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Tolerance or Beyond Tolerance

Posted on: 22 May 2017

May 22, 2017

WE cannot tolerate people whom they share similar views and ideology. We cannot be tolerant to people whom they think that we are correct. But we can tolerate those people who think that we are wrong. We can tolerate other people whose views and ideologies are contrary to ours. We can tolerate other people who oppose our views and actions. In tolerance, the balance and norm of human society is truly maintained. Otherwise, there is no point and idea to tolerate other people who share similar thinking and things with ours.

People say, she has no something to cover up her body, but she seeks for new styled fashioned cloth. This is one of interesting comments which one can find in society where people seek something better and best without having something basic and good things in life. This is quite interesting since people should be realistic and practical when they do their daily given undertaking.

They also say, live where you are celebrated than you get tolerated. This is to mean that it is better to live and get close to society and people where they are welcoming and appreciative than to live in places and societies where respect and tolerance do not exist in the dictionary of their life. Tolerance is one of the signs of maturity in world and places where hatred and conflict are daily activities and thinking of society and this world too.

Tolerance is a reality that comes out of respect which people want to deliver towards any given contrasting or contrary ideology, undertaking, thinking or action. Tolerance is a reality that is borne out of seeking peaceful and better way of life. Tolerance is realty that comes out of as result of thinking that tomorrow is another better day; tomorrow is something beyond today.

In world and societies where contradiction and conflict are the daily menu and activities of life, it is not beyond tolerance that matters since such people and societies should at least come to the point of tolerance before they assume the beyond tolerance aspect of life due to the fact that life is very evolutionary. In such cases, things can be better and nicer if such people work on practical and realistic ground than say and think things and matters just for the sake of thinking and saying too.

People tolerate other people since they have capacity to accommodate what they do not like and want in their life and they sacrifice their ego, emotion and feelings and thinking for the good of common purpose and goal and the future good as well. People tolerate other people since they have seen the future than the present as they can see better future that what is on bad today.

Tolerance consists of three basics in which the first one is permitting or allowing; the second one is a conduct or point of view one disagrees with and the third one is respecting the person in the process. So, being tolerate means to permit a person or any given ideology which one disagrees thru the instrumentality of delivering certain amount of respect. In this case, the idea of being tolerate is always goes with the idea of giving some kind of respect to the thing or matte which one dislikes or disagrees. In such case, it is not something that is beyond which is essential and important factor, but at least to be in simple tolerating realm otherwise the idea of being beyond tolerance is fake and wrong.

Why do people tolerate other people? Why do people tolerate other matters or aspects of life other than people? What makes people to be in tolerating realm? How do people express their being tolerate towards any other matter or other people? Is there any tangible way where people express and manifest their tolerate level? Is being tolerated or tolerate an important and essential skill of life? These and other relating aspects of life should be sorted out before making people to be in intolerant realm.

There are conditions in which people should be tolerant since they have no choice. These are weather conditions of such as extreme cold or hot weather which they cannot resist; in this case, people have no choice except being tolerant since they cannot help this matter. There are also other conditions of life such as sickness or pains they face in their body metabolic activities; these also require some kind of tolerance in which being tolerant is very helpful and important human undertaking that any other thing.

Accordingly, there are also situation that make people to be in tolerating state of being since such human undertaking helps them to make their given life simple and better due to the fact they have shown some kind of matured mindset towards other people who try to complicate their given life. In such case, being tolerate makes the many bullets to get diverted to other areas since such people know how to protect themselves as result of their given and profound mindset which they have made up due to their given exposures and experiences of life which they have formulate in their given life.

Presumably, there are people with zero tolerance as there are also people with abundant tolerance. When people live in zero tolerance, they live with routine and vicious circle of pains and angers that comes out of their being intolerance. Such vicious circle of being intolerant make them destroy their given life destiny due to the fact as people are intolerance in some aspect, such step or process of being intolerant gives birth to another cause and effect that make them to be in such circle of pains and angers, this will eventually destroy their given life.

Hence, it is good and safe to be tolerant than intolerant since it is not only helpful but also  healthier in any human undertaking that permits people to be in nicer shape to the task they are going to have in the future. By being tolerant, people are protected from the danger they are going to come about due to the fact that their taking time to meditate and thinking twice safeguarded them from the dis-interesting and displeasing consequences of life.

Research state that adding to the confusion is the fact that tolerance could apply to different things–persons, behaviors, or ideas–and the rules are different for each. Tolerance of persons, what might be called “civility,” can be equated with the word “respect.” This is the classical definition of tolerance: the freedom to express one’s ideas without fear of reprisal. We respect those who hold different beliefs than our own by treating them courteously and allowing their views a place in the public discourse. We may strongly disagree with their ideas and vigorously contend against them in the public square, but we still show respect for the persons in spite of the differences.

Whether his behavior should be tolerated is an entirely different issue. This is the second sense of tolerance, the liberty to act, called tolerance of behavior. Our laws demonstrate that a man may believe what he likes–and he usually has the liberty to express those beliefs–but he may not behave as he likes. Some behavior is immoral or a threat to the common good. Rather than being tolerated, it is restricted by law.

Anger is the emotion of intolerance. Intolerance means that you don’t accept other people’s opinion or behavior. Anger is an expression that what you think is right and the others’ are wrong. In short, anger could drive people to have less tolerance to others. But, tolerance is fair and objective attitude toward those whose opinions and practices differ from one’s own.

Tolerance is a virtue. Tolerance is important because it opens the door to opportunities and increases the chance for success. People who have had exposure to cultural differences feel confident living in a diverse society. It is respect and appreciation of the rich variety of our world’s cultures, our forms of expression and ways of being human. Tolerance recognizes human rights and fundamental freedoms of others.


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