Belief—Magic and Superstitions

May 8, 2017

There is still controversy going on this world that which comes first in connection to belief, thought and action in which such realm of thinking can be resembled to chicken and egg story due to the fact that what you believe is mainly made up of on what you think and such thinking is derived out of belief which people formulate or what you think is derived out of what you believe too. Though people claim that action is inspired by thought and belief, in one aspect, action is also a cause to belief and thinking as well.

Beliefs are nothing more than thoughts people practiced. They also say, changing habits starts with changing beliefs. Changing core beliefs is most easily done by first establishing a new emotional base and then making step changes to people’s point of view. Once such beliefs and habits are established and formulated, most people face great challenge and difficulty such beliefs once they are established and they keep going to the future without even further questioning and asking.

One of the ways of life that is established based such habits and belief is religion. Religion is human way of understanding God, which does not mean that the type of God that is created by religion is true and correct due to the fact such perception is mainly formulated out of limited condition and incomplete manner due to the nature of being human, whatever capacity and nature such humans are endowed is not perfect and complete. Such perception of making few chosen individual as infallible was a practice and belief in past, but in today, such perception and practice is decaying due to the fact peoples belief in God is dying out, but rather people way of perceiving God is changing due to the nature and character of the age in which people in today need different perception of God which is not found out in the dictionary of any given religion in today.

In a recent article one read, which goes like as follows. Millennials and their habits, beliefs, views and work ethic are a frequent topic of conversation in today’s culture. This generation has stymied business leaders, professors, pastors, politicians and other cultural influencers. College-aged millennials today are far more likely than the general population to be religiously unaffiliated. This is true when they are compared to previous generations as well. In fact, the Pew Research Center documents that millennials are the least outwardly religious American generation, where “one in four are unaffiliated with any religion, far more than the share of older adults when they were ages 18 to 29.”

Society use history and culture in order to create unified community. Society use history and culture to define God. Society use history and culture to define identity. This can be true when history is genuine and truthful. Otherwise, history and culture will be the cause of disunity and division when both are not genuine and truthful; when both lack clarity and openness; when both are contesting and controversial; when both are distorted and confused, they need quite and overhaul in order to reach to the point of the truth.

When past is shaped with truthful and genuine ground, the future can learn from it otherwise there are always truth seeking and searching societies and generations that come to happen in due course of time, in this circumstance, history and culture could be paralyzed and removed since they are not only timely and incapable but also they are useless and valueless due to their in genuine and untrue grounds. In such case, life would not be easy for new generation since they live with contradicting mentality and thinking.

In this process of life, perplexity germinates in peoples thinking which do eventually lead to clarity and clear mindset. When society enter city of perplexity, it starts to think. Such thinking does lead to re-thinking on the existing mindset and thinking of society that do lead to revising anything and everything within that given domain. In such case, change will come. Otherwise things will be in similar condition and state of being and nothing miraculous will happen in a society which is not a good sign to the progress and betterment of any given society.

In this world, there are few concepts that are found as something governing, but they are fake and mirages that do need and require thorough revisions since they are mainly made upon fake concepts and ideologies that are good for nothing as time proves them wrong. These concepts were derived out of ambitions and egoistic personalities of few in past that drive them to go in way they want to lead any give society or maintain power and authority in those given societies created for their own purpose and they prefer same style and way of life should continue to the next ones, in fact forever too.

For example, the idea of practicing any given psychic art and therapy on other peoples reality, that make other people to think that any given religious group has received some power from God, by hypnotizing such people and making them victim of such kinds of therapy, and by doing so, they try to induce fear and anxiety on peoples mind, and they try to shape others to think that they have power from the unknown. This is one of the tricky views and deceiving practices such groups do undertake, in which such given practice was in past, and does exist in today, and will go in similar fashion in tomorrow.

Such magical way of thinking and believing in God is an obsolete way of life that do require new and different mindset due to the fact that science has healed and relived many people from all kinds of diseases they had been suffering and there is no such miracle people receive from such kinds of healing power though no one can escape from the ultimate end pint of physical existence on the earth which is death and whatever miracle people receive from such kinds of magical presentation and articulation of life could not help out such people to escape from death.

What is the point of bringing back to life to a person whose death could be better than his given life? In fact, there are people who do ask in here that such people are relieved from all kinds of disease they suffer, but they could not perform any given miracle or even better to the advancement or betterment of this world, probably even to their own lives as well. In such case, such magical way of healing people do lead to think on something and make them to ask and wonder that there must be something better and greater these people should deliver after they have been healed otherwise their given healing could be futile and their death could be better than their given life as well.








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