The Entire Human Drama

June 19, 2017

WE live quite in a time and century in which confusion and contradiction has reigned in every society’s way of life and thinking due to the fact that past and present are in conflict and dilemma between themselves which lead the entire human drama to be put under quest and search for meaning and purpose in life.

This happens for two reasons. The first one is those events and dramas that are going on in today’s stage are not precisely and accurately told by past books and traditions except speculations and interpretations people deliver with intention of favoring and justifying their given book or belief system as true and correct.

The second ones are existing social and other human made institutions are lamentably defective to provide remedies to the afflicting human society in which such failures in handling human and public affairs are creating some kind of chaos and disturbance in the balance of human society that do lead to peoples’ way of life and thinking to be put under frustration and confusion as well.

Based on such process of life, most people’s thinking and way of life are, in one aspect, shaped by past belief systems. In another aspect, new and different needs start to germinate on other peoples thinking and way of life, which is emerging out as result of failures of such systems and people look for something new and different way of life is becoming a need of the age.

And hence, in this present day society, it seems that there are similar groups or category of people who think in similar manner, in terms of societal life style, in which what society thinks and behaves, which clearly tells that there are different kinds of conclaves of people, who have similar way of thinking even if they belong to different societies.

There are also other people who think and feel in different way since they have their own observation and imagination style of life. As people think differently, they are tagged and categorized under different class of category depending on the magnitude and potency of their given thinking and behavior as well.

Both types of people exist in every society and in every age and time. Both kinds of people affect dynamics of any given social dynamics of society. Both kinds of people influence on how society behaves and thinks in past, at present and the future in many ways as well. Both groups of people determine fates of societies in one and other way.

The first ones are those kinds of people who think that we need to go back to past since we are losing our values and heritages that help us to exist and survive as a group be it nation or community which they formulate. These people originate such thinking due to the fact they are very much conservative to customs and tradition and they are highly attached to such practices and they think that whatever the present day society is inventing and doing is destroying past structure, culture and dynamics of society. They see the present scenario as a threat. They are very pessimistic with way things are, and such challenges can be overcome by going back to past traditions and customs than take any other new and different steps.

The second ones are those kinds of people who think that we need quite radical change in which they need quite new and different mindset, approaches and principles of life and they do not accept past and traditional approaches and methods of life as they think that every age has its own need and its need should be meet by the context and nature of its behavior than use past ones too. They are pessimistic about past practices and customs and they think that new and different things should happen.

While such theatrical drama of life is going on, one wonders as to where this world is heading in which both kinds of people exert their own efforts and thinking to advance the process of life in this world that put such process of human way of life under stress and anxiety. This happens since one segment of society pushes forward, but the other segment of society is pulling things backward as well. Such theatrical dramas of life are driven by ego and ambitions of such actors of human drama.

In today, people start asking, where this world is heading since most of the things thing that happen in everyday life make many people to ask, what is going on this world, there is something missing in this world, and the like. This is mainly caused by failures of different types and kinds of governing and leading institutions whose failures are reflected and manifested in the communities and societies that they formulate and establish as they are not capable to solve their own problems and challenges in proper way and manner.

While such human drama is going on, people start looking for something new and better, which do give to third kinds of people. And these third ones are those people who combine and integrate past and today good things and thinking, and they try to create better life and world out of such coordination and integrations. They try to see the future with optimistic eye and perspective that comes as result of such integration process.

Accordingly, humanity’s look for something different and new thinking and way of life continue and its search for better meaning and perspectives of life will go on as change is inevitable nature of life in this world. This cannot be stopped since it is very natural. Present is created by past; the future is result of past and present; but past is something that cannot be built or destroyed by present and future though past is a reality that serve as basis for today, and future is reality that is in our hands as it is mainly determined by our past and present.




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