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The Beauty of Doubt World

Posted on: 25 Apr 2017


April 24, 2017

The beginning and end of wisdom and knowledge is to know and find out the truth of everything and anything and live up to it. This process of life is no easy since it requires its own mindset such as sacrifice, detachment, courage and integrity. To fear the unknown is an easy task, but to find out the truth is hardest task and job on the earth. In world trick and deception are the becoming nature and characteristics of the world, to think and talk about the truth is the hardest job people can undertake in life.

Such way of life becomes more complex, when those people who lead us preach about things and matters which they have no clue in way they know and understand. This creates paradox and makes this world to be in paradoxical shape and content. In this case, life becomes more confused than enigmatic though people try to justify unknown matters with cover of mysterious aspects as they mystify matters that do not deserve mystifications. Such process of life creates contradiction in matters which people think and believe. And hence, people start to think and re-think on their given undertaking as confusion hits their daily life and routines as what realty talks and what they believe are falling apart. Here, people make a pause and they reflect and they start to think.

As a person thinks, doubt lives in royal palace of one’s reality. Thinking has capacity to germinate doubt in their given reality since thinking has potent force that makes people to stay in the power of doubt than faith. As a person thinks person doubts and as person doubts, person questions everything; as person questions everything, a person looks for answers, meaning and perspectives in life. In this process of life, people establish a city of wonderment and astonishment of life.

In such process of life in this world, people create a world that is mainly made up of concrete and stones, but rather, it is made of beautiful thinking, quality questions and profound answers due to the fact that human reality is made up of thoughts and ideas, but not on grasses, stones and sands. The reality of being human is to think, as man thinks, the process of life obtains different flavor and odor. This makes this world to possess different quality and flavor in life.

This world is maintained by two potent forces of the human way of life that make life to be quite interesting and dynamic as well. The first one is the power of faith or belief which people maintain in their given daily undertakings. The second is the power of doubt that ignite some sort of quest in life which enable people to be in the valley of search for meaning in life since the power of doubt kindle people to deliver some kind of flavor to search for meaning for life.

In the world of faith, it is quite noteworthy to mention two kinds of faith developed by the human way of life such as, faith developed out of the power of reason and rational faculty and the other one is faith that is developed out of irrational thinking and behavior. When faith is developed out of irrational thinking and behavior, such way of life always trigger other people to enter in to the city of doubt so that people keep hitting on questioning about life.

Doubt is an offspring that is borne out of interaction and communication between faith and reason in which when such faith becomes unacceptable and unseemly, reasons questions the integrity of such faith that do trigger people to be in the city of doubt. In such city of doubt, thinkers and great people are borne; heroes are made and life obtains better meaning. And questions and answers are created since people ask as they doubt and they find answers based on their given capacity and understanding.

When people doubt, they question and as they question, they live in the process of investigation and experimentation process of finding out the truth that do eventually lead in answering to the quest they have in life. This is important scenario of life since the purpose of being human is to find out and investigate the truth and then to share this investigated truth to others too. This is inseparable function and duty of being human in this world.

In one aspect, we live in world where faith is developed out of exercise of ignorant emotions and practice of the so called the instinctual feelings that drive humans to behave and believe in something. Such sense of believing is not founded upon rational and any power of reason due to the fact that faith and reason have lived for centuries ages in different cities of human life.  Even if there are certain aspects of life that do not require the power of reason, such deletion of the power of reason in most cases could lead to the power of superstitions that do have negative effects in human every day undertakings.

As people rely on the power of belief than the power of reason, life becomes motionless since people tend to be result of some kind of programming machine; they live everything to chances than efforts and actions. In this case, such kinds of societies cannot cope up with what is objectively happening on this world since reality encompasses two broad things, the seen and the unseen, reason and belief, discovered and undiscovered.

In such process of life, there are certain features of life that should be maintained in balanced manner since their imbalance could create some kind of disorder and chaos as the preset day society entertains too. There are societies that have blind belief and faith in everything as there are societies which have too much dependence on reason and the power of rational. Reason and belief are important, one should support the other; one should be integrated with the other. This is an assumption that was originally made in olden Greek thinking though they expressed in their way. But, the practical translation of such given aspect of life is till challenge to date.

When reason at first touches belief, doubt originates as their birth child since reason asks whereas faith traditionally does not ask since it just believes without even asking. In such city of life, questions come in place and opinions follow afterwards that could be eventually turn out to be answers as well. Every book and reading materials we have to date be it the so called holy writing, philosophers books, and whatever materials we have on stage are just opinions and such opinions can be answers or they are just still opinions which vary as per the nature and character of peoples’ understanding and type of questions people have in life.

In such confused and paradoxical world, doubt is legitimate and appropriate way of life than having faith without being supported by reason since the becoming character and nature of this world is made of tricks, deceptions and lies. Though faith is important and essential aspect of life, to trust everything is tantamount to being foolish. When people doubt, they use their reason faculty to find out the correct and truthful answers. When people inherit anything and everything in past, they inherit tricks, lie and deception; and they become liars without realizing that they trick, lie and deceive others too.

They say, blessed are they who believe without seeing where as others do say that seeing is believing. Both are important and true, but they require certain dimension which vary on the type of matter which they believe and trust. For example, everyone cannot see what truly looks like an air is, but everyone just feels this air and just exits. And it is not possible to claim that air does not exist since people cannot see or touch it. It is just a matter of sensing it. The same is true to other realities since there are certain scopes of life that does not require the proof of rational faculties too.

It is good to have faith when such faith is developed out of certain experiences and exposures in life that can lead people to obtain some kind of mystery and mysterious aspect of life within their own realm. It is also important to use the power of reason to avoid superstitious thinking and belief that could lead human way of life into meaningless and useless end. In such undertaking, doubt ignites people for useful and correct way of life since everything and anything in this world should be questioned so that things can be better for tomorrow as doubt is way of life that lead people to find out and investigate the truth of any given matter and faith is important aspect that should be integrated as truthful and correct things are found out in such given process of life and undertaking.




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