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Perspective vs Challenges

Posted on: 3 Jun 2017

June 6, 2017

What is quite interesting and exciting about life in this world is that there are always new and different ways of perceiving things and aspects of life which vary as per the context of personal exposures and experiences which people practice and this solely is dependent upon peoples understanding and perceptions of life in which there is no such perfect recipe for life as life in this world has two broad aspects; the first one is objective and the other one is subjective aspects; the first is discovered and the other one is undiscovered; the first is seen and clear but the other one is unseen and hidden.

While living in such given world, there are obvious matters and truths that cannot be denied and disproved as there are other matters that can be disproved and rejected in due course of time since time reveals the truth of certain matters which were accepted as true in past, but in today, as the way human mind perceive realities change thru the course of time, such accepted truths could be found as false and they are denied and disproved as time tells for everything.

Truth has no specific age in which peoples claims of measuring the age of truth could lead in distortion of understanding of realities of life. When one claims that sun gives light and heat,  this is truthful statement which cannot be aged by the way human mind perceives unless and otherwise the time when creation comes to exist is known, otherwise it is not possible to know the age of such given truth.  Truth is something that is discovered and its existence is before it is known, what matters is people just discover it thru the course of time.

As such is the case, what any given society or community does assume as center of belief or truth in past could  found fake and wrong in today and such shift in the way human mind perceives such given realities of life do change since things have changed.  In this case, people also change in what they think and believe as time is one factor. Hence, the way society and people address and perceive challenges and problems of the past are not same as in today.

What people assume as problems while belonging in certain political or social system are not problems and issues when people remove themselves from such circles, belongings and groups since they have changed on their perception and understanding of life due to the fact that such thinking and belief are founded upon by the system or society that they particularly belong. As they are out from such belongingness, problems and challenges they face will be different and those problems which they assume while belonging to particular system are no more problems and issues since they have already divorced from such belongingness and they have their own new and different mindset and thinking.

As such is the case, time is one factor and human dramas which should be considered since in the process of time, many things change. People should be aware of the time factor since they should not expect similar things of past as present day is different and same will happen in the future. Hence, it is not possible to rectify past mistakes by past methods or whatever present day methods are applied since such past mistakes are rectified by accepting them as failures, but not pretending as if nothing happened in past, which is the second mistakes of the present day society. In this case, people fight with unseen realm, not with other people in which mistakes can be truthful when they are justified that they are committed in past, but not lettings things go in way things are shaped in past, and similar sheet drama is continued in present and future.

In such undertaking of life, it is not possible in here to use similar methods and approaches to solve the problems human society faces in past and at present even if they have similarity in terms of happening as time is one factor and similar solution should not also be applied since change is an inevitable nature and characteristics of human way of life. Any given problem that happen in past could be solved in one method, but similar problem appear in today, this requires new and different approach than the past one since things change in due course of time.

For example, there are people who try all kinds of psychotherapy in order to make people in abnormal condition or situation and this worked for them in past. In today, similar method is applied, knowledge and awareness is the most important factor and whatever method and psycho therapies are arranged, such people whom they are arranged to be in madness will not be so since they are pretty much aware of such kinds of sheet drama that is going on behind and those surrounding people inside evil and sheet thinking.

In another case, any given society could face oppression from the system it is governed by, and those older people have resolved this problem with gorilla fighting and other warrior mechanism. In today, similar problem is there, but the way such problems should be addressed and removed should be in new and different method and way than gorilla fighting. New and civilized mechanism should be invented to address this social issue so that, in tomorrow, things should look different.

Otherwise, same and similar approach and mechanism is applied in yesterday and today, tomorrow will create similar crisis which put the life and destiny of such kinds of societies to be put under vicious circle of similar problems and challenges. Life can be interesting when new problems and challenges are come and if this does not happen, life would be boring and disinteresting since every society and generation is put under similar problems and challenges at every time.

Such way of life cannot make any given society look better since society lives under similar color and content of anxiety and stress. Leaders of such kinds of society do not change since they always live with similar problems and addressing similar issues even if they could have many claims and such good claims are paralyzed due to the fact they live and dwell with similar problems of past which they are not able to remedy at present.

When any given society lives with similar kinds of problems and issues within its own domain, whatever good claims such leaders do is not warranty to their better quality in terms of administering public and society needs and affairs since they still live with past similar social crisis in which the questions of freedom, justice and rights are under jeopardy. The point about social needs is not about seeking piece of bread, but social equity and fairness otherwise such kinds of societies at present are no better than that of past since they live in similar state of being and mindset.

Economic growth is not warranty to securing and establishing social justice and fairness though such given economic growth is essential and important, it should be supported and integrated with social fairness and justice, otherwise such imbalance and injustice within any given society could lead to chaos and frustration within such given social dynamics that do eventually cause to destruction and decomposition of the entire social drama and system itself.





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