties and gifts that make people to admire and give respect for life. In such valley of life, mysteries and secrets are interconnected and interrelated since people govern new things in life.

In the former times, we need prophets to tell and see the future, but, in today, we have science fictions film to replace this given aspect and address this matter and issue in better and clear way. Yesterday, people used to believe and think that there are only few people who could connect them with the divine power. In today, people start to think that there is no such mediator between them and the divine, and they can make it by their own and this avoids corruption and fraud in such aspect of human way of life.

While watching the movie series—24—which I watched more than 12 years ago that displayed and demonstrated about the first African American President in the white house, and its practical translation did occur in few years’ time before, it seems that there are many people who exist in our planet who can see what is not only on the face value, but also what is hidden and behind.

We live quite in fascinating time and age in which past way of life is out of date due to its own failure and incompatibility with the need of the age; the need of the age is determining factor to the invention and creation of firsthand and diverse mechanisms that can facilitate and promote to the progress and betterment of dynamics of society than what few outmoded and conservative people ego and emotions dictate.


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