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Unseen and Seen Realities

Posted on: 16 Jun 2017

June 16, 2017

Unseen realties and aspects of life govern seen realties and aspects of life in many ways. Unseen realities of life rule the human way of life. Unseen realities of life are important and essential aspect of human way of life irrespective of people’s category or class which they belong since they are one aspect of the universal realities and aspects of life.

Unseen realities of life, in one aspect, includes love, generosity, tolerance, knowledge, kindness and the like; it also, in another aspect includes, hate, greed, temper or anger, ignorance, arrogance and the like. And people vary in which realms they reside and on what they practice and experience in life and they communicate and interact based on their given exposures and experiences of life as they have developed certain connections with such realms.

And when people communicate and interact with each other, the first ones and realties which come into harmony or conflict are not only peoples, but the power and force that are latent in such realities of life and they manifest themselves in terms of objective actions ad reactions of life such as within and between human beings.

People come into agreement and conflict since they are not only in love and hate relationship, but also they carry virtues and characters that can go in harmony or be in conflict. Hence, it is not only people who are in love and hate relationship but, the type of thinking or character they carry that truly determine the degree of their harmony or contradiction as well.

This is to mean that when a person speaks the truth and another person tells a lie, these people are in contradiction without knowing each other since the truth is a reality that exists before every one who carries on it and the same is true to the lie hood. What happens in this century or point of time, two persons can interact with such realties at some point of time. The truth is unseen reality that is manifested in seen reality like someone as same is true to the falsehood.

In such action and reaction of the process of human life, unseen realties that affect and influence the human way of life are the becoming touchstone to tell the reality and integrity of people since these realities are the ones that govern human way of life such as communication and interaction within beings.

The reality and integrity of people is mostly shaped by how they are governed and ruled by such unseen realities of life since most of them are enveloped under certain causes or human dramas that shape human way of life in most places and parts of life in this world. Whens such unseen realties of life take certain shape and form; they get aborted since their real essence is distorted as they take certain content and form.

For instance, generosity has no form or class since to be generous is to give, one should give whatever things one possess to the needy. When people become generous to other people since those needy people belong to their given ideology or belief system and as they deprive others since they do not belong to their own group or system of life, this kind of thinking or practice corrupts the real essence and meaning of generosity as people should be generous irrespective of whatever class or group such people do belong or have.

Due to few people’s egoistic and selfish thinking and belief, most of the unseen realities are found under certain ownership and title and people do associate the power and attributes of such unseen realties to few people identity. In fact, the real essences of such unseen realities are beyond and far from the conception of those people whom such titles have been delivered and tagged. In this case, such unseen realties are oppressed since they are already enveloped by limited beings which cannot befittingly manifest and reflect such unseen realities.

Correlations that exist to date which people derive to prove unscientific and unseen realties in scientific and logical way is still underway and people use rational methods for proving irrational aspects of life such as Mr X is love; God is love; Mr X is God.  This kind of appreciate does satisfy peoples egoistic and ambitious attitudes thinking and life, but this is not warranty that such kinds of correlations are truthful and correct.

Ego and ambition give birth to some kind of belly to any given person’s life. Although, this world is made up of thoughts, feelings, emotions, virtues and characters of egoist and ambitious people, it has come to reach to this point of level of whatever progress achievement it comes about, people and this world continue with same old fashion of governing and administering their needs and requirement of life, with their own egoist and ambitious personalities in life.

Hence, ego and ambition builds this word as they also destroy same too.  Ego and ambition have positive impact on the process of life in this world as they also have negative impact and consequences in the process of life. In such given undertaking of life, people take what is on stake and live up to their given goals and plans in life.

People become egoistic since they think that they are better than others and they achieve something in their given life. Ego is a reality that comes to exist since people think that they have done something worthwhile which others cannot do. Ambition is a reality that comes to exist in people’s lives as result of such given egoist thinking and behavior which people demonstrate in their given undertaking.

Even if none can live without ego since ego is some kind of natural reality embedded within any given individual reality which people are bestowed, but they can vary on the extent to which they are egoist and their given degree of reflection and manifestation to this objective world. In such case, ego can destroy people’s lives as it gives life to others as well.



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