Enemies of the State

June 29, 2017

A political system is a system of politics and government. It is usually compared to the legal system, economic system, cultural system, and other social systems. A given system of politics is made up of group of few individuals, which they call as state. The state is a combination of few individuals. As such combination has good people within it, it will form good state and as the vice versa is also true.

The state is not combination of angels and angelic activities or demons or demonic activities, but rather, it is just made up of human beings who do have moral choices to do and think both good and bad things since they are humans.  As such is the case, both holistic and evilistic thinking and activities can be underway in any given state since everything this world is going and functioning on trial and error basis as there is no such perfect system that exist in this world even if one can be better than the other.

Governments formed as people sought protection from outside invaders and their fellow citizens, giving rise to national defense, common laws and economic systems. Eventually, governments expanded to include regulating the economy, providing social services and protecting personal rights. Basically there are four Types of Political Systems, differences in political systems can be found in how they provide services, protect rights and enforce the rule of law.

Democracy is based in principles and values, not necessarily common practices. There are two types: Direct Democracy—each citizen has an equal say in government operations, such as town hall meetings where residents vote on government business. Many states make changes to laws according to the vote of the people through ballot initiatives or referenda. Representative Democracy – As in the United States, citizens elect representatives who make laws. Republic—in a republic, power rests with the people. Leaders are elected, rather than appointed or inherited, and may be recalled by the citizenry. In a broad definition, a republic is a government that excludes a monarch. Many republics in the 19th century were established to displace monarchs.

A dictatorship is an authoritarian form of government, with one individual holding absolute power in ruling the country and enforcing the law. Dictators are often democratically elected, but then change the political system to ensure they remain in power. Communism—Communism refers to the political ideology of common ownership of the means of production, where goods and products are shared by all in the society.

Accordingly, in any given political system, there are basically three kinds of people that exist in its daily routine activities and functions. These people have varies nature and characteristics that mainly depends on the intensity and magnitude of their egoistic and ambitious level which put any given political system under tense and high pressure. That is why every political system creates and develops high level security and intelligence system and undertaking so as to maintain the integrity and continuity of its order and system.

The first ones are those people who are loyal and honest to the system and they are fully obedient to its rules and regulations and they go in direct where the system goes. The second ones are these people who have personal and selfish interest, they take advantage of the system provides to the extent that they go against in order to obtain personal and materials gins, but they want the system to continue in way it is.

The third ones are those kinds of people who are covetous and ambitious and they go beyond their personal and material gains to the extent of removing that given system which they belong and they replace it by their own, in which such kinds of people are the kinds of people who go up to committing codetta so that they want to remove it and they want to take power and authority under their leadership and governance.

Any given political system functions with such combinations of the above mentioned types of peoples within its own domain. And they make the look of any given social and political system.  In such scenario of life, it is such combination of such stresses and anxieties that make the look of any given system. It faces such kinds of pressures within its domain besides the pressure it faces from the outside. The integrity and stability of any given political system is mainly dependent upon the kinds of leadership styles and measures it takes in order to maintain the balance and functions of its duties.

Taking into consideration the relationship between such people have with the political system they respectively belong, the first and the third types of people are correct or wrong, depending upon the type of political system which they belong as they belong to fair, just and truthful political system, those who are obedient are healthy while the political system is unfair, unjust and fake, the third types of people are correct.

The integrity of any given political system is mainly dependent upon how far it keeps its integrity and farness thru the constitution, laws and policies, rules and regulation along with its practical implementation and execution capacities it demonstrates with its own system and domain and as it keeps its integrity, it increase its loyal members and supporters within, but as it deviates from its plans and objectives, it multiplies its opponents with in its own domain.

The worst types of enemies any given political system can have is those people who are within its own domain since they know its inside, both weaknesses and strength as well along with its failures and mistakes it commits. Failures and mistakes any given political system commits do lead to the fabrication of its enemies.

These “enemies” are of two kinds, the first ones are those people who want to use such failures and mistakes to gain personal and selfish interest and benefit and they use as attacking mechanism due to their given malicious and envious thinking and behavior; the second ones are those people who are considered as enemies due to the fact they deviate from such system as they do feel and think that they are betrayed and deceived by the system and these people could be enemies by one segment, but they are truth seekers by their own mindset and thinking.


Politics and Religion

June 26, 2017

Religion and politics are two faces of this world and humanity in which everyone in this world is at least affected and influenced, and most people are shaped by the doctrines and philosophical ideologies which both entertain in this world. Hence, both shape and decide the fate of this world and many people since people are somehow attracted to one or more of them due to their given ideologies they promulgate and promote in the world.

Religion contribute especially to the law aspect of the political world in which most of the laws that are formulated in criminal or civil law are originated or borrowed from religious laws such as do not steal is an act that is considered as sin that was already written in the book of religion and we find such given advice  written under articles of any given law as punishable crime under any civil law; the other is do not kill, which is also considered as sin in the religious realm and this particular act is considered as punishable crime under criminal law.

Politics is married with religion for many years in which it borrows many ideals from religion as there are certain ideals it erases from religion too due to the passage of time and the need of the age. For example, in the laws of Judaism, when a person wants to get divorce, the only thing he could do is to give her his own divorce letter, but in today, this is not acceptable and working out and if he wants to get divorce, he just move out with his own luggage, not any given letter, as the woman remains in the house since the present Jew state in Israel has reversed such human drama due to the fact that women are highly respected by now.

Eastern religions are used to achieve certain political goals and objectives of their lands of origin especially to attack western politics and nations. Most religions do originate from the east, but they are captured and under arrest by the western politics for two different purposes. The first one is that the west needs it since it shapes humanity in good ways due to the moral values it contains which help the political world to regulate under and in safe mode. The second one is the west needs it to use for its own hidden and under cover agenda, to attack selected eastern governments by using the followers of such religions. It gives ice-creams, chocolates, jeans and perfumes, but it takes many other things from them by far expensive and costly than what it delivers in many ways.

Most of the religions that are established in the east, but they end up in the west since they are politically conspired and sabotaged as money talks in every language and it kisses the lips of every one. They go to the west wearing hijab, but they end up with t- shirts and jeans. They go with turbans, but they end up with nice capes and eye glasses. This is part of human nature and life since this is the way how any given society lives, in many cases, that shape many people mentality regardless of what their given claims dictate.

Nowadays, most religions are captives of western political ideologies than what their given goal and objectives claim and dictate. They are in one or other way supported and helped by the western political government or any government which they respectively belong for many different reasons since religions are becoming chief instrument to achieve political goals and objectives and a cover to implement certain political ideologies and cause in every society.

Although both try to coordinate and help with each other, they have fundamental and basic differences that exist between them which make them live in apart and they form their own islands within their settings due to the fact that they have distinct nature and characteristics asper the context of their main goals and objectivewhich theywould like to achieve and promote withintheir own given domains and settings.

One of the basic differences they have is that religion generally preaches about universality, but politics preaches about patriotism. How come a divisive agenda be integrated with unifying agenda? Unless and otherwise, there is a different cause other than both claims, it is chimera to expect that the world could be unified under a cause enveloped by certain political or religious agenda and dramas since humanity is fade up with such kinds of way of life due to their catastrophic failures in past and present too.

It is also possible to correlate this kind of human dramas as to what financial people relate in terms of the inventory in which people are assigned to make inventory of items of table. They end up counting that the legs and other parts of table in their report. As the top people look for inventory report, they could not find anything related and mentioned as table, but different parts of the table. Finally, those who made such report were asked to explain, they said, this is what they know and see in the inventory than what other people claim and they also end up saying that the table do not exist, but it is parts that do exist.

The moral of this story is that and according to this given analogy, there is no such universality that does exist, but it is nations that do objectively exist. As nations are truly and nicely integrated, the universality is also guaranteed since universality is nothing without national integrity and unity. There is no such duly or directly a universality matter that is to be promoted, but as well- being and security of such nations are securely established, this commonality and universality is also guaranteed as well.

When religion supports politics in terms of moral values and sound judgment, politics do function in good way. When religions try to override its political boundary, conflicts and contradictions within societies and between both do increase. In order to make society safe and secure, the integration of politics and religion is important and essential as far as their hidden and secretive agendas are removed from the eyes and minds of the public and society as well.

Religion and politics are causes that take accountability and responsibility in establishing and inducing good societal values and shaping generations of their own time. While such undertaking is going on, one should not bite or kill the other since both are standing for one common goal—shaping and sharing healthy community and social values—otherwise this world will end up being entertainment fields of few ambitious and egoist personalitiesand a result of such peoples imagination, illusions and delusions of their own human drama.

Philosopher—Thinker and Seeker

June 22, 2017

A person who thinks and talks about things and matters differently at the café and restaurant and a person who thinks and talks about things and matters in organized way such as in form of book, movie or other works are two different people since the former one has no such established thinking and form in thinking whereas the later one has something to deliver to the world and its people too.

The first type of people are important in a way that they are like chewing gum in the thinking realm where as the second ones are useful and essential and they are like the food items which we require for our nourishment and survival, but peoples intake is mainly dependent upon types and flavors of menu items they deliver in the thinking realm, and people do take them based on their preferences and choices too.

A Philosopher is a person who sees the future, understands things differently and knows what is hidden and behind. A Philosopher is a truth seeker. A Philosopher is a thinker. A Philosopher is a dreamer. A Philosopher is a realist. A Philosopher is a logician.A philosopher is a person who interpretsthings in unusual way and manner.

While such drama of life is going on, one wonders on importance and essential aspects of various thinkers that exist in our planet who solve not only individual and societal problems and challenges but also institutional as well. Such people deserve much respect within their respective societies since they are helpful and useful ones in life.

It is quite fascinating that we are here on the earth in a time that philosophers are not crucified or murdered due to their causes and thinking they promote since we live quite in interesting age and century that humanity thinks and perceives in far better and greater way than those former ones and back olden days. Even if hose thinkers who were crucified and murdered in olden days, if the come today, they could hug humanity since things are by far better in today. Things are different. People are different. It is indeed great century since things have changed a lot in many aspects and ways. But, the point is why do such people think differently?

The first cause is that it is the failures in existing governing and leading institutions capacity to solve societal problems remain unchanged and ineffective. Corruption exists in such societal institutions. Societal institutions become paralyzed by their own frustrations and confusions which they come about as result of failed way of administering and managing their own affairs and policies and doctrines they promulgate and promote.

The second one is individuals need changing and keep going without limits which cause on the maladministration and mismanagement of institutions too. Individuals change in their given need and desire for life which in cases cannot be controlled or governed by institutions. In such case, such individuals raise issues that are not covered and governed by the society. Hence, people star to think differently.

The third reason is decadence in way society understand things within its own setting and how it addresses its own given issues and matter within its own domain. As society declines in way it administers and manages its own affairs, there are quite few people who ask and think differently and challenge the social dynamics and framework and corner stone of societal values and thinking in their own fashion and accent. They put the fabrics of society under different sewing machine so that the looks of society could be different or better. Accordingly, such people are seen as threat to social values as well but they see ample opportunity to the progress and betterment of society to the future.

When people want to live in 22nd century (something new and different) while being in 21st century, such thinking and way of life brings about some kind of good news to those who wish since it creates a kind of thinking that they want to bring something innovative and diverse. Such style of thinking can be possible, but its practical translation is something difficult.

The science fiction film made in 1904—the Apollo—which showed and predicted human beings relationship and first contact to moon, which was considered as something fairy tale or impossible at the time, but this prediction became possible in November 1957, by sending man to the moon.

Seeing the future and thinking innovative are the ones that deliver life to the world otherwise life would quite disinteresting. Such way of thinking needs quite extra sensational faculties and gifts that make people to admire and give respect for life. In such valley of life, mysteries and secrets are interconnected and interrelated since people govern new things in life.

In the former times, we need prophets to tell and see the future, but, in today, we have science fictions film to replace this given aspect and address this matter and issue in better and clear way. Yesterday, people used to believe and think that there are only few people who could connect them with the divine power. In today, people start to think that there is no such mediator between them and the divine, and they can make it by their own and this avoids corruption and fraud in such aspect of human way of life.

While watching the movie series—24—which I watched more than 12 years ago that displayed and demonstrated about the first African American President in the white house, and its practical translation did occur in few years’ time before, it seems that there are many people who exist in our planet who can see what is not only on the face value, but also what is hidden and behind.

We live quite in fascinating time and age in which past way of life is out of date due to its own failure and incompatibility with the need of the age; the need of the age is determining factor to the invention and creation of firsthand and diverse mechanisms that can facilitate and promote to the progress and betterment of dynamics of society than what few outmoded and conservative people ego and emotions dictate.

The Entire Human Drama

June 19, 2017

WE live quite in a time and century in which confusion and contradiction has reigned in every society’s way of life and thinking due to the fact that past and present are in conflict and dilemma between themselves which lead the entire human drama to be put under quest and search for meaning and purpose in life.

This happens for two reasons. The first one is those events and dramas that are going on in today’s stage are not precisely and accurately told by past books and traditions except speculations and interpretations people deliver with intention of favoring and justifying their given book or belief system as true and correct.

The second ones are existing social and other human made institutions are lamentably defective to provide remedies to the afflicting human society in which such failures in handling human and public affairs are creating some kind of chaos and disturbance in the balance of human society that do lead to peoples’ way of life and thinking to be put under frustration and confusion as well.

Based on such process of life, most people’s thinking and way of life are, in one aspect, shaped by past belief systems. In another aspect, new and different needs start to germinate on other peoples thinking and way of life, which is emerging out as result of failures of such systems and people look for something new and different way of life is becoming a need of the age.

And hence, in this present day society, it seems that there are similar groups or category of people who think in similar manner, in terms of societal life style, in which what society thinks and behaves, which clearly tells that there are different kinds of conclaves of people, who have similar way of thinking even if they belong to different societies.

There are also other people who think and feel in different way since they have their own observation and imagination style of life. As people think differently, they are tagged and categorized under different class of category depending on the magnitude and potency of their given thinking and behavior as well.

Both types of people exist in every society and in every age and time. Both kinds of people affect dynamics of any given social dynamics of society. Both kinds of people influence on how society behaves and thinks in past, at present and the future in many ways as well. Both groups of people determine fates of societies in one and other way.

The first ones are those kinds of people who think that we need to go back to past since we are losing our values and heritages that help us to exist and survive as a group be it nation or community which they formulate. These people originate such thinking due to the fact they are very much conservative to customs and tradition and they are highly attached to such practices and they think that whatever the present day society is inventing and doing is destroying past structure, culture and dynamics of society. They see the present scenario as a threat. They are very pessimistic with way things are, and such challenges can be overcome by going back to past traditions and customs than take any other new and different steps.

The second ones are those kinds of people who think that we need quite radical change in which they need quite new and different mindset, approaches and principles of life and they do not accept past and traditional approaches and methods of life as they think that every age has its own need and its need should be meet by the context and nature of its behavior than use past ones too. They are pessimistic about past practices and customs and they think that new and different things should happen.

While such theatrical drama of life is going on, one wonders as to where this world is heading in which both kinds of people exert their own efforts and thinking to advance the process of life in this world that put such process of human way of life under stress and anxiety. This happens since one segment of society pushes forward, but the other segment of society is pulling things backward as well. Such theatrical dramas of life are driven by ego and ambitions of such actors of human drama.

In today, people start asking, where this world is heading since most of the things thing that happen in everyday life make many people to ask, what is going on this world, there is something missing in this world, and the like. This is mainly caused by failures of different types and kinds of governing and leading institutions whose failures are reflected and manifested in the communities and societies that they formulate and establish as they are not capable to solve their own problems and challenges in proper way and manner.

While such human drama is going on, people start looking for something new and better, which do give to third kinds of people. And these third ones are those people who combine and integrate past and today good things and thinking, and they try to create better life and world out of such coordination and integrations. They try to see the future with optimistic eye and perspective that comes as result of such integration process.

Accordingly, humanity’s look for something different and new thinking and way of life continue and its search for better meaning and perspectives of life will go on as change is inevitable nature of life in this world. This cannot be stopped since it is very natural. Present is created by past; the future is result of past and present; but past is something that cannot be built or destroyed by present and future though past is a reality that serve as basis for today, and future is reality that is in our hands as it is mainly determined by our past and present.



Unseen and Seen Realities

June 16, 2017

Unseen realties and aspects of life govern seen realties and aspects of life in many ways. Unseen realities of life rule the human way of life. Unseen realities of life are important and essential aspect of human way of life irrespective of people’s category or class which they belong since they are one aspect of the universal realities and aspects of life.

Unseen realities of life, in one aspect, includes love, generosity, tolerance, knowledge, kindness and the like; it also, in another aspect includes, hate, greed, temper or anger, ignorance, arrogance and the like. And people vary in which realms they reside and on what they practice and experience in life and they communicate and interact based on their given exposures and experiences of life as they have developed certain connections with such realms.

And when people communicate and interact with each other, the first ones and realties which come into harmony or conflict are not only peoples, but the power and force that are latent in such realities of life and they manifest themselves in terms of objective actions ad reactions of life such as within and between human beings.

People come into agreement and conflict since they are not only in love and hate relationship, but also they carry virtues and characters that can go in harmony or be in conflict. Hence, it is not only people who are in love and hate relationship but, the type of thinking or character they carry that truly determine the degree of their harmony or contradiction as well.

This is to mean that when a person speaks the truth and another person tells a lie, these people are in contradiction without knowing each other since the truth is a reality that exists before every one who carries on it and the same is true to the lie hood. What happens in this century or point of time, two persons can interact with such realties at some point of time. The truth is unseen reality that is manifested in seen reality like someone as same is true to the falsehood.

In such action and reaction of the process of human life, unseen realties that affect and influence the human way of life are the becoming touchstone to tell the reality and integrity of people since these realities are the ones that govern human way of life such as communication and interaction within beings.

The reality and integrity of people is mostly shaped by how they are governed and ruled by such unseen realities of life since most of them are enveloped under certain causes or human dramas that shape human way of life in most places and parts of life in this world. Whens such unseen realties of life take certain shape and form; they get aborted since their real essence is distorted as they take certain content and form.

For instance, generosity has no form or class since to be generous is to give, one should give whatever things one possess to the needy. When people become generous to other people since those needy people belong to their given ideology or belief system and as they deprive others since they do not belong to their own group or system of life, this kind of thinking or practice corrupts the real essence and meaning of generosity as people should be generous irrespective of whatever class or group such people do belong or have.

Due to few people’s egoistic and selfish thinking and belief, most of the unseen realities are found under certain ownership and title and people do associate the power and attributes of such unseen realties to few people identity. In fact, the real essences of such unseen realities are beyond and far from the conception of those people whom such titles have been delivered and tagged. In this case, such unseen realties are oppressed since they are already enveloped by limited beings which cannot befittingly manifest and reflect such unseen realities.

Correlations that exist to date which people derive to prove unscientific and unseen realties in scientific and logical way is still underway and people use rational methods for proving irrational aspects of life such as Mr X is love; God is love; Mr X is God.  This kind of appreciate does satisfy peoples egoistic and ambitious attitudes thinking and life, but this is not warranty that such kinds of correlations are truthful and correct.

Ego and ambition give birth to some kind of belly to any given person’s life. Although, this world is made up of thoughts, feelings, emotions, virtues and characters of egoist and ambitious people, it has come to reach to this point of level of whatever progress achievement it comes about, people and this world continue with same old fashion of governing and administering their needs and requirement of life, with their own egoist and ambitious personalities in life.

Hence, ego and ambition builds this word as they also destroy same too.  Ego and ambition have positive impact on the process of life in this world as they also have negative impact and consequences in the process of life. In such given undertaking of life, people take what is on stake and live up to their given goals and plans in life.

People become egoistic since they think that they are better than others and they achieve something in their given life. Ego is a reality that comes to exist since people think that they have done something worthwhile which others cannot do. Ambition is a reality that comes to exist in people’s lives as result of such given egoist thinking and behavior which people demonstrate in their given undertaking.

Even if none can live without ego since ego is some kind of natural reality embedded within any given individual reality which people are bestowed, but they can vary on the extent to which they are egoist and their given degree of reflection and manifestation to this objective world. In such case, ego can destroy people’s lives as it gives life to others as well.


Perspective vs Challenges

June 6, 2017

What is quite interesting and exciting about life in this world is that there are always new and different ways of perceiving things and aspects of life which vary as per the context of personal exposures and experiences which people practice and this solely is dependent upon peoples understanding and perceptions of life in which there is no such perfect recipe for life as life in this world has two broad aspects; the first one is objective and the other one is subjective aspects; the first is discovered and the other one is undiscovered; the first is seen and clear but the other one is unseen and hidden.

While living in such given world, there are obvious matters and truths that cannot be denied and disproved as there are other matters that can be disproved and rejected in due course of time since time reveals the truth of certain matters which were accepted as true in past, but in today, as the way human mind perceive realities change thru the course of time, such accepted truths could be found as false and they are denied and disproved as time tells for everything.

Truth has no specific age in which peoples claims of measuring the age of truth could lead in distortion of understanding of realities of life. When one claims that sun gives light and heat,  this is truthful statement which cannot be aged by the way human mind perceives unless and otherwise the time when creation comes to exist is known, otherwise it is not possible to know the age of such given truth.  Truth is something that is discovered and its existence is before it is known, what matters is people just discover it thru the course of time.

As such is the case, what any given society or community does assume as center of belief or truth in past could  found fake and wrong in today and such shift in the way human mind perceives such given realities of life do change since things have changed.  In this case, people also change in what they think and believe as time is one factor. Hence, the way society and people address and perceive challenges and problems of the past are not same as in today.

What people assume as problems while belonging in certain political or social system are not problems and issues when people remove themselves from such circles, belongings and groups since they have changed on their perception and understanding of life due to the fact that such thinking and belief are founded upon by the system or society that they particularly belong. As they are out from such belongingness, problems and challenges they face will be different and those problems which they assume while belonging to particular system are no more problems and issues since they have already divorced from such belongingness and they have their own new and different mindset and thinking.

As such is the case, time is one factor and human dramas which should be considered since in the process of time, many things change. People should be aware of the time factor since they should not expect similar things of past as present day is different and same will happen in the future. Hence, it is not possible to rectify past mistakes by past methods or whatever present day methods are applied since such past mistakes are rectified by accepting them as failures, but not pretending as if nothing happened in past, which is the second mistakes of the present day society. In this case, people fight with unseen realm, not with other people in which mistakes can be truthful when they are justified that they are committed in past, but not lettings things go in way things are shaped in past, and similar sheet drama is continued in present and future.

In such undertaking of life, it is not possible in here to use similar methods and approaches to solve the problems human society faces in past and at present even if they have similarity in terms of happening as time is one factor and similar solution should not also be applied since change is an inevitable nature and characteristics of human way of life. Any given problem that happen in past could be solved in one method, but similar problem appear in today, this requires new and different approach than the past one since things change in due course of time.

For example, there are people who try all kinds of psychotherapy in order to make people in abnormal condition or situation and this worked for them in past. In today, similar method is applied, knowledge and awareness is the most important factor and whatever method and psycho therapies are arranged, such people whom they are arranged to be in madness will not be so since they are pretty much aware of such kinds of sheet drama that is going on behind and those surrounding people inside evil and sheet thinking.

In another case, any given society could face oppression from the system it is governed by, and those older people have resolved this problem with gorilla fighting and other warrior mechanism. In today, similar problem is there, but the way such problems should be addressed and removed should be in new and different method and way than gorilla fighting. New and civilized mechanism should be invented to address this social issue so that, in tomorrow, things should look different.

Otherwise, same and similar approach and mechanism is applied in yesterday and today, tomorrow will create similar crisis which put the life and destiny of such kinds of societies to be put under vicious circle of similar problems and challenges. Life can be interesting when new problems and challenges are come and if this does not happen, life would be boring and disinteresting since every society and generation is put under similar problems and challenges at every time.

Such way of life cannot make any given society look better since society lives under similar color and content of anxiety and stress. Leaders of such kinds of society do not change since they always live with similar problems and addressing similar issues even if they could have many claims and such good claims are paralyzed due to the fact they live and dwell with similar problems of past which they are not able to remedy at present.

When any given society lives with similar kinds of problems and issues within its own domain, whatever good claims such leaders do is not warranty to their better quality in terms of administering public and society needs and affairs since they still live with past similar social crisis in which the questions of freedom, justice and rights are under jeopardy. The point about social needs is not about seeking piece of bread, but social equity and fairness otherwise such kinds of societies at present are no better than that of past since they live in similar state of being and mindset.

Economic growth is not warranty to securing and establishing social justice and fairness though such given economic growth is essential and important, it should be supported and integrated with social fairness and justice, otherwise such imbalance and injustice within any given society could lead to chaos and frustration within such given social dynamics that do eventually cause to destruction and decomposition of the entire social drama and system itself.