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My Three Wives

Posted on: 2 May 2017

May 2, 2017

It is quite interesting and noteworthy to reflect and meditate about one’s life. This is one of pleasing task and hobby one makes in one’s life while conversing with oneself at one’s own private threshold of life. In this process of life, one always wonders and contemplates on various aspects of one’s life and undertaking. In such process of life, one tries to connect those dots that exist in the making up of the line in which past and present can have and make sense to the future.

Life and death are just a point and we see them starting, but never ending. Life in this world sometimes looks like that it is just a dream world. This dream world is reality in which dream is something that can be translated into objective world and reality. Dream and reality are connected worlds with unseen power and force. Dream is power and reality is a force. Both are interrelated and interconnected by mysteries and objectively translated actions and reactions of life in this world.

In such process of life, things can be delightful when one sees them, dream world and objective world, into one dot and melting point in which both worlds are something that can be integrated and connected in one’s daily routine. In objective world, one sees the discovered and known where as in the dream world, one sees the hidden and undiscovered world. Both have their own relevance and importance in one’s given undertaking. It is just matter of perceiving and interpretation which requires one’s own given mindset as well.

While such theatrical drama of life is going in one’s reality and life, it is quite noteworthy and deserving to share one’s give life experience since personal reflection is an important and relevant undertaking one undergo in one’s life. It is not only a hobby but also quite an important task one assumes in life. This is not a joke or a game but rather an important task one makes in one’s life since it is something worthwhile for one’s given life. Personal reflection is not only about what one experiences, observes and understands but also on what one imagines and thinks as well.

One does not think that everyone should be someone in order to share any given experience of life since one thinks and believes that every person has something to share due to the fact that there is something in everyone’s life. Such sharing of experiences varies from people to people based upon types of experiences and exposures people face in life. In this case, people enter valley of something since they share their given experience and they learn from other people too. In this process of life, people taste different flavors of life which make their given experience to have pleasing one.

And when people share different experiences of life, such given experience of life should be considered and treated in its own way than justify it with wrongs and tricks since experience is personal and its truth should be checked based on that given personal experience and emotions than other people who never experience. When someone shares any given experience of life, that given experience can be shared with other people who share similar experience otherwise other people who have no clue and knowledge of such kinds of people experience should shut up their mouth and listen, and if they are wise, they should buy a note book and pen and jot down on what such kinds of people deliver.

In that my youthful age, I heard a comment and statement from a friend that woman is not satisfied through one night. I was wondering on what that statement and deliberations would mean. I tried to verify that given saying was right and wrong. Out of one’s given personality and one’s given curiosity, I was forced to check whether than saying was right and wrong. Later on, I found out that it was not one night, but it was many months and years that should take to verify that such statement was even correct. Since, I cannot cope up with that given saying, I made my own decision in my own accent.

When I was in my early twenties, I got married to three wives. I used to love three of them nicely and romantically. I was infatuated with them in similar times and occasions. When I got married with one of them, the next one follows. Sometimes, it is good to have three wives. Since I was in my youthful age, it was simple to accommodate three of them. As I was affectionate with them, they were also intoxicated with my love too. Sometimes, it is good to be infatuated with such kinds of affection since such affection made my life to have different color, flavor and taste. It was really just an experience of life which I should pass as life did force me to be in that condition though it was my choice and decision. I should not point fingers on others and I should not blame anyone for my polygamous marriage I had in past since it was my personal choice at that given time too.

These wives have common name and they used to get married with other people too. They have common nature and they do not come to anyone house, but it is people who go to their place and make them friends and wives too. These wives are special since they exist in every century and time and they trap whosoever entered their home with love and respect, if any, since they are liked by such people too. It is not even their fault to get married to whosever get close to them since this is how they survive otherwise thy world not exist to date.

My first wife had interesting quality and nature and I used to kiss her in many different conditions and circumstances of life. At first, I used to kiss her occasionally; and then I started kissing her in every day. As the love and affection went on and further, I started to kiss her in every hour. Later on, I was completely fallen in love and I could not separate myself from her, and then I kept kissing her behind every feeling and emotions I used to have. When my stomach is full; when I am joyous and happy; when I am sad and angry; when my belly was empty, I used to kiss her. I divorced after five years of special marriage life with her and I do not even see her any more since I had enough of her.

My second marriage lasted for few months. She liked more of socialization and talking since she was obsessed with some kind of ceremony and she always needs many people to be around and chat for hours. She liked such chatting that mainly focus on gossiping by those who surround. The gossip was about politics of the government and its people. Since she was much into socialization, I did not like such kinds of socialization; this marriage stayed for few months and then I filled divorce and I never been into her though I see her by now in this city all the time.

My third wife had quite temporal pleasing nature though many people have some kind affection. Although, it cannot be put under one class or category, the sense of making everyone to higher level of kingdom is one of the most liked attribute she has and she drives everyone to high level to whosoever get close which is one of the most remarkably great quality she was naturally endowed. She was originally created by deep study and research due to the fact that she has very sensitive nature. I got divorce with her after five years of marriage, though I by now get back to her occasionally; I do sometimes visit her especially at every weekend.  It is nice to have such kind of company with her.

One wonders in life that instead of living with one wife who is arguing and making one’s life in bad shape, it is better to have and enjoy with others that make one’s life very easy and pleasing too. Life is not about laws and rules, but it is about disciplines in one’s own way that eventually lead to betterment and simplicity. As people can find enjoyment and uncomplicatedness in everything, they can appreciate their given reality and life too. Laws and rules are necessary since many people are like child and teenage, but for those people who are matured enough, laws and rules are not necessary since they know their given limit and they live with tolerance and respect.

This condition of life make one self, in one aspect,  to be in state of further contemplating on life in which one deduce in here that life is quite interesting and one is forced to see the other side of life, and to contemplate on teachings of those wonderful teachers of our planet in which few people advise of a life that they have never lived such as, man never lived marrying any single wife, but advising others to have one wife or husband or a man who live a life of marrying more than two wives, but advising others to have only one wife or husband. In all worlds, life has its own meaning and perspective in which the divorce realm is currently influencing the life of humanity for many reasons to the extent that people start thinking divorce as legitimate way of life than a married life that bothers and disturbs one’s life. This is very personal and contextual way of life in which divorce is seen as better than married life that delivers anxiety and stress too.

In such process of my given marriage life, I learned quite a big deal and great experiences of life since every of my wife has something to deliver in such life. They give profound experiences and I see them with quite care and wisdom in my interaction and communication. In such given undertaking, such processes of life give birth to two things such as friends and enemies. With enemies, one takes care of their move and thinking; with friends, one lives with wonderment and appreciations too. One does not need any help and advice since life has given nice lesson to one’s life. Experience is best teacher and friend one can have in life than any other aspect of life.


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